Major Girls Rules

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                                              Major Girls (12 – 14)


  1. IHSA Rule Book will govern play with the following exceptions


2.       A standard game may not exceed 6 innings in length; however, in case of a tie, the game will continue until a winner is determined.  If a game is called due to inclement weather, 4 innings is considered a complete game.  The first game will begin at 6:00pm, the second game at 8:00pm, or 10 minutes after the completion of the first game if it runs over.  No new inning will begin after one hour and forty five minutes of play has elapsed.  At this time the game will be determined as a complete game.  Teams may start a game with a minimum of 8 players.  Teams must finish a game with no less than 8 players.  If starting with 8 players, an out does not have to be taken when the ninth spot comes up in the batting order.  The only way an out shall be taken is when a team starts with 9 players and one is ejected or leaves the game for reasons other than illness or injury.


3.       Suspended games will resume at the point it was postponed, and will continue in accordance with the amount of time and innings that are remaining for a standard game.  If you had subs for the suspended game, they do not need to be present at the make-up game.


4.       Mercy Rule:  If a team is behind 12 runs in the 3rd inning, 10 runs in the 4th inning, or 8 runs in the 5th inning, the mercy rule goes into effect and the game is over.  If the home team is behind, they must be allowed to bat in the bottom of the inning.


5.       Pitching mound  is set at 40 feet.


  1. No pitches are required for intentional walks.


  1. There is no restriction on innings pitched.


8.       Pitchers are required to wear protective face masks.


9.       Pitchers who hit 4 batters in a game must be removed from the game as pitcher.  Re-entry in the pitching position is prohibited.


10.    In a 6 inning game, each player must play at least six outs (two full innings), and bat at least once.  To aid the coaches, we are allowing you 3 options:


a.       Bat your entire roster with free substitution throughout the game.

b.      Use the extra player rule where she is listed in the batting order as your 10th batter; she can go in and out of the game defensively at will.

c.       Play regular substitution baseball.  With this option, the players will be required to play the minimum playing requirements as stated above.


11.   Coaches do not have to agree on which way to play; however, you must inform the home plate umpire which option you have chosen prior to the start of the game.  You cannot switch once the game has started.  You will need to report all defensive subs to the opposing coach


12.   Hats, visors, and headbands are an optional part of the uniform.


13.    No designated hitter.


14.   Runners may steal when the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.  Runners may advance at their own risk on an overthrow.


15.   Both teams will receive the same warning from the umpire for leaving the base too early.  If either team receives a second infraction, the player is out.


16.   Dropped 3rd strike is in effect. Once a batter either looks at strike three or swings and misses at strike three and the ball is either not caught or dropped by the catcher, the batter becomes a runner and can attempt to make it to first base before either being tagged or thrown out at first base.


17.   If a player is not allowed to participate but sits in the dugout dressed to play, then a written explanation must be received by the umpire prior to the start of the game.


18.   All players must stay in their respective dugouts when not participating in the field.


19.   Steel spikes are not allowed.


20.   Every player must wear protective headgear while batting or running the bases.  If a helmet is taken off intentionally, the runner is out.  Protective headgear must be worn also when a player or legal minor is used to coach the bases.


21.   If a team is short players, the coach may call up a limit of 4 players from the Minor Girls (9-11) division in their respective towns.  Called up players may play any position but pitcher.  They must bat after regular rostered players.  A player may not be called up when the time of the game is in conflict with the player’s regularly scheduled games.  Called up players play the minimum playing time unless circumstances permit the need for more playing time.  The consequences of an infraction of this paragraph is forfeiture.  Teams may only call up players of they have less than 10 players at game time.


22.   Games will be cancelled due to weather related reasons only.  At any sign of lightening by an umpire, coach, or league administrator, everyone will be pulled off the field for a waiting period of 15 minutes after the last sighting before play can resume.  If the weather is still threatening, the came shall be cancelled.  If weather breaks and the grounds permit, the second game (if there is one) may be played.  Games shall not be cancelled due to the lack of players or upon “coaches’ agreements.”  When rainouts occur, it is the responsibility of the home team’s board to reschedule the games.  Games must be rescheduled within 2 weeks of the rained out game. 


23.   If the game has not been rescheduled, it will be ruled as forfeiture by the home team.  If the game is rescheduled and both teams have been informed, any team failing to show will forfeit the game.  A rescheduled game may or may not include the same players.  If original line up is available it is expected to remain the same. In the event that the same lineup is not available free substitution is allowed.



24.   It is important that if you wish to file a protest that you follow these rules:

1.       The coach must notify the umpire at the time of the infraction that he/she is protesting that rule infraction.

2.       The coach then has 24 hours to submit a written explanation to a Tri-Conference representative, along with a fee of $20.



25.   As mandated by the National Federation Rule Book (IHSA Rule Book), any player may re-enter the game one time. However, the sub and the starter are locked in the same position in the batting order.  For further information refer to the IHSA Rule book.


26.   The courtesy runner may be used for the catcher.  The person making the most recent out shall be used as the courtesy runner for the catcher if she is on base with 2 outs.


27.   Face masks are required on every batting helmet.  No player shall be allowed to come to the plate without one. 


28.   The fielder’s mask is required to be worn by the pitcher.  It is optional for all other fielders.


29.   These rules are intended for the benefit of our young athletes, and timely proceedings of the game.  They are not meant to be manipulated for personal gain.  Any protest will be handled with the intent of the rules.