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Aaron Hanson putts away at Lighthouse.
Aaron shows off the hefty trophy he picked up for winning the Lighthouse course title in a tiebreak over R.J. Dusak.
Aaron displays the keychain thingy he got for winning the course title at Lighthouse, a site he has dominated in his Mini Masters career.
A final round grouping of Bob Ahrens, Jeff Bull, Sharon Bull, and Michael Arf.
Brian Sandri takes on the tough 10th at Action Territory, statistically the day's hardest hole to par.
Corey O'Brien putts at Libertyville Sports Complex.
Dale shows off the trophy for Congo River, constructed by Josh & Steph Altergott, after winning the course in a tiebreak over Mick Cullen for the 2nd time in 3 years.
Dale gets up close and personal with the cute pig figurine he claimed for his course-record 42 at Libertyville.
Dale discovers his bounty for winning Congo River-- a glass eggplant.
Dan Lee plays roughly his 60th hole of the day at Ballybunion.
A Kristof's grouping of Dianne Cullen, Dolores Gekiere, Corey O'Brien, and Doug Gekiere.
Diego puts on his best dumb-guy face while watching the result of a shot at Ballybunion.
Elisa Cullen wields a mighty sledgehammer to putt at the 7th hole at Libertyville.
Elisa Cullen, Carrie McGowan, and Steph Altergott take a break at Congo River.
Hector Gallego gets low and tries to use some body english to will the ball toward the hole at Ballybunion.
Jaclyn Lijewski putts on the evil 10th at Action Territory. Why does her hair always look like that in pictures?
Jason Gola taking on first-year Mini Masters course Ballybunion.
The penultimate Kristof's foursome: Jason Gola, Aaron Hanson, Matt Cullen, and Mick Cullen.
Jeff Bull gets into the swing of things at Action Territory's 10th hole.
Jeff Bull prays for the sweet release of death at Libertyville, the 5th course of the day.
Rookie John Thissen grinds his way through the day's 5th course, Libertyville.
John Thissen, Dan Lee, Josh Altergott, and Russ Dusak form a foursome for Kristof's.
Josh Altergott hits off the edge of the sand trap at Libertyville's 17th hole.
Rookie Julie Schweiss takes on Action Territory and shows off her follow-through.
Karen Kemnitz putts at Libertyville. I'm tired of writing captions now. Can you tell?
Karen Kemnitz, Carrie McGowan, Jaclyn Lijewski, and Steph Altergott form a fearsome female foursome at Fristof', Kristof's.
Katie Wood, who is tall, studies the green before teeing off at Ballybunion.
Katie Wood, Oscar Newman, and Nat Ahrens form an all-rookie group to tee off first at Kristof's, as Katie whoops it up.
Lisa Curran shoots at Lighthouse en route to her first-ever sixless tournament.
Lisa Curran walks away with the trophy for Most Improved Player in 2004 in a tiebreak over Jaclyn Lijewski.
Matt Landt putts up the murderous 5th hole ramp at Lighthouse.
Matt Landt walks away with the Most Improved trophy for 2003, retroactively awarded in 2004 for his amazing performance the previous year.
Matt Landt, Brian Sandri, Hector Gallego, and Julie Schweiss form an eclectic group at Kristof's.
Michael Arf ("Marf") shoots on the 17th at Libertyville.
Michael Cullen dons his new Ugly Jacket, courtesy of 2003 champ Tom Schweiss.
Michael Cullen takes he trophy for a 40 at Ballybunion.
Michael Cullen gets the trophy for his 5th career MC Mini Masters win, his first in 4 years.
Mick Cullen atempts to put the ball in for two on Congo River's wacky hole, the 8th, with a hockey stick.
Nat Ahrens takes the birdhouse for a record-tying 24 sixes during the 2004 tournament.
Nat Ahrens does all he can to retrieve his ball in the pond at at Libertyville.
Rookie Oscar Newman putts at Libertyville, where he became the first player in tourney history to record an ace on the malevolent 12th hole.
RJ's a putz at Libertyville. Oops, I mean, RJ putts at Libertyville. Come on...that joke has been in my head for about 50 captions now. It's about time I used it.
Sharon Bull, one of the day's 3 skirted participants, putts at Action Territory.
Skip shows the putting form that drives all the teenagers wild at Libertyville.
Skip Landt, Lisa Curran, Diego Gallego, and Steph Cullen form a group for the final course, Kristof's.
Captions, shmaptions. Tom putts.
Vicki Brown putts as Anne Marie Provenzano studies the break of the green on Congo River's 12th hole.