Wolfpack Team Mom Information


Through out the season, you will be the coaches' right hand, the "go-to" person for anything NOT pertaining to the football field so the Wolfpack Coaches can focus on everything that is on the field.  Ultimately the coach is the one responsible for the working of the team.  Some coaches are happy to hand everything over to the TEAM MOM to handle while others prefer to stay more involved.  COMMUNICATION is KEY!  You want to make their job easier, not harder, so be sure to work together because you both want the same thing .... to have the best season possible!!

There will be a MANDATORY meeting in the beginning of the season, typically the first week of August.  More specific information will come to the date.

Teams will have their own website thru Sports Illustrated (SI).  This is a private site for the team and serves as the communication hub that includes the schedule, roster & contact information.  The team can upload pictures to the site, it allows parents to sign up for volunteering during the games (spotter/checker/chain gang, volunteer shifts at the concession stand) It makes your life much easier after the set up.



If this is your first year with WOLFPACK .... it may seem slightly overwhelming with so much information coming at you.  Remember, we are to help (Many of us have been TEAM MOM and know exactly what you need)

We have a Team Mom liaison for the 2017 Season is Jennifer Fox-Robinson and she can be reached at jen.fox_813@yahoo.com

We are confident that you'll quickly discover that being a Team Mom isn't about all the hard work, it can be one of the most fun and rewarding ways to be a part of your child's experience in the league and become an integral part of our Football Family Community!