Videos of Me in Action

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2009 wrestling season photo montage

May 2008 Judo Clips

2008 Freestyle Season Video Clips

2008 Wrestling Season Photo Montage

Middle School Match vs Explorer 03/08

Middle School match vs College Place

Middle school match vs Meadowdale

2008 Middle School Match vs Voyager

Middle School Match vs Zach 3/08

Winning the BC Championships 11/08

Defending a drop Seoi with a head spin round off

Scoring a Leg Pick at the 2007 Jr US Open

Scoring an Ippon in Judo with a Morote Gari

Judo Match vs Alex 2007 Budokan Tournament Drop Seoi

2007 Freestyle State Championship Gold medal match vs Tyson round one

2007 Freestyle State Championship final vs Tyson round 2

Judo Montage

2007 Season Wrestling Montage

Wrestling Chandler at State Jan 2007

Music video of song I wrote. Me on Guitar, Michael on Drums