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Why The Knights Children Of Hope???

 The Knights Children Of Hope is a youth developing organization. As we Teach, Mentor, and Challenge, our goal is to provide a positive character-building experience through sports and mentorship no matter race, religion, or gender. The Organization is committed to inspiring our youth through positive role modeling and supportive mentorship with the alliances of Rockville High School and Northwest High School.  
We resolve to uphold our embedded beliefs that this is "Their Time" and to give every effort to assisting children on and off the playing field.
Why Register?
• We are a legitamate organization with structure and a designated  feeder program to Rockville and NorthWest High schools.
• To cut travel, we are providing two practice sites. All participants residing in Gaithersburg/Germantown area will use Northwest High School and all participants residing in Rockville/Silver Spring areas will practice at Rockville High School.
• All coaches required to maintain various certifications in Concussions, Player Safety, and Player development.
• All Head Coaches are certified Mentors
• We Teach all levels of athletes
• Garuntee all players will be Challenged on and off the field.
• Family atmosphere and in a league that's truly about the kids.
We offer two sessions of Tackle Football (Both are 11-11 Tackle and practice will be held at NorthWest High school and Earl B. Wood Middle school to limit traffic hassles.):
• Spring Football (Development)
   March-Mid June
• Fall Football (Traditional)


**Fall Football starts off with a free Strength Skills, and Conditioning camp July 16th 2018 from 6-8 pm and Practice will be at Rockville High School. Upon the 3rd practice and after teams are formed, those living on the northern or western side of the county will practice at Northwest High school in the attempt to cut travel. Fall Season Schedule will come from our parent league Carroll County Youth Football League (