Just a few pictures of some of the players, of the city of Nimrod, and of Stigman Field located in "downtown" Nimrod.

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Alex Jansson was a big pickup for the Gnats playing some solid innings for Nimrod at shortstop.
A picture of the 2007 Gnats team.  Lake and Pine South regular season and playoff champions.
The 2008 Gnats.  Lake & Pine South regular season and playoff champs.
If you don't want to sit in the grandstand or on the bleachers, just bring your 4 wheeler like these Gnats fans do every game.  Easy cooler access strapped to the cargo rack of your ATV.
Paul Williams jumps all over the delivery from the Red Eye pitcher.
Adam Johnson takes his lead at first base while Aaron Funk gets ready to meet the pitch.
Adam Johnson taking a big cut and connecting.  This ball landed by 2nd base of the softball field after it screamed over the left field wall.
Adam Johnson blasts another homerun against the Stingers.
Gnats slugger Adam Johnson sits back waiting for the pitch while Stephen Funk is ready to run on the base paths.
Adam Johnson bringing the heat against Sebeka.
Adam Johnson got quite used to this scene during the 2008 season.  #14 averaged nearly a homerun per game for the season.
Don't let his age fool you.  The Gnats young lefty saw more time on the mound this summer and will be called on even more in 2009.
Gnats lefthander Caleb Kreklau delivers a pitch to the Lakes Area hitter while Adam Johnson is ready to make a play at 3rd.
Ben Bestland pitching against the Canes in an exhibition game at Fergus Falls.
Gnats leadoff hitter Paul Funk is ready for action during the 2008 Nimrod Invite.
Alex Brockpahler takes an inside pitch against Sebeka while Ben Bestland follows the pitch into the zone on first.
Tyler Brockpahler playing his position during the 2007 season opener at Red Eye.
Dylan Shequen playing first base at Stigman Field.
Tyler Brockpahler facing Brad Lusti in a Sunday afternoon showdown between Nimrod and Midway.
Lefty hitter Stephen Funk hits against the Lakers in an exhibition  game at Stigman Field.
The Gnats taking on the Wolf Pack at Stigman Field.  Aaron Funk is behind the plate for the Gnats.
Gunner Johnson roaming the outfield during a game at Red Eye.
Aaron Funk putting a charge into a pitch against the Stingers.
Adam Johnson firing another pitch in towards the plate.
Gnats first baseman Stephen Funk holds the bag as the Wolf Lake runner breaks for 2nd.
Jacob Brockpahler logging one of his many innings during the 2008 season.
Righthander Isaac Johnson bringing the heat in a game at Menahga.
Gnats leadoff hitter Paul Funk gives one a ride against the Stingers.
Gnats coach Doug Shequen pitching in a 2008 Region game at Menahga.
Paul Williams has his speed racer on and is ready to go as he takes his lead.
Funk loads up for the pitch during a game in the St. Cloud tourney during the 2007 season.
Gnats firstbaseman Stephen Funk loads up for the pitch against Sebeka.
A picture of Stigman Field as the sun is rising casting a shadow over the field from the grandstand.
Gnats catcher Aaron Funk hitting against Huntersville at Stigman Field.
Jake Sumner holds on the baserunner in a game at Brainerd.
Jake Sumner and Travis Titcomb taking in the action from the dugout during a home game.
Gnats rookie Taylor Pederson in the outfield in a game against Brainerd.
The younger Funk brothers cutting off Brenen Brockpahler's hair at the ballpark right after the game.  Anyone who got a hit in the game got to cut a chunk off.
Ben Bestland playing 3rd base against Red Eye.  Its not the hard line drive you have to worry about, its whether or not it hits a rock.
Brenen Brockpahler heading out to his position during a game.
Travis Titcomb getting some experience in a 2007 playoff game during his rookie season.
Gnats catcher Trevor Ness blocking a pitch at Midway.  #12 was an absolute beast behind the plate all season for the Gnats.
The Kuschel girls watching their uncles play for the Gnats on a warm Sunday afternoon.  Maybe the youngest Nimrod Gnats fans??
Travis Titcomb puts a charge into a pitch against the Stingers with Tyler Brockpahler on the base.
Stephen Funk gets into a fastball against the Stingers.  Or as Shroom would say.....WHACK!
Zak Johnson ready to coast under a flyball in a game against the Countryboys.