Boys 8th Travel Tryout results

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Congratulations on making a 2017-2018 GCAA Travel Basketball Team.  A tryout was held on Wednesday, September 27th and three independent evaluators rated each child on drills and their performance in a scrimmage format.  No evaluator had a child in the grade or in the Garden City schools.  Tryouts are not an exact science but we do try to be as transparent and equitable as possible with this independent evaluation formula.  Utilizing this approach, ratings were used to form the teams below.

A cornerstone of GCAA Basketball is our intramural program.  Unlike younger grades, there is not a requirement for boys in 7th and 8th grades to play intramurals, however your participation is strongly encouraged in this fun filled, somewhat informal league.  GCAA intramural games for 7th and 8th grade boys will be held on Saturday afternoons in December and then Friday nights in January/February.  If you choose to play intramurals you must email George Liberopoulos at and he will register you.

Thank You for your continued support of GCAA Basketball.



Coach Wood's Team


Bryan Downey

Danny Macchiarola

Jack McGowan

Michael Miller

Andrew Scattareggia

Jack Schmatz

Luke Schmitt

Brendan Staub

Joseph Wood

Kyle Wood



Coach Brita's Team


Jack Barker

Jack Brita

Thomas DeLuca

Luke Duffy

Chris Eckna

Andrew Holtzman

Houston Kufs

Jason Li

Richard Longo

Owen McGinley

Fergal Mullally

Jack Stankey