SBAA Coaching Policy

(This policy has the approval of the South Brunswick Recreation Department)

The SBAA Board of Directors believes coaching a team is a privilege granted to those best qualified and most supportive of South Brunswick Athletic Association programs. The board is very grateful for those who contribute their time & effort to instruct and lead our youth.

From a list of volunteers, each league president will nominate managers for the upcoming year to be approved by the board. The nomination process includes a prerequisite to be Rutgers Safety certified and takes the following into account:

· Experience, including coaching experiences and, or issues from previous years,
· Feedback from other participants including parents, umpires & other coaches,
· Support of all SBAA programs.

At times, there may be more manager volunteers than needed and each league president will create a stack-ranking list of managerial candidates from which selections will be made.

All assistant managers/coaches must be Rutgers Safety certified and must be approved by the respective league president. Only approved coaches will be permitted to act in place of the manager (run practices and manage games).

The SBAA board reserves the right to restrict the coaching privilege from anyone (manager, assistant manager or coach) acting in an unfavorable or competitive way to the program.

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