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EEYB – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are the age groups?

EEYB accepts boys and girls from ages 4 – 18.  All participants must not have graduated from high school.  The age cut off date is January 1st
  ** This age range is for basketball players and cheerleaders **
What are the divisions and ages?
      Bitty Ballers (4 - 5 years old)
      Pee Wee (6 - 7 years old)
      Minor (8 - 9 years old)
      Juniors (10 - 11 years old)
      Seniors (12 - 14 years old)
      Super Seniors (15-18 years old) 

When does the season start and end?

The season officially kicks off with practices starting the 1st two (2) weeks in December.  Games begin play the 1st Saturday in January (or when the children return from Christmas break).  The regular season ends the last week in February and the tournaments end on or around the 3rd Saturday in March.  Please remember that we follow Henrico County, so when schools are closed for holidays or inclement weather, we are not allowed usage of the gyms.
** We offer Pre-Season Camps for all "registered" players during the month of October.  Visit the calendar for dates. **


When are games played?
Games are played on Saturdays; However, sometimes we may have to play on a weekday or Sunday, if a gym is not available on Saturday.  (Schedule will be posted well in advance)

When does registration begin?
Regular registration begins as early as July of each year.  Visit the website during July of each year to see registration dates, times, locations and fee. 
What's needed to complete my registration?
A signed registration form, registration fee and a signed Code of Conduct form is needed to complete your registration.  Please also note that it's very important to have your child sized for his/her uniform as the uniforms are not regular clothing sizes.
When does registration end?
Registration will end on the posted date within November of each year.  You will not be able to register after the date because the uniforms have to be ordered in time to return for the start of the season.  No Exceptions.
How can I register?
All registrations are done online; on our website.
How are basketball teams selected?
Players are evaluated (Evaluation Night listed on general calendar) in November and then drafted by the coaches.  ALL players, except a coaches child, will be placed in the draft. 

** Please note that ALL registered children will be placed on a team **
Please note:  Coaches children will be on the team they coach.  They will not need to participate in evaluation/draft process.
How are cheering squads selected?
Cheerleaders are placed on squads within divisions based on skillset.

Are siblings allowed to be on the same team?

Every effort is made to put siblings in the same division on the same teams, unless otherwise requested by the parent during registration.


When will I be notified as to what team my child is on?

All team assignments will be posted on the website and at Parents Night.


How many nights a week are basketball/cheerleader practices?
Practices are one (1) night a week (starting in December), but coaches can request additional times if schools are available.  Practices times are in 1 to 1.5 hour slots from 6pm to 9pm.  (Schedule will be posted well in advance)

Where are the practice and game locations?
Most practices and games are located at Eastern Henrico County schools.  In the past years, games were played at Highland Springs High, Elko Middle, and Fair Oaks Elementary.  Practices were held at the following locations:  Fairfield Middle, Elko Middle, New Bridge, Fair Oaks Elementary, Ratcliffe Elementary, Sandston Elementary, Seven Pines Elementary and Montrose Elementary.

Is there a registration discount for multiple childern?
Most years, we offer a discount off of the registration fee for mulitple children within the same household; except during the early registration period.  However, this year (2017-2018), there will not be a multi-child discount.  

What does my registration fee pay for?
Basketball:  Your registration covers the cost of the uniforms (that you are able to keep), the insurance cost, the fees for the officials, and other cost associated with running the league.
Cheerleading:  Your registration covers the cost of the uniform (that you are able to keep), socks, lollies, the insurance cost, the fees for the officials, and other cost associated with running the league.

Why is there a fundraiser?
In previous years, fundraisers were not mandatory; however, we still offered the opportunity to cover the costs for trophies and assist with the End of the Season event.  This year, 2017-2018, we do have a mandatory participant fundraiser as we will keep the registration cost low and the fundraiser will help offset operational costs. 


How does the league insurance work?

League insurance is supplementary.  Any injury claims must first be submitted to your primary insurance carrier, and remaining claims may be submitted to the league insurance carrier.


How are coaches selected?

Coaches will submit an application by a certain date.  The application will be reviewed by the EEYB Athletic Director to decide if the coach will coach the upcoming season, the division and team.  All head coaches must attend a Coaches Clinic in order to coach during the season.  Clinics are held in November of each year.


When are EEYB board meetings held?

Meetings are held monthly.


Can anyone attend an EEYB Board meeting?

EEYB regular board meetings are open to any member of the league.  Persons wishing to attend should notify the league’s president of their intent.