Scheduled Games

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Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Thu3/28/20196:30 pm F 2-3 Possums  Vixens   Vixens
Thu3/28/20197:15 pm F 3-1 Arctic Toucans  Vixens   Vixens
Thu3/28/20198:00 pm F 2-4 Arctic Toucans  Possums   Vixens
Thu3/28/20198:45 pm F 7-2 Vixens  Possums   Vixens
Thu3/28/20199:30 pm F 6-5 Vixens  Arctic Toucans   Vixens
Thu3/28/201910:15 pm F 8-1 Possums  Arctic Toucans   Vixens
Mon4/1/20196:30 pm F 4-3 Lunatics  Possums   Possums
Mon4/1/20196:31 pm F 11-4 Belching Frogs  Possums   Possums
Mon4/1/20196:32 pm F 4-6 Belching Frogs  Lunatics   Possums
Mon4/1/20196:33 pm F 3-4 Possums  Lunatics   Possums
Mon4/1/20196:34 pm F 5-3 Possums  Belching Frogs   Possums
Mon4/1/20196:35 pm F 4-5 Lunatics  Belching Frogs   Possums
Thu4/4/20196:30 pm F 4-3 Brewins  Flaming Eagles   Flaming Eagles
Thu4/4/20196:31 pm F 3-1 Clowns  Flaming Eagles   Flaming Eagles
Thu4/4/20196:32 pm F 3-5 Clowns  Brewins   Flaming Eagles
Thu4/4/20196:33 pm F 1-0 Flaming Eagles  Brewins   Flaming Eagles
Thu4/4/20196:34 pm F 1-3 Flaming Eagles  Clowns   Flaming Eagles
Thu4/4/20196:35 pm F 1-7 Brewins  Clowns   Flaming Eagles
Tue4/9/20196:30 pm F 5-10 Vixens  Lunatics   Lunatics
Tue4/9/20197:00 pm F 1-6 Lost Sox  Lunatics   Lunatics
Tue4/9/20197:30 pm F 1-6 Lost Sox  Vixens   Lunatics
Tue4/9/20198:00 pm F 2-3 Lunatics  Vixens   Lunatics
Tue4/9/20198:30 pm F 8-4 Lunatics  Lost Sox   Lunatics
Tue4/9/20199:00 pm F 7-4 Vixens  Lost Sox   Lunatics
Mon4/15/20196:30 pm F 1-2 Country Bumpkins  Flaming Eagles   Flaming Eagles
Mon4/15/20196:31 pm F 2-6 Lunatics  Flaming Eagles   Flaming Eagles
Mon4/15/20196:32 pm F 1-3 Lunatics  Country Bumpkins   Flaming Eagles
Mon4/15/20196:33 pm F 7-5 Flaming Eagles  Country Bumpkins   Flaming Eagles
Mon4/15/20196:34 pm F 7-4 Flaming Eagles  Lunatics   Flaming Eagles
Mon4/15/20196:35 pm F 4-7 Country Bumpkins  Lunatics   Flaming Eagles
Mon4/22/20196:30 pm F 3-6 Lunatics  Mavericks   Mavericks
Mon4/22/20196:31 pm F 4-2 MudHens  Mavericks   Mavericks
Mon4/22/20196:32 pm F 4-0 MudHens  Lunatics   Mavericks
Mon4/22/20196:33 pm F 1-2 Mavericks  Lunatics   Mavericks
Mon4/22/20196:34 pm F 3-0 Mavericks  MudHens   Mavericks
Mon4/22/20196:35 pm F 9-2 Lunatics  MudHens   Mavericks
Thu4/25/20196:21 pm F 9-7 Arctic Toucans  Clowns   Clowns
Thu4/25/20196:22 pm F 9-5 Dragons  Clowns   Clowns
Thu4/25/20196:23 pm F 1-6 Dragons  Arctic Toucans   Clowns
Thu4/25/20196:24 pm F 2-5 Clowns  Arctic Toucans   Clowns
Thu4/25/20196:25 pm F 5-9 Clowns  Dragons   Clowns
Thu4/25/20196:26 pm F 4-7 Arctic Toucans  Dragons   Clowns
Mon5/6/20196:30 pm F 3-0 Dragons  Flaming Eagles   Flaming Eagles
Mon5/6/20196:31 pm F 4-6 Lost Sox  Flaming Eagles   Flaming Eagles
Mon5/6/20196:32 pm F 4-0 Lost Sox  Dragons   Flaming Eagles
Mon5/6/20196:33 pm F 4-5 Flaming Eagles  Dragons   Flaming Eagles
Mon5/6/20196:34 pm F 4-5 Flaming Eagles  Lost Sox   Flaming Eagles
