Club Refund Policy


Club Refund Policy:-(November 2011)

In order to run an entire organization, you must have a commitment from coaches, administration, parents and players. We pride our self on having an abundance of information available for families prior to the season, have a full time support/training staff and seasoned coaching.

AAU basketball is like no other sport for first time players. It may seem after a few games that the coach is not doing his job, the other teams are older. etc... AAU basketball is about timed served, repetition and the end result of the season.

If you take a roster spot on a team, then the spot is gone and another player might be left out


No refunds will be issued after the 7th day of the season.

If during the first week of the season you feel this is not the right fit for your family, the club will happily refund your season fee.

Uniforms  ordered cannot be refunded or returned.


If your child is injured during the season, we will honor a timed credit for the next season or to FLASH Training.