Giving Back / Volunteer

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Immediate Opportunities:  (Under Supervision of Maintenance Manager)

Moving dirt into bullpens and repair and replacement of remaining bullpens

Installation and repainting of foul poles on 12U and 14U fields

Dropping Diamond Pro on, and cleaning up the 12U and 14U fields

Trash Duties During the Week, and at the End of Game Nights (Especially on the Weekends)

Installation and/or Donation of Wi-Fi Services near Concessions Stand


Volunteer Opportunities:  (Under Supervision of Maintenance Manager)

Trash Duties During the Week, and at the End of Game Nights (Especially on the Weekends)

Mowing and Weed Eating (Typically a Daily Event and Done Mid-morning)

Zip Tie Screens and Sponsor Signs (Done Once a Month or as Needed)

Repair Batting Cage Screens and Nets (Typically Done as Needed)

Repair Pitching Bullpens (Typically Done as Needed)

Repair of Dirt Pads (Typically Done as Needed)


Services, Costs and Other Items to Donate: (Under Supervision of Maintenance Manager)

Diamond Pro (Purchased through Ryan Sanders Express)

Baseball Field Dirt (Purchased through Riata Land Services)

Batting Cage Replacement Nets and Screens (Contact Facilities Manager for Info)

Screened PGA Grade Sand Infield Leveling (Purchased through Riata Land Services)

Aeration of Turf (Purchased through Riata Land Services)

Fencing, Electrical, Irrigation, and Plumbing Services

Commercial Grade Mowers

Fertilizer, Insect Sprays (Wasp and Fire Ant Control), and Herbicide Costs (Contact Facilities Manager for Info)

Score Books and Pencils for Score Keepers


Baseball and Other Team Items to Donate:

Game Balls for Coaches

Batting Tees 

Catcher's Gear (Easton T-Ball, Youth and Intermediate Sets)

New or Gently Used Baseball Gloves and Bats




GYBA Donation Requests for New or Used Baseball Gear

At various times throughout the year GYBA Board members clean out the lost and found box located in the concessions stand and donate it to worthy causes.  If you, friends, or family have any new or used baseball gear that you would like to donate to various missions, please let the President or Umpire Director know via email by clicking on their previously mentioned title.  We will let you know where and when to deliver your gear.

Remember, most anything baseball related can be donated.  You may think it has reached its end life, but it may find a new life in the hands of another kid who just needs some gear to play baseball.


GYBA Board