PVBL Constitution

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            A.  League Description

         The Pioneer Valley Baseball League (“PVBL”) is a non-profit adult recreational baseball league operating within the Pioneer          Valley. 

            B.  League Composition 

                  The league is comprised of four (4) teams.  The current teams are Dirt Dogs, Knights, Valley Cats and Zoar Rafters.  The                         current managers for the four teams are:

                                    Dirt Dogs – Colin Hosley

                                    Knights – Jay Sadowski

                                    Valley Cats – Ken Sloat, Edd Shumate (Assistant)

                                    Zoar Rafters – Bob Mastorakis, Brian Benjamin (Assistant) 

            C.  League Governance 

                  PVBL is governed by a Board of Directors (The Board”), headed by a League President.  The Board is structured as                                 follows:           

                       1.  Advisory Members

                            a.  Definition                      

                                 Advisory Members of the board are all individuals who hold an official administrative position in PVBL. 

                             b.  Scope of Role

                                  Advisory Members may attend league meetings and participate in all discussions and deliberations of issues, but                                   may not vote.

                             c.  Current Advisory Members

                                  The current Advisory Members are:

                                        Morriss Partee, League President

                                        Jay Sadowski, League Vice President/Knights Manager

                                        Colin Hosley, Dirt Dogs Manager

                                        Ken Sloat, Valley Cats Manager

                                        Robert Mastorakis, Zoar Rafters

                                        Edd Shumate, Valley Cats Assistant Manager         

                                        Brian Benjamin, Zoar Rafters Assistant Manager

                                        Stu Clark, Umpire Coordinator

                                        Rob Hyde, Stat Keeper

                                        Steve Cole, Weather Coordinator

                                        Bob Englehardt, Alumnus

                                        Pres Pieraccini, Alumnus


                        2.  Voting Members

                              a.  Definition

                                   The Voting Members of the board are the team managers.  These Voting Members are the only individuals                                                designated by PVBL to vote on official league matters. 

                              b.  Current Voting Members

                                   The current Voting Members are:

                                        Colin Hosley, Dirt Dogs

                                        Jay Sadowski, Knights

                                        Ken Sloat, Valley Cats

                                        Bob Mastorakis, Zoar Rafters                                               


                               c.  Tie-Breaking Vote

                                    In the event of a tie vote, the League President shall cast the tie-breaking vote.



            Teams shall be organized in accordance with the following rules:

            A.  Rosters

                  1.  Open Rosters

                       Managers are responsible for filling their own rosters.  PVBL does not have a player draft.  Managers may add any player                        to their roster without restriction, subject to the age requirements outlined in paragraph 3 of this section.

                  2.  Independent Players

                       Any player who comes independently to the league (a player who is not recruited by a team) shall be placed on a PVBL                          roster at the discretion of the PVBL Board.  In making such a decision, the Board shall consider the competitive balance                          of the league and individual team needs over all other factors.

                  3.  Age Requirement 

                       Any player over the age of eighteen (18) may be added to a roster, with the limitation that only four (4) players under the                        age of twenty-eight (28) may be on a team’s roster.  No player under the age of twenty-eight (28) is allowed to pitch or                            catch in any game.  This rule shall also apply to reserve players (i.e.: if a team has 4 players under 28, that team would                            not be allowed to use a reserve player under 28).

            B.  League Costs

                  1.  Definition           

                       The League Costs are the total operational costs of the League.

                  2.  Calculation of League Costs

                       The League Costs shall be determined by the League President, or other individual designated by the league, at least one                          (1) month before the start of the season.  The fee shall be calculated by totaling the cost of the following:

                                    a.  Cost of field rentals

                                    b.  Cost of umpire fees

                                         i.  If there are two umpires at a game, each umpire is paid $65 ($130 for the two umpires), with each team                                                    paying one umpire.

                                         ii.  If there is one umpire at a game, that umpire is paid $100, or $50 per team.

