Middle School Wrestling

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Winning by Fall in the 2009 Middle School Championship Finals

2009 Dual Record

Alderwood 54 Brier Terrace 42
Alderwood 60 Kellogg 34
Alderwood 47 Olympic View 60
Alderwood 28 Explorer 88
Alderwood 45 Voyager 72
Alderwood 42 Meadowdale 72
Alderwood 46 Einstein 29
Alderwood 30 Harbour Pointe 75
Alderwood 33 College Place 57

Team Dual Record:3-6

My Record:12-0
Falls: 7
Tech Falls: 2
Major Dec: 1
FF: 2
2009 Middle School Champion 95lbs

2009 Middle School Championships

Eric Soler
Hunter Lord
Shawn Gunter
Mathew Calkins
Morgan Smith
Jacob Morgan

Silver Medalist:
Jordan Drew

Scoring with a Firemans Carry

Scoring another Fall

Scoring with a double arm bar

Getting a take down

2008 Middle School Champions: Zack and Eric with Coach Nate and Coach Carl

Winning the 2008 Middle School Championships

Warming up before my match

Shawn telling me to pin him

Scoring with a Bannana Split vs Explorer

Hitting a double vs Explorer

Getting a Take down on Joseph

Working a turn off a leg ride vs Joseph @ O.V.

Coach Carl addressing the team

Earning a milkshake with a Firemans Carry