If a player has 10 years service time or more with the Braves and also retires a Braves will have their uniform number retired.

#1 Barton Dellinger, Years of Service: 1999-2011 , Retired: 2011

Brave 'Hall of Fame' eligibility constitutes a minimum of three (3) full years of service with the Braves, outstanding on-field performances, dedication and hard work, and a general concensus among 'Chiefs' and other Hall of Famers as to ones eligibility. Entrance to the hall with less than three years experience is possible if a career is cut short to retirement and/or injury.

Jeffrey Bates (8)

AKA- 'Master', Jeff made his Braves debut in 2003. However, it wasn't until 2005 that Jeff came aboard full-time. SInce joining the team Jeff has shown his outstanding commitment to the Braves only missing a handful of games. Recently, Jeff has found himself a top the Braves lineup as he raised his batting average 100 points in 2007. Jeff's versatility pays off as he can play shortstop, second base, catcher and some third base. Look for Jeff to be a cornerstone of Brave baseball for years to come. He was a SSBL all-star in 2007 & 2008. Class of 2006.

Christopher Brandt (7)

AKA - CB, Amish - Chris played with the Braves from 2007-2009. After the 2009 season he moved back home to New York, thus ending his tenure with the Braves. During his tenure with the team, Brandt was widely known for his clutch pitching performances. As a Brave, he logged over 125 innings pitched, struck out over 100 batters, and posted a career ERA of 4.21. In 2014, Chris will be making a comeback with the Braves and we are excited to have him back! Class of 2009

Brandan Buerhaus (21)

AKA- 'Chief B-Rod' & 'Fabio', Brandan has been the longest active Brave player dating back to the mid 1990's when the Braves were a 15-18 amature team. B-Rod has since been a part of each and every semipro Braves squad since its inagural year in 1999. Fabio has also been a cornerstone of the Braves offensive and defensive skeems consistantly hitting over .300 with developing power while playing a versitile defensive resume including third base, short stop, first base and catcher with a pinch of pitching. In 2008, B-Rod missed the second half of the season due to a knee injury, however that did not slow him down. He came back in 2009 with his best season batting .412 at the plate. In 2013, Brandan found his place as a pitcher on the Braves going 10-0.  Brandan will be a cornerstone and centerpiece of Brave baseball well into the future. He was a BBL all-star in 2004 & 2005 and a SSBL all-star in 2006, 2007, & 2009. Brandan took over as field manager in 2010. Charter class (2000).

Matthew Buerhaus (13)

AKA, 'Big Chief', Matt is the co-founder and manager of Braves semipro baseball. He consistantly hits well over .300 leading the Braves in several offensive categories and in 2004 learned how to pitch again, ressurecting a steller high school and college pitching career. His 5 years of semipro coaching is complimented with coaching experience at the college level at HCC. Matt's videography business,, has also been a big factor in Braves financing over the years. Matt has only missed a handful of games to injury since 1999 and plans on being a part of Braves baseball well into the future. Look for Matt to have a break out year in 2010 after suffering a torn achilles in 2009. He was a BBL all-star in 2004 & 2005 and the 2006 & 2007 SSBL all-star game coach. Charter class (2000).

Wade Buerhaus (25)

AKA 'Chief Big Fly', Wade in 2004 developed long ball power and has stabilized the middle of the Braves offensive attack. Big Fly is the founder of Braves baseball beginning with the Braves amature 15-18 program in the mid 1990's. Wade is also the co-founder of Braves semipro baseball doing the legwork to get a team in place in the Susquehanna league for the Braves in 1999. Wade over the years has been a huge part of the Braves defensive and offensive skeem of things, playing a stellar centerfield for the first three years of Braves semipro baseball constantly making sportscenter type plays covering ground in the outfield. He transitioned to catcher in 2002 for the Braves and is now one of the states premiere catchers at the semipro level making his first BBL all-star appearance in 2004 at that position. Wade has only missed a handful of games to injury since 1999, and is also the assistant manager and coach to brother Matt. He was a BBL all-star in 2005 & 2006 and a SSBL all-star in 2007 & 2008. Charter class (2000).