                                    c.  Cost of game baseballs

                                    d.  Player fee of the league stat keeper

                                    e.  Player fee of the league umpire coordinator

                                    f.  Half of the player fee of the league weather coordinator

                                    g.  Cost of league website

                                    h.  Cost of field maintenance/lawn care authorized by league; and

                                    i.  Anticipatory Costs

                                        Anticipatory Costs are an amount of money built into the League Costs for expenses for the following season.                                          Anticipatory Costs may be used to pay such expenses as deposits for field usage, website, purchase of                                                       baseballs, etc.  The purpose of Anticipatory Costs is to cover all preseason expenses of the League before                                                 Team Fees are collected.

                  3.  Payment of League Costs

                       The League Costs shall be divided amongst the teams in equal shares.  These individual team shares are referred to as                              “Team Fees”.

                  4.  Payment Due Dates

                       a.  At least half of the Team Fee shall be due on or before opening day of the league schedule.

                       b.  Any balance owed after the start of the season, not to exceed 50% of the Team Fee, must be paid by July 1. 

                       c.  If a Team Fee is not paid in full by July 1, the Board shall have the right to impose sanctions (i.e.: canceling games of                             any team that has not paid their entire balance) at its discretion.




            PVBL games shall be played under the standard rules of baseball as commonly understood, with the following exceptions:


            A.            Shortened Games


                        A shortened game is any game that is ended by an umpire prior to                                                 completion of nine (9) innings.   Once a game has started, the umpire(s)                                     shall have the sole discretion to end a game due to darkness, weather, field                         condition, or any other circumstance necessitating ending the game prior                                     to completion of nine (9) innings.


                        1.            If, after five (5) innings are completed, a game is ended after the                                                 completion of a full inning, with one team leading, the score at the                                                 end of that inning is final and the team leading is declared the                                                 winner.


                        2.            If, after five (5) innings are completed, a game is ended after the                                                 completion of a half inning with the home team leading, the score                                                 at the end of that half inning is final and the home team is declared                                                 the winner.


                        3.            If, after five (5) innings are completed, a game is ended during an                                                 inning with the home team trailing, the score shall revert back to                                                 the end of the previous full inning, and the team leading at the end                                                 of the previous inning is declared the winner.  In the event this                                                 occurs and the game was tied at the end of the previous inning, the                                                 game must be completed at a later date, but prior to the end of the                                                 regular season.


                        4.            If a game is ended prior to the completion of at least five (5)                                                 innings (or four-and-a-half [4 ½] innings if the home team is                                                 leading), the game must be replayed in its entirety at a later             date.                                                  However, if both managers agree to continue the game at a later                                                 date from the point at which the game was called, the game can be                                                 continued from that point at a later date.


                        5.            If a game is continued pursuant to rule II(C)(4), the batting order                                                 from the start of the game remains in effect throughout the entire                                                 game.  Therefore, prior to resuming a game at a later date, the                                                 manager must put all batters in the order in which they batted when                                     the game first began.  All batters in the continued game that were                                                 not in the lineup when the game first began shall be placed at the                                                 bottom of the batting order, in any order the manager chooses.           


            B.            No Collision Rule


                        In the interest of player safety, the following “no collision” baserunning                                     rules shall apply:


                        1.            Baserunners must avoid contact with fielders if at all possible.                                                  Incidental or unavoidable contact is allowed.


                        2.            An umpire shall have the discretion to call a runner out if the                                                 umpire determines that contact on a play was unnecessary or                                                 avoidable.


                        3.            A catcher may not block the plate without the ball.  An umpire                                                 shall have the discretion to call a runner safe if the umpire                                                             determines that the catcher violated this rule.


                        4.            A baserunner must slide into 2nd base or abandon (peel off)                                                 the base path to avoid interfering with a fielder’s throw.


            C.            Baserunner Substitutions


                        1.            Courtesy Baserunners


                                    A courtesy runner may be substituted for an injured runner at the                                                 batting team’s discretion.  The courtesy runner shall be the player                                                 who made the last out for the batting team.  A courtesy runner may                                     not steal, but may advance on a wild pitch, passed ball, or fielder                                                 error (i.e.: the catcher overthrows the pitcher when throwing the                                                 ball back to the pitcher);


                        2.            Speed Up Baserunners


                                    In the interest of speeding up the game, if a catcher or pitcher                                                 reaches base, a substitute runner, or “speed up runner”, may be                                                 used in their place as soon as there are two (2) outs in the inning.                                                  A speed up runner may steal.


