Membership Fees

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2019 Season Membership Fee Schedule

New Member Registration Fee (non refundable): $175.00
Click "New Member Registration & E-mail Contact Forms" to register online

Bonded Membership Fees – Due April 1
Bonded-Owner: $ 695.00
Empty Nest:* $ 550.00
Senior & Single:* $ 350.00

*Empty Nest and Senior/Single memberships are for former bonded members who were bonded for 5 years or more. See the FAQ’s for more details.

Full Season 7 Day pre-membership: $ 895.00
Full Season 5 Day pre-membership: $ 745.00
July Only 7 Day pre-membership: $ 470.00
August Only 7 Day pre-membership: $ 465.00

Special Senior & Single: $ 420.00
**See the FAQ’s for more details.

Bonded Member Late Fee Schedule
0 – 15 days late: $0
15 – 30 days late: $50
30 – 45 days late: $100
45 – 60 days late: $225 (50% of bond value)
60 – 90 days late: $225 minimum and subject to membership suspension or termination.
90+ days late: Termination of membership with no bond refund
- Bills and newsletters are mailed around March 1 of every year.
- Maintenance fee payments or resignations are due by April 1 regardless if you receive a bill. If payment or resignation is not received by April 15 we then mail out multiple reminders and a late fee is assessed (added to the amount due or deducted from bond refund). The final reminder is a certified letter assuming we have the correct address.
- It is your responsibility to notify the Willows if you move. Moving is not an excuse for not paying.
- If you are having personal or financial issues that will affect your timely payment please let us know (in confidence) and the Willows will do what we can to help.