Bonded Member Resignation Information

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Dear Bonded Member-Owner
We are sorry to hear you wish to resign from the Willows. Remember, the Willows provides one of the best values around for your summer enjoyment. Families change, kids grow up and sometimes a swim club membership no longer works for your family. However, if you are dissatisfied with the Willows or didn’t enjoy your experience we would like to know. We strive to continually improve and member feedback is essential. Please send us an email or letter and let us know how we can improve. Your Board of Trustees is always available to help or answer any questions or concerns. Click the ‘Contact Info’ link on the left. During the season always feel free to call the Willows and speak to the pool manager

Has your family status changed? If so, are you aware of our Senior, Single and Empty Nest Memberships? As a bonded member-owner you may be eligible for one of these memberships after you resign. Please contact us for more details.

Information about resignations:
- Please click the Bonded Resignation Form link above to open the resignation form. Please complete and sign the form and send to the Willows along with your original bond certificate. If you cannot find your bond certificate please have the resignation form notarized.
- Resignations (or your membership fee payment) must be received by April 1 of each year. Failure to do so may result in a penalty as per the late fee schedule on your annual maintenance fee bill.
- Resignations are processed in the order that they are received.
- By resigning you are selling your ownership interest in the Willows. The Willows sells the bonded ownerships of resigning families to new families that would like to become bonded owners. The Willows acts as a broker and there is no a guarantee of a sale. In accordance with the By-Laws, you remain an owner until such time that your membership has been sold.
- Bond refunds are usually sent within 2 weeks of selling your membership.
- The Willows cannot provide a date when your bond will be sold and when you will receive your bond refund.
- Your account must be in good standing in order to resign.