Field Reservation Calendars

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Field Reservation Calendar

This is a Google Sheet in Read Only Mode 

CLICK HERE to view Calendar. 

To use this calendar you must have a Google Account & request access by sending an email to You will then be allowed to make comments on days you wish to reserve.

To Comment on a Day, click on the Comment Box to the left of the Share Button top right corner. Type in your Team Name, Age Level & Time using.

Everyone much check the comments before reserving. To view the comments, tap in the box for the field and day you want. A few times a week an admin will log in to add permanently. A little Orange Box will appear in the corner of the box if there is a reservation on that day.

Fields will be maintained on a regular basis during practice season, but will not be every day. Any questions email

They are free for league teams. 

All others must pay a fee to use and it is based on how many days you want to reserve. Email us to get a quote.

Base fee is $25 per hour - no chalking.