Parents Questions/Answers

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The most common questions that parents have! Answers Here!

RBVLL Frequently Asked questions
Responses refer to our Spring Season - Winterball follows different policies

Q. What division will my child play in?

A. RBVLL divides its lower divisions by age.   Generally, 4-6 year olds play t-ball, 6-8 year olds play Single “A”, and 7-9 year olds play “AA”.   See the age chart on our registration page to check your child's eligibility.  When the player is league age 9, they are eligible to tryout and may be drafted onto a AAA team.  When the player is league age 10, they are eligible to tryout and may be drafted onto on a AAA or Majors team.  If you have any questions about divisions, contact the player agent Grant Jobe at 

Q. When will I hear what team my child is on?  When do practices and the season start?

A. All players should receive a phone call from a manager or team parent by February 14. Practices for the Majors and AAA division begin late January early February the season starts with opening ceremonies on March 2nd

Q. How often are games and practices?

A. T-Ball is one game and one practice a week. Single A and above you can expect 2 games per week and most coaches practice 2 days per week.  Majors division teams occasionally play 3 games per week.

Q. Are all practices and games at RBVLL?

A. Not all games are played at RBVLL we potentially inter league with Vista National, Bonsall Fall Brook and practices occur at many different sites throughout the city including parks and schools.

Q. What does the league provide for my child?

A. RBVLL provides uniform hats, shirts, for all players.  Parents will need to purchase pants, socks and belts, typically coordinated by the team parent.

Q.  What size bat or glove should I buy my child?
A.  That differs for every child.   Talk to your manager, or talk to one of the board members before plunking down your hard earned money on new equipment.  At the younger ages we'd encourage you NOT to buy equipment for your child to grown into - they'll discard it before they're ready to use it.

Q. Will my child get a trophy at the end of the season?

A. Every child in our T-Ball, “A”, and “AA” divisions receive trophies.  Players in our “AAA” and “Majors” division receive either trophies or participation awards.

Q. What’s with all the fundraisers?  Registration fees, ticket sales, Padre games,Dinner Dance baskets!  It seems like you never stop asking parents for money!

A. The cost per player at RBVLL exceeds $325 per player! Your league fees max out between $170-$215 pending divisions per player. With a total of $120,000 in expenses a year. We make up the difference with community sponsorship and fundraisers. Also, the snack bar provides almost a third of our revenue – so patronize the snack bar!

For more information check out the league website:
Thank you!  And WELCOME to Rancho Buena Vista Little League

Lost? Found? What to do?

If you've lost something, or found something, your first stop needs to be the SNACK BAR!

We keep a box in the back where we keep all the goodies that have lost their owners. Find the board member on duty and we'll take you back there to sort through the box. Anything valuable (watches, wallets, cell phones, etc.) are locked up in our secure area. We've found everything from camera batteries to a world class collection of batting gloves.
To those coaches and Team Parents out there, remind your parents AGAIN to mark their player's equipment with names and phone numbers.