League Champions

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Calgary Men's Slo-Pitch League... Calgary Men's/Ladies/Coed League

Championship Winners (Click Here) 1982 - 2018


 Div 1Div 2Div 3Div 4Div 5Div 6Div 7Div 8
2019 Storm Tarps Off Yard Goats Kekambas Los Caimanes P.O.P. "No Division" "No Division"
2018 Storm Expos Fatboys The Pelicans Bombers Kruzers "No Division" "No Division"
2017 Outlaws Ball Busters Top Gunz Fatboys Aces Bat Asses "No Division" "No Division"
2016 Outlaws Mullets Pirates Dirtbags Whiskey Shatz Big Kahunas "No Division" "No Division"
2015 Outlaws Loozer Pissed Fatboys 50 Moose Knuckles Classics Brewers "No Division" "No Division"
2014 Outlaws Huskies Mullets Turtles Pirates Los Caimanes "No Division" "No Division"
2013 Combined w/ div. (2) Outlaws CPA Hawcs AVIDA Ball Busters Pirates "No Division" "No Division"
2012 Combined w/ div. (2) Next Time Braves Whiskey Jacks Top Gunz Moose Knuckles "No Division" "No Division"
2011 Outlaws Fatboys Wolfpack Extreme Tigers Los Caimanes Combined w/ div. (6) "No Division"
2010 Happy Mallards Guns Proline Silver Mullets Punishers UHC Hammers Honey Bee's Combined w/ div. (7)
2009 Outlaws GhostRiders Big League Oakview Express Loozer Pissed Silver Mullets Extreme Salooners
2008   Sonics Team rock Proline Hoovers CPA Hawcs Tigers Extreme
2007   Guns Cannibals Bang Clean-up Crew Hoovers CPA Hawcs Keiths Kruzers
2006   Dubba U Indians Fatboys 2000 Flushes Clean-up Crew Fat Bastards M-Coxs
2005   Vortex Dubba U Cannibals Fatboys Ghostriders Staggs Heat
2004   Storm Next Time Indians Adesa Eagles Ghostriders Silver Mullets Staggs
2003   Vortex Guns Sonics Guns Wolfpack Red Lions Eagles
2002   Vortex Hawks Sonics Hawks Knights Team Rock Diamond Dawgs
2001   Brewers Hawks Sonics Hawks Expos Devil Rays Blue Stars
2000   Contacts Hawks Thunder Hawks Red Lions Cyclepath Devilrays
1999   TPS Express Hawks Marlins Combined w/ div. (6) Men in Black Tigers Pirates
1998   Athletics Airdrie Brewers Gators Storm Sheraton Generals Orioles Combined w/ div. (7)
1997   Rockies Airdrie Brewers Stealers Cardinals Posse Cyclepath Brooks Kennels Mutts
1996   Pig ‘N Whistle-Arrows Marauders Fubar Page Direct Wolfpack Good Guys Whitesox
1995   Wilson Athletics Combined w/ div. (4) Marlborough Marauders Fox ‘N' Ferkin Firepro Cardinals Rebels Redmem
1994   Titans Spitz Steelers Marlborough Marauders The Oak Shoppe Sharks Huskies Wolfpack
1993   O.F.M. Titans Stampede Pontiac   Athletics Calgary Rockies Lord Fin Schooners Outlaws
1992     Stampede Pontiac   Rangers   Wesin Lookers  
1991     Trail Mohawk Rams   Molson Golden   Mariners  
1990     Coor's Silver Bullets Saint   Jersey City  
1989     Electro Cool   Stampede Pontiac   Airdrie Brewers  
1988         Trail Mohawk Rams   Comets  
1987         Silver Bullets   Comets  
1986         Alberta Glove   Koko's Restaurant  
1985         Airways   Tropicana  


2019 Not You Fantastic Ladies Diamond Divas  
2018 Stixx Bandidas KR3W  
2017 Not You Bad Intentions Krazy Pitches  
2016 Stixx Knockouts Sweet Heat  
2015 Team 7 Bling Bling Sweet Heat  
2014 Sitxx BG’s Cleats & Cleavage  
2013 Team 7 Menace Hog Pockets  
2012 Stixx Fusion Crush Durti Gurlz
2011 Stixx Fusion Menace Vixens
2010 Stixx Devils Own Bipolar Betties Sluggin Cougars
2009 Team 7 Royal Flush Total Kaos Vixens
2008 Team 7 Jagermeisters Insaltz Dirty Girls
2007 Stixx X-Treme Devils Own Saltz N Peppers
2006 Impact X-Treme Fly Swatters Wingers
2005 Stixx Vibe Raiders Jagermeisters Headliners
2004 Stixx Breeders Vibe Raiders Climax
2003 Stixx Golden Gloves Olay  
2002 Stixx Lancers Lancers  
2001 Cougars Painted Ladies Stingrays  
2000 Reflex Boomerangs Loco Lou’s  

Coed – Monday

2019 SISC Call-Ups Oddballers Sac Flys
2018 Hooligans Killjoy Bottom of the Barrel
2017 Sox C & C Make it a Double
2016 Sox The Way She Goes Thunder Chickens
2015 Country Hills Toyota Orioles Lost Cause
2014 Country Hills Toyota Cobras  
2013 O.F.F. Warning Track Power  
2012 TPHA Thunder Chickens  

Coed – Sunday

2019 Aces Madbatters Obtuse
2018 Ball so Hard Renegades Obtuse
2017 Ball so Hard Dusters H & P
2016 Aces Dusters Foul Tips
2015 Ball So Hard Black Sox Obtuse
2014 Aces Screaming Eagles  
2013 Aces Obtuse  

+35, +40, +50 Divisions comming soon...