            D.            Lineup With Less Than Nine (9) Players


                        For purposes of this section, “Short Team” or “Short Lineup” shall mean a                         team or lineup with less than nine (9) players in the lineup or field.


                        1.            Each team must have nine (9) players in the field at all times.  If a                                                 team has eight (8) or seven (7) players when they first take the                                                 field, the opposing team shall send one (1) or two (2) players into                                                 the field, respectively, to bring the Short Team up to nine (9)                                                 positional players.  A team must have at least seven (7) players in                                                 order to start a game.  If a team has fewer than seven (7) players at                                                 the start of a game, the game shall be ruled a forfeit, and the                                                 opposing (non-short) team shall be declared the winner


                        2.            For every player provided to the Short Team, the Short Team must                                                 take an automatic out in the batting order (i.e.: if a team has seven                                                 (7) players in the lineup, it would have two (2) automatic outs in                                                 the lineup).  Automatic outs may be placed anywhere in the lineup                                                 at the discretion of the Short Team.


                        3.            In the event a player for the Short Team arrives after the game has                                                 started, that player may be immediately inserted into the game.  If                                                 that player is inserted into the game, that player shall be placed                                                 into the batting order, into the spot occupied by the automatic out.


                        4.            Reserve players may be used to fill out a Short Lineup.  If a Short                                                 Team fills out its lineup with reserve players, they do not have to                                                 take an automatic out.  Reserve players may be used without                                                 limitation, subject only to the age requirements outlined in rule                                                 II(A)(3).


            E.            Pitching and Defensive Substitutions


                        1.            A pitcher that has been substituted for, or pulled out of the game,                                                 may return to pitch later in the same game without limitation.


                        2.            Defensive players may be substituted without limitation.  All                                                 players shall continue to bat in their regular spot in the order                                                 whether they play the field or not.


                        3.            Teams shall bat every player who is present for a game, unless that                                     player is injured or otherwise unable to play.


            F.            Manager Visits to the Mound


                        If a team manager goes to the pitcher’s mound to speak with the pitcher                                     during an inning in which he is in the field., this shall not count as an                                     official mound visit





            A.            Home/Away Team Dugout Assignments


                        The home team shall occupy the third base dugout or bench area.


            B.            Field Maintenance


                        After each game, the home team shall be responsible for any and all                                     routine pregame and postgame field maintenance.  Routine field                                                 maintenance shall include any and all maintenance tasks typically                                                 performed to prepare, maintain, and repair fields before and after games,                                     including but not limited to:


                         1.            Raking the home plate area, batters boxes, pitchers mound, and                                                 areas around the bases before and after games as needed or if                                                 required by the facility                                                           

                        2.            Inserting bases before the game and removing bases after the game

                        3.            Removing tarps from the home plate area and pitchers mound                                                 before the game and returning tarps to the home plate area and                                                 pitchers mound after the game





            After the completion of a league game, the game stats (total runs, hits, and errors) and individual player stats for that game must be reported in accordance with the following rules:


            A.            Stat Keeper


                        PVBL shall designate one individual as Stat Keeper for the league.  The                                     current Stat Keeper is Rob Hyde.  The Stat Keeper shall be responsible for                         posting the scores, game stats, and individual player stats for each game                                     upon its completion.


            B.            Team Stat Reporting


                        Each team manager shall designate one individual from their team to be                                     responsible for reporting their teams’ team stats (total runs, hits, and                                     errors) and individual player stats (stat line for each player) to the Stat                                     Keeper.


            C.            Method of Stat Reporting


                        Game or individual stats should be reported to Stat Keeper by emailing,                                     texting, or otherwise forwarding a photo or image of the scorebook page                                     for that game directly to the Stat Keeper.  If this is not possible, the                                     individual responsible for reporting their team’s stats, should contact the                                     Stat Keeper directly to make alternative arrangements.


