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Game Day Information

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Game Day Information

Each team plays one Saturday game per week during the season (usually 6-10 games per regular season), not including a potential BYE week.  If games must be rescheduled (weather, etc), make-up games will be on Sundays.

Game times and directions are provided for each player every week.  Game schedules will be posted on the website when it becomes available. 

We expect all adults to act as adults.  We must remember - this is a “Youth Football and Cheerleading organization”.  We appreciate everyone that coaches, volunteers and those who just want to be part of their child/children’s memories.  Please help make them joyous.  Remember, it’s a game.  The biggest part is for them to learn and have fun.  Please be mindful of the Player/Parent Contract guideline signed upon registration.

At our home games, our field is 100% off-limits to parents at any time.  Barriers (ropes, fences, etc) will be in place.  Please remain behind said barriers at all times.

The Knights are PROUD to be a Smoke-Free organization.  Smoking is absolutely PROHIBITED at Knights football games and practices withouth exception.  You are not permitted to smoke on the sidelines.  The ONLY area smoking will be permitted is in the Middle School parking lot.  If you do not comply with this rule, you WILL be asked to leave.

The Knights play under the rules and guidelines of the Carroll County Football League.

There is an OFFICIAL MANDATORY WEIGH IN of all tackle football players prior to the season start.  All tackle football players are required to weigh in.  

No player will be allowed to play any games unless they are certified.  The date, times, and location of the Certification will be announced.

The following documents are required to be in the Team Book at time of certification:  Valid MVA card