Mon5/6/20196:35 pm F 3-4 Dragons  Lost Sox   Flaming Eagles
Mon5/13/20196:30 pm F 7-8 Brewins  Belching Frogs   Belching Frogs
Mon5/13/20197:00 pm F 3-4 Lost Sox  Belching Frogs   Belching Frogs
Mon5/13/20197:30 pm F 2-1 Lost Sox  Brewins   Belching Frogs
Mon5/13/20198:00 pm F 1-2 Belching Frogs  Brewins   Belching Frogs
Mon5/13/20198:30 pm F 4-5 Belching Frogs  Lost Sox   Belching Frogs
Mon5/13/201910:00 pm F 3-7 Brewins  Lost Sox   Belching Frogs
Tue5/14/20196:30 pm F 2-7 Country Bumpkins  Possums   Possums
Tue5/14/20196:31 pm F 5-3 Mavericks  Possums   Possums
Tue5/14/20196:32 pm F 2-3 Mavericks  Country Bumpkins   Possums
Tue5/14/20196:33 pm F 0-2 Possums  Country Bumpkins   Possums
Tue5/14/20196:34 pm F 3-5 Possums  Mavericks   Possums
Tue5/14/20196:35 pm F 9-1 Country Bumpkins  Mavericks   Possums
Tue5/21/20196:00 pm F 3-0 Clowns  Mavericks   Mavericks
Tue5/21/20196:01 pm F 6-1 Dragons  Mavericks   Mavericks
Tue5/21/20196:02 pm F 2-1 Dragons  Clowns   Mavericks
Tue5/21/20196:03 pm F 1-5 Mavericks  Clowns   Mavericks
Tue5/21/20196:04 pm F 1-2 Mavericks  Dragons   Mavericks
Tue5/21/20196:05 pm F 1-2 Clowns  Dragons   Mavericks
Tue5/21/20196:30 pm F 1-2 Possums  MudHens   Mud Hens
Tue5/21/20196:31 pm F 1-2 Vixens  MudHens   Mud Hens
Tue5/21/20196:32 pm F 3-5 Vixens  Possums   Mud Hens
Tue5/21/20196:33 pm F 4-3 MudHens  Possums   Mud Hens
Tue5/21/20196:34 pm F 1-9 MudHens  Vixens   Mud Hens
Tue5/21/20196:35 pm F 5-7 Possums  Vixens   Mavericks
Thu5/23/20196:30 pm F 0-4 Arctic Toucans  Lunatics   Lunatics
Thu5/23/20197:00 pm F 4-5 Flaming Eagles  Lunatics   Lunatics
Thu5/23/20197:30 pm F 2-9 Flaming Eagles  Arctic Toucans   Lunatics
Thu5/23/20198:00 pm F 3-6 Lunatics  Arctic Toucans   Lunatics
Thu5/23/20198:30 pm F 4-2 Lunatics  Flaming Eagles   Lunatics
Thu5/23/20199:00 pm F 8-9 Arctic Toucans  Flaming Eagles   Lunatics
Tue5/28/20196:30 pm F 11-1 Mavericks  Vixens   Vixens
Tue5/28/20197:15 pm F 3-2 Flaming Eagles  Vixens   Vixens
Tue5/28/20198:00 pm F 4-5 Flaming Eagles  Mavericks   Vixens
Tue5/28/20198:45 pm F 4-7 Vixens  Mavericks   Vixens
Tue5/28/20199:30 pm F 5-2 Vixens  Flaming Eagles   Vixens
Tue5/28/201910:15 pm F 2-5 Mavericks  Flaming Eagles   Vixens
Wed5/29/20196:00 pm F 9-8 Mavericks  MudHens   Mud Hens
Wed5/29/20196:30 pm F 2-3 Brewins  MudHens   Mud Hens
Wed5/29/20197:00 pm F 2-3 Brewins  Mavericks   Mud Hens
Wed5/29/20197:30 pm F 2-3 MudHens  Mavericks   Mud Hens
Wed5/29/20198:00 pm F 1-0 MudHens  Brewins   Mud Hens
Wed5/29/20198:30 pm F 4-3 Mavericks  Brewins   Mud Hens
Mon6/3/20196:30 pm F 4-3 Belching Frogs  Brewins   Brewins
Mon6/3/20196:35 pm F 2-3 Arctic Toucans  Brewins   Brewins
Mon6/3/20196:40 pm F 2-9 Arctic Toucans  Belching Frogs   Brewins
Mon6/3/20196:45 pm F 3-1 Brewins  Belching Frogs   Brewins
Mon6/3/20196:50 pm F 3-4 Brewins  Arctic Toucans   Brewins
Mon6/3/20196:55 pm F 2-6 Belching Frogs  Arctic Toucans   Brewins
Wed6/5/20196:30 pm F 1-0 Dragons  Vixens   Vixens
Wed6/5/20197:15 pm F 8-6 Country Bumpkins  Vixens   Vixens
