Fall Season AAU Local Tryouts | 5th-12th Grades

2019 Fall Season September-October:-(Boys 3rd-12th/Girls 4th-12th) The Fall Season is a great way to get prepared for the winter school season or AAU travel season. The season begins in mid-September and concludes the end of October. The season welcomes in new players to the club during the tryout evaluations and welcomes back State & National teams for Fall-I league play. REGISTER HERE FOR TRYOUTS


The Fall Season is a very good opportunity for players who want to be considered for future State & National level teams.


Local New Players/Returning Local Players: New and Returning Local players should register for tryouts on-line and attend the posted Fall season tryout dates. Tryout registration is also available the day of the tryouts, at the facility. The Fall Season cost will be $250 per player and will include practice, league play and coaching staff.


State & National Teams: We encourage the State & National teams to compete in the Fall Season. Players do not need to attend tryouts and will have a reduced cost for the fall Season. Please get with your coach to be entered to the Fall rosters. The cost of the Fall season for State & National players will be $125 per player.


Tryouts Dates: Please arrive at least 20 minutes early to get checked in and ready to play. The $25 fee covers all of the scheduled tryout dates below. Register for tryouts at


Players should attend as many tryouts as possible, but there is not a mandatory number to attend to be selected. Final rosters will not exceed 9-10 players: Location of tryouts will be at Basketball City-16400 Eastland Dr., Roseville, MI 48066


·         Girls Tryouts: Wednesday, September 11th: 4th-12th Grades from 6:30-7:30pm & Saturday, September 14th:4th-12th Grades 11:00am-Noon


·         Boys Tryouts: Wednesday, September 11th: 3rd-12th Grades from 7:45pm-8:45pm & Saturday, September 14th: 3rd-12th Grades 10:00am-11:00am


Rosters: Official 2019 Fall rosters will be released on Saturday, September 14th and the season will begin the week of September 16th at your first scheduled practice.


Returning Players Registration | Tryout Fee

The Michigan Lady Pride will offer up to 6-seasons of AAU play during the calender year. The calender year for the club is September 1st to August 31st. There has been several inquires about when to tryout, for what season and when to pay for the tryout process. Please review the following information to guide you from season to season.

Tryout fee of $25: The tryout fee is only required to be paid 1-time during the calender year. After you tryout for a season, you can attend the next seasons tryouts or any of the future seasons tryouts at no charge.

Returning players/new season: If you would like to continue playing in the next season or if you missed a season and would like to return to the program, here is what to do.

  1. Please reply to emails for returning players. Several emails will be sent from the club director, about the new seasons and returning players. Please include your child's name, grade and previous team.
  2. Click on the season payment tab and complete the season payment registration.

 Please feel free to contact Steve Benard with questions at 313-580-0351 or

Transitioning to the MWA Elite | Febraury 1, 2017

The Michigan Lady Pride are now transitioning to the MWA Elite Basketball Club beginning February 1, 2017. The Lady Pride has been an entry level AAU basketball club for over 5-years, that competes in the AAU Detroit Basketball Leagues. The club has provided an avenue for families who are new to AAU Basketball and this will remain the case with the MWA Elite-Local teams. Several of the families that have found the Lady Pride are looking for better coaching and better competition. We will still provide better coaching with non-parent, paid coaches and better competition by playing in one of the most competitive leagues around, the AAU Detroit Leagues.

The MWA Elite offers 3-types of teams: Local, State & National. The MWA Elite will give players the opportunity to showcase their skills on a higher level team, within the same club. For State & National team info, please go to for more info.

6th Annual Lady Pride Summer Invitational…. Saturday, July 18, 2020!

The Lady Pride would like to invite your club to the Southeastern Michigan for a great end of the season event. The Lady Pride will partner with Midwest Athletics-"The Competition Company" to host the 1-day event on Saturday, July 20, 2020.