Jonathan Cephalis

John was a member of the Braves from 2000-2002. You could usually spot John behind the plate as he was the primary catcher during the Braves first few years. Cephalis posted a career batting average of .287. Class of 2007

Tony Coliano (33)

Tony has been apart of the Braves since 2003. Many Braves would say that Tony is a great teammate and he brings a positive atmosphere into the dugout. When Tony decides to hang up the cleats, his number 33 will always be remebered as his number. Class of 2007

Todd Collini (18)

Todd was an integral part of Braves baseball from 1999 to 2002 before joining the USMC. Todd was the Braves ace on the hill during his tenure picking up most of the Braves wins through their up and coming days as a young team. Todd also swung a good stick and played a solid first base when not pitching for the Braves, and looks to return in 2006 after his tour of duty is up with the Marine Corp. Charter class (2000).

Kevin Conner (24)

Kevin made his Braves debut in 2009.  In 2010, Kevin missed the season due to a injury to his throwing arm.  He came back in 2011 and hasn't missed a step since.  Kevin is a staple in the Braves outfield and is a strong bat in the Braves lineup.  Look for Conner to be a part of the Braves for many years to come.  Class of 2012

Barton Dellinger (1)

AKA, 'Chief Wahoo', Bart has been the number two man in the Braves batting order since day one, and will continue to fill that role well into the future. He has consistantly hit well over .300 in each of his seasons with the Braves since 1999 and is thier regular second baseman. The self proclaimed 'Scouting Director', Brave historian and critic, among other things, hit over .500 in the 2004 fall season with over 50 at bats to his credit, a mark that will probably stand in Brave history for a long, long time to come. Bart has only missed a handful of games since the Braves inagural year to injury. He was a BBL all-star in 2005, 2006, 2007, & 2008 and a SSBL all-star in 2009. Bart offically retired after the 2011. The passion and leadership that he brought to the field day in and day out will be greatly missed. Charter class (2000).

Kevin Eldreth (22)

AKA- 'EL', Kevin joined the Braves in 2004. In his first two seasons with the ball club he was as solid pitcher capable of eating up innings and shtting down hitters. After the 05 season, El was hit with injuries thus sidelining him from the mound. He was never able to make a full recovery but the Braves are holding out, hopeing that he is able to bounce back. Despite his injuries, Kevin was dedicated to the ballclub and he contiues to show up for some games to root on his team. Class of 2006

Class of 2016

Jamal Frazier (9)

Jamal played two seasons with the Braves (2005 & 2006). During those two seasons he posted a batting average of .287. Many remember Jamal for his speed and his defensive skills. In 45 games in the outfield, Jamal collected 7 assists. When asked if he would like to bat, Jamal would proudly respond "no". He was happy playing left or center field and throwing out runners on the basepaths. Class of 2007

Joshua Fuerst (24)

Josh played with the Braves from 2006-2008. He was the ace of the Braves pitching staff for all three season. Over those three seasons, Fuerst posted a ERA of 2.73. He would strike out 613 batters, averaging close to 10 strike outs a game. He would start 57 games and complete 46 of those games. After the 2008 season, Josh joined the Secret Service and he will always have a roster spot with the Braves. He was a SSBL All-star in 2006, 2007, & 2008. Class of 2007

Bill Greenwell (17)

AKA 'Greenie' - Bill has been apart of the Braves since the early 2000's after his professional baseball career but within the past few years he has been the staple of the Braves lineup.  With the knowledge and leadership that he brings day in and day out, Greenwell holds the highest career batting average for a Brave player, batting .414.  His defense at first base is irreplaceable and look for Greenwell to continue to be a part of the Braves for years to come. Class of 2012

Reggie Hammond

Reggie played with the Braves in 2002 & 2003. He brought a big stick with him posting a batting average of .319. He was a great teammate and a pleasure to have in the dugout. Class of 2007

James Loebach (11)

'Old Man Riv' has been with the Braves since the beginning of the 2004 season and has been an intricate part of the tribe in his two year tenure with the club. A leader and voice of reason in the summer and fall seasons spanning that timeframe, not to mention team elder, Riv has been the teams most consistant and shure-handed outfielder, making plays guys half his age couldn't make and is solid at the dish. His on and off-field presence is a huge factor with team chemistry, and we hope Jim is roaming the Brave outfield for years to come. He was a BBL all-star in 2006. Class of 2005.

