Referee Classes and Clinics

Entry Level Referees

Entry level Referee classes for outdoor soccer are held every 1-2 months.  They are broken down into 3 parts: On-line training, Classroom training, and a field training session.  All 3 parts must be completed and referees must complete the USSF on-line registration, pay the USSF fees, and complete the on-line test for final certification.  At that point, Referee Assignors are notified of new referees so that they can begin providing the new referees game assignments.

Periodically check the Hawaii State Referee calendar for upcoming entry level classes.  Follow the instructions on "How to Become a Referee - On-Line Registration" under Quicklinks on the Hawaii State Referee Association main webpage.

Referee Clinics

Several times throughout the year, the Hawaii State Referee association will sponsor Referee Clinics that are open to all referees.  It is highly recommended to attend.  These clinics are training opportunities to build on the referee's knowledge and thought processes of the match.  These clinics usually feature professional level referees and referee coaches from the mainland who will provide classroom discussion, field training opportunities, and mentoring opportunities during actual matches.