 Event Highlights:

  • 3-game guarantee, with a 4-game championship,1-day event
  • Air conditioned facility, Team trophy, with individual awards
  • Time request will be accommodated, Cost:-$250 1-team, $200 2-3 teams & $175 4-more teams

Age Groups:  Girls-3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th. Please submit your registration at


Summer Rosters/Season Schedules/Practice Days

Tryouts for the 2017 MWA Local Summer season have concluded and it is time to view the rosters. The staff is very excited about the great potential from tryouts and we look forward to a great season.

Season Registration:

Registration on-site: Season registration/payments and uniform orders can be made at Basketball City on the following days:

Thursday & Friday 5-7pm | Saturday & Sunday 12:00-3:00pm or at your first practice of the season.

Registration on-line: Season payments can be made online at by clicking the link Make Season Payment

NOTE: Players must be paid in full to begin practice. If any player needs financial help please contact Steve Benard at 313-580-0351 or e-mail him at

Season Fee: $250

AAU Insurance Membership: $14; This can be done at and you will need the MWA Elite club code which is WWDD9W

Uniforms: If you are a returning player, you do not have to purchase a new uniform for the Summer season. New players must purchase a uniform-(includes home/away shorts and home/away jersey.  

How to Order:

      1. Uniforms can be ordered at Basketball City at scheduled days above. Sample sizes will be available at Basketball City.

      2.Uniforms can be ordered online at 

Next Steps:

  1. Review roster, coaching assignment and practice schedule below.

  2. Please make your season payment of $250 and order a uniform if needed.

  3. Obtain an AAU Membership card

 Practices will begin the week of Monday, June 19th at your regularly scheduled day and time below.

Ossman- Monday 6:00-7:30 & Saturday 12:15pm-1:45pm at BBC -(First practice Monday, June 19)

Taveras- Monday 5:30-7:00pm & Thursday 5:30-7:00pm-(First practice Monday, June 19) at BBC

Thiede- Thursday 6:00-7:30pm at BBC-(First practice Thursday, June 22)

NIckens- Wednesday 7:00-8:30pm at East Detroit High School-(Resume practices on Wednesday, June 21)

Coaching Staff: Click here for coaches contact info

2017 Summer Rosters:

HEAD COACH Jennifer Thiede
THIEDE-4th/5th Alaina Chandler
THIEDE-4th/5th Sophia Wiacek
THIEDE-4th/5th Carlee Shafer
THIEDE-4th/5th Tyra Wright
THIEDE-4th/5th Sofia Switalski
THIEDE-4th/5th Gabbi Thiede
THIEDE-4th/5th Ella Olson
THIEDE-4th/5th Gianna Pittiglio
THIEDE-4th/5th Ariayna Armstrong
HEAD COACH Aja Williams
NICKENS-6th Olivia Dimuzio
NICKENS-6th Terah Ceccarelli
NICKENS-6th Anna Andrews
NICKENS-6th Paige Slone
NICKENS-6th Annabel Ayrault
NICKENS-6th Ella Brazier
NICKENS-6th Kallie Stamatovski
NICKENS-6th Brianna  Thomas
NICKENS-6th Teagan Malloy
NICKENS-6th Baily Pickens
HEAD COACH Chad Ossman
Ossman-12U/13U Jaelynn Jones
Ossman-12U/13U Kelsie Czarnomski
Ossman-12U/13U Megan DeGrand
Ossman-12U/13U Elizabeth Kempa
Ossman-12U/13U Alyssa Nardin
Ossman-12U/13U Kayla Maxley
Ossman-12U/13U Gianna Switalski
Ossman-12U/13U Taylor Elias
HEAD COACH Chad Ossman
Ossman-15U/16U Gracie Spooner
Ossman-15U/16U Amari Davis-Dobbs
Ossman-15U/16U Alaya Gocher
Ossman-15U/16U Jetwyn Wilson
Ossman-15U/16U Jayda Reese
Ossman-15U/16U Jaysa Larkins
HEAD COACH Melissa Lopez-Taveras
 Taveras-V  Lillian DiPanni
 Taveras-V  Rena Polous
 Taveras-V  Rachel Sexton
 Taveras-V  Chloe Watson
 Taveras-V  DeAnna Allen
 Taveras-V  Bridget Hauck
 Taveras-V  Sarah Stuart
 Taveras-V  Bridget Hauck