            D.            Pitching Stats


                        In addition to forwarding a photo or image of the scorebook page, the                                     following information must be provided to the Stat Keeper:


1.              Winning/Losing Pitcher

2.              Name and total number of innings pitched by each pitcher who appeared in the game.


            E.            Deadline for Stat Reporting


                        In the interest of maintaining up to date standings and stats, all stats must                                     be reported to Stat Keeper within twenty-four (24) hours of completion of                                     the game.  If, for whatever reason, the stats for a game cannot be reported                                     within this time frame, the individual responsible for reporting their                                     team’s stats should contact the Stat Keeper directly to make alternative                                     arrangements.





            In the event of rain, or other inclement weather, any decision to cancel a game or games shall be made in accordance with the following rules:


            A.            Weather Coordinator


                        PVBL shall designate one individual as Weather Coordinator for the                                     league.  The current Weather Coordinator is Steve Cole.  The Weather                                     Coordinator shall make all decisions regarding weather cancelations in                                     accordance with Sections B and C of this Article.


            B.            Weather Cancelation Policy


                        All weather cancelation decisions shall be made at the sole discretion of                                     the Weather Coordinator in accordance with the following paragraphs:


                        1.            Accuweather.com shall be the sole website used to make                                                             cancellation decisions.  If the forecast on Accuweather predicts a                                                 55% or more chance of rain during game time, the game shall be                                                 cancelled.  If, on Friday night at 8:00 p.m., the forecast for                                                             Saturday morning predicts a 75% or more chance of rain during                                                 game time, the game shall be cancelled on Friday night.


                        2.            In the event of any ambiguity or uncertainty as to the forecast (i.e.:                                                 the forecast keeps changing from hour to hour) or field condition,                                                 all cancellation decisions shall be made at the sole discretion of the                                     Weather Coordinator.


            C.            Weather  Cancelation Announcements


                        If a game is cancelled pursuant to the above Weather Cancelation Policy,                                     the Weather Coordinator shall post a cancellation notice on the front page                                     of the website.  This will be the only notification given (individual texts,                                     emails, or calls will not be made or sent by the Weather Coordinator).


            D.            Rainout Makeup Dates


                        There will be four (4) rainout makeup dates built into the PVBL schedule.                          When a game is cancelled, the game shall be rescheduled to the first                                     available makeup date.  If a game is rained out and there are no remaining                                     makeup dates available, the game shall be made up at a date, time, and                                     field to be determined by the managers and with the consent of the Board.


            E.            Lightning


                        All decisions to temporarily halt or cancel a game due to lightning shall be                         made at the discretion of the umpires.





            The PVBL playoffs shall be governed by the following rules:           


            A.            Team Eligibility


                        All teams in the league qualify for the playoffs.


            B.            Playoff Tiebreakers


                        Playoff seeding shall be determined based upon the following criteria, in                                     order:


                        1.            Overall record


                        2.            Head-to-head record


                        3.            Runs allowed


            C.            Playoff Format


                        The playoff format is summarized as follows:


                        1.            Playoffs shall consist of two rounds of play. 


                        2.            Each round shall consist of a best-two-out-of-three series (i.e.: the                                                 first team to win two games wins the series).


                        3.            In the first round, the 1-seed shall play the 4-seed and the 2-                                                seed shall play the 3-seed.  The two winning teams shall advance                                                 to the second round and play a best-two-out-of-three                                                             Championship Series.


                        4.            In each playoff series, home and away designation of each team                                                 shall alternate, with the higher seeded team being the home             team in                                     game one, the lower seed being the home team in game two, and                                                 the higher seed being the home team in game three (if played).


            D.            Player Eligibility


                        In order to be eligible to play in a playoff game, a player must have played                         in one-third (33%) of his team’s games during the regular season.  No                                     reserve player may play for a team in a playoff game, unless that reserve                                     player has played in one-third (33%) of that team’s games during the                                     regular season.


            E.            No Shortened Games


                        All playoff games are nine (9) inning games (8 ½ innings if the home team                         leads after 8 ½ innings).  Article III, Sec. A does not apply to playoff                                     games.  If a playoff game is suspended due to darkness, the game shall be                                     continued from where it left off on the next game day.