Local guide to Select Baseball Organizations in the Austin area

Are you looking for a Select team for your kids to play baseball in the Austin and surrounding areas?

This list is only for organizations as there are far too many independent teams to try and keep track of.  If an organization is not what you are looking for, your best place to find independent teams is to look at our Message Board.  Most teams will have tryouts in June/July and December/January/February.

CTX Sports does not endorse any of these organizations, we are simply providing this list as a source of information for parents.  Ultimately it is up to you as parents to find the right fit for your children.  There is not a single organization that will be the right fit for every single child.

If you run an organization and would like to be added to this list please send me an email with your organization name and website address.


North Austin and Surrounding Area

Action Baseball http://www.actionbaseballclub.org/
Lonestar Baseball North http://www.lonestarbaseballnorth.com
Austin Slam Baseball http://www.austinslambaseball.com/
Austin Wings http://www.austinwingsbaseball.com/
Capital City Halos http://www.capcityhalosbaseball.com/
Crusader Baseball http://www.crusaderbaseball.org
CTX Legends http://www.ctxlegends.com/
GPS Texas Baseball http://www.gpstexasbaseball.com/
Southwest Canes https://www.canessouthwest.com/
Taylor Brewers https://taylorbrewersbaseball.com/
Texas Rattlers https://www.texasrattlers.org/
Texas Red Dogs http://txreddogs.com
Texas Twins Baseball http://www.texastwinsbaseballclub.com
THZ http://www.thzbaseball.com/
TRPD http://trpdbaseball.com/
UB Big Dogs http://www.theuniversityofbaseball.com/



South Austin and Surrounding Area

ATX Sox http://www.atxsox.com/
Austin Boom http://www.positivebaseball.com/
Austin Horns http://austinhornsbaseball.com/
Lonestar Central https://clutchathleticstexas.com/
Hill Country http://www.hcbaseballclub.com/
Texas Bombers http://sanmarcosbombers.com/
Yeti Baseball Club http://www.yetibc.com/