Timothy Hilyard (3)

'Hilly' was a Brave regular for two years before his early retirement from organized semi-pro baseball. His dominance with the bat, glove and on the mound... with the perpetual rubber-arm... made him a cornerstone of the Braves everyday lineup and pitching rotation. His presence in the dugout and on the field will be missed by not just the Braves, but many of semipro players and teams across the state. A true gamer, Hilly worked quietly putting up big numbers day in and day out. Class of 2003.

Adam Judd (20)

AKA, 'Pops', Adam joined the Braves in 2002 and played a solid first base and brought a big stick to the Braves lineup at the age of 40. His two years with the Braves were filled with memorable long balls and he was a part of the Braves squad during their transition time from below .500 ballclub to a now above .500 ball club. He helped pave the way for promising Brave years ahead and his presence will be missed, but not forgotten. He is eligible with less than three years experience for the hall by means of reitirement. Class of 2004.

Christopher Miller (15)

Miller has played with the Braves since 2005. He is widely known for the way he runs, many say he resembles a Bratworst when he runs. Miller is also the founder and manager of the Harford Mets who play in the over 30 league. Class of 2006

Neale Minarik (10)

Neale joined the Braves in 2005 and only played for 2 seasons making him an exception to the rule. His dedication and commitment to the team showed as he only missed a few games and was able to compile a .349 batting average over his two seasons with the club. Neale was also able to eat some innings for the Braves in the 2005 season. Neale was a great addition to the team and he is missed. But we wish him the best of luck as he pursues a career as a pilot in Florida. Class of 2006.

Lawrence Mueller (4)

AKA- 'Salami', Larry made his Braves debut in 2005 and he brought a much needed arm in to the Braves rotation. Since joining the Braves, he has pitched in 69 games, compiling a winning percentage of .600. Recently, Larry considered retirement but found himself coming back for more. The Braves look for Larry to be apart of the Braves rotation for years to come as his dedication and hard-work allows for his continued success on the hill. He was a BBL all-star in 2007 & 2008 and a SSBL all-star in 2009. Larry officially retired after the 2012 season. Class of 2006.

Robert Neukum (27)

AKA- 'Nuke', Bobby joined the Braves in 2005 and has been one of the most dedicated players on the team. He brought with him a great stick and a reliable arm. In the three seasons Nuke has played with the Braves he has hit over .300 consistently and drove in more than 35 runs in each season. Bobby's strongest year on the hill came in his debut season as he appeared in 30 games and held opponents to a .257 batting average. The past few seasons Nuke has been plagued with arm injuries thus limiting his time on the hill. However, that has not stopped him from remaining a threat in the Braves lineup. He was a BBL all-star in 2007 & 2008. Bobby retired from the Braves after the 2012 season. Class of 2006

Chuck Pindell (16)

Chuck played with the Braves from 2001 to 2003. His best season with the Braves came in 2003 as he had a batting average of .375, a OBP of .444, and a slugging percentage of .675. After leacing the Braves Chuck started a career in the military. Class of 2007

Colin Taylor (5)

AKA, 'C-Note', Colin was a member of the Brave semipro baseball from 2002 - 2008 and was been a huge offensive threat. He continually pounds the ball and his dedication to the ball club rivals that of the founders themselves. Colin was also a part of Brave amature baseball through 2002. He was a SSBL all-star in 2006, 2007, & 2008. In 2009, Taylor left the Braves to pursue other opportunities however returned to the Braves in 2015. Class of 2003.

Jon Thurston (35)

Jon has been with the Braves since 2006. Over the past two seasons he has solidified a spot in the Braves outfield and also a spot in the lineup as well. In 2009, Jon his .360 at the plate, had a .448 OBP, and stole 12 bases. On the defensive side, he has 13 outfield assists over the past two seasons. Thurston and the Braves parted ways after the 2013 season. Class of 2010

Keith Tiedemann (18)

AKA, 'Chief Mojo', Keith has been the Braves pitching ace over the course of the last 3 out of 4 years. He continually leads the Braves in every major pitching category and has been one of the Braves most dedicated and hard working ball players. His bat brings consistancy as well getting at least a hit or two every time he gets the opportunity to do so. He has one of the best curve balls in the state, and brings a good chance for the Braves to win everytime he takes the hill with him. Keith plans to be a big part of Brave baseball for a long time into the future. He was a BBL all-star in 2004 & 2007 and a SSBL all-star 2006. Class of 2003.

Jonathan Vandernat (29)

'Vandy' made his Brave debut in a brief 2001 stint on a break from the minors, before following with a few appearances in 2002. In 2003 Vandy joined the tribe full time and has since cornered the Brave infield at first base, backed-up Wade at the dish and most importantly, anchored the heart of the Brave lineup. He led the team in '04 and '05 in batting average and long balls, has been in the top two or three of just about every other offensive category year-in and year-out, and has been one of the top dedicated players on the squad missing only a handful of games in a three year span. His off-field adventures have proven ideal for team chemistry, for a lack of a better term, and his veteran presence and work-ethic on the field are valuable assets to the squad. Class of 2005.

Brian Varady (00)

Brian was apart of the original Braves lineup in 1999 and played through the 2000 season. His dedication and energy that he brought to the team was invaluable. Brian helped to pave the way for many future Brave outfielders with is solid defense. Class of 2006

Zachary Walker (23)

AKA- 'Walk', Zach joined the ballclub in 2003. He was welcomed as he brought speed to the lineup and a great defensive presence in centerfield. Alongwith his speed, Zach had a strong stick as he compiled a .291 career batting average over 4 season with the Braves. One thing Zach never lacked was his dedication to the team. Walk resides in Pennsylvania and never complained about his traveling. After the '06 season Zach suffered a tear to his achilles in which he is still rehabbing. Walk is hopeing to make a comeback in 2008. CLass of 2006.

Bradly Weiber (9)

AKA, 'Weibs', Brad was a Brave cornerstone with the Braves up to his retirement in 2003. A solid outfielder, hitter and one of the Braves pitching weapons, Weibs shut down a many of opposing offenses with his junk-ball approach on the hill. Nobody ever witnessed him get upset over anything, much less curse over anything, and his presence with the Braves will be missed. Class of 2002

Matthew Wiggers (6)

AKA "Wiggs", Matt Wiggers has been a Brave since 2003. He would always carry a strong bat, having a career batting average of .337. In 2009 he had career highs in batting average .458, OBP .481, & slugging percentage .625. Along with his bat Wiggers also brings a solid glove in the field. He has posted a career ERA of 3.62, logging over 100 innings pitched and strike outs. Wiggers retired from the Braves after the 2011 season. BBL All-star in 2008. Class of 2007

Ryan Wolfsheimer (12)

AKA "Wolfie" - Has played with the Braves since 2005. Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the team. When Ryan gets on base you can look for to run, he has attempted to steal 45 bases in the career and he has only been caught 5 times. Wolf has also logged over 100 innings pitched in his career, striking out 113 batters.  Ryan retired from the Braves after the 2012 season. Class of 2007

Brian Zeller (7)

AKA- 'Zell', Brians debut came in 2001 however he sat out to '02 season an rejoined the Braves from 2003-07. He was known for he freat stories and uncanie ability to rag on opposing teams. On the field Zell brought a strong arm and a steady bat. After the 2006 season Brian began a new career path and his playing time in 2007 diminished. Brian went on to be a State Trooper and whenever he makes a appearance at a game he always finds a way to fire up the team. Zell is and always will be missed in the dugout. Class of 2006