Wed6/5/20198:00 pm F 6-3 Country Bumpkins  Dragons   Vixens
Wed6/5/20198:45 pm F 4-20 Vixens  Dragons   Vixens
Wed6/5/20199:30 pm F 1-8 Vixens  Country Bumpkins   Vixens
Wed6/5/201910:15 pm TBPN/RDragons  Country Bumpkins   Vixens
Wed6/12/20196:30 pm F 1-4 Vixens  Brewins   Brewins
Wed6/12/20196:35 pm F 3-5 Dragons  Brewins   Brewins
Wed6/12/20196:40 pm F 6-3 Dragons  Vixens   Brewins
Wed6/12/20196:45 pm F 4-5 Brewins  Vixens   Brewins
Wed6/12/20196:50 pm F 5-2 Brewins  Dragons   Brewins
Wed6/12/20196:55 pm F 2-7 Vixens  Dragons   Brewins
Mon6/17/20196:30 pm F 7-4 Belching Frogs  Lunatics   Lunatics
Mon6/17/20197:00 pm F 5-0 Dragons  Lunatics   Lunatics
Mon6/17/20197:30 pm F 9-6 Dragons  Belching Frogs   Lunatics
Mon6/17/20198:00 pm F 5-6 Lunatics  Belching Frogs   Lunatics
Mon6/17/20198:30 pm F 4-5 Lunatics  Dragons   Lunatics
Mon6/17/20199:00 pm F 1-2 Belching Frogs  Dragons   Lunatics
Tue6/18/20196:30 pm F 10-6 Lunatics  Vixens   Vixens
Tue6/18/20197:15 pm F 4-7 Clowns  Vixens   Vixens
Tue6/18/20198:00 pm F 3-2 Clowns  Lunatics   Vixens
Tue6/18/20198:45 pm F 7-5 Vixens  Lunatics   Vixens
Tue6/18/20199:30 pm F 0-7 Vixens  Clowns   Vixens
Tue6/18/201910:15 pm F 3-5 Lunatics  Clowns   Vixens
Thu6/27/20196:01 pm F 4-7 Belching Frogs  Clowns   Clowns
Thu6/27/20196:02 pm F 2-4 Country Bumpkins  Clowns   Clowns
Thu6/27/20196:03 pm F 3-2 Country Bumpkins  Belching Frogs   Clowns
Thu6/27/20196:04 pm F 3-1 Clowns  Belching Frogs   Clowns
Thu6/27/20196:05 pm F 2-3 Clowns  Country Bumpkins   Clowns
Thu6/27/20196:06 pm F 2-8 Belching Frogs  Country Bumpkins   Clowns
Wed7/3/20196:00 pm PPDN/RDragons  MudHens   Mud Hens
Wed7/3/20196:30 pm PPDN/RFlaming Eagles  MudHens   Mud Hens
Wed7/3/20197:00 pm PPDN/RFlaming Eagles  Dragons   Mud Hens
Wed7/3/20197:30 pm PPDN/RMudHens  Dragons   Mud Hens
Wed7/3/20198:00 pm PPDN/RMudHens  Flaming Eagles   Mud Hens
Wed7/3/20198:30 pm PPDN/RDragons  Flaming Eagles   Mud Hens
Thu7/4/20196:30 pm F 0-1 Lunatics  Brewins   Mavericks
Thu7/4/20196:35 pm F 2-3 Mavericks  Brewins   Mavericks
Thu7/4/20196:40 pm F 1-4 Mavericks  Lunatics   Mavericks
Thu7/4/20196:45 pm F 6-3 Brewins  Lunatics   Mavericks
Thu7/4/20196:50 pm F 4-5 Brewins  Mavericks   Mavericks
Thu7/4/20196:55 pm F 2-1 Lunatics  Mavericks   Mavericks
Thu7/11/20196:01 pm PPDN/RLost Sox  Clowns   Clowns
Thu7/11/20196:02 pm PPDN/RLunatics  Clowns   Clowns
Thu7/11/20196:03 pm PPDN/RLunatics  Lost Sox   Clowns
Thu7/11/20196:04 pm PPDN/RClowns  Lost Sox   Clowns
Thu7/11/20196:05 pm PPDN/RClowns  Lunatics   Clowns
Thu7/11/20196:06 pm PPDN/RLost Sox  Lunatics   Clowns
Tue7/16/20196:31 pm F 8-9 Vixens  Arctic Toucans   Arctic Toucans
Tue7/16/20196:32 pm F 0-1 MudHens  Arctic Toucans   Arctic Toucans
Tue7/16/20196:33 pm F 5-6 MudHens  Vixens   Arctic Toucans
Tue7/16/20196:34 pm F 10-4 Arctic Toucans  Vixens   Arctic Toucans
Tue7/16/20196:35 pm F 7-4 Arctic Toucans  MudHens   Arctic Toucans
Tue7/16/20196:36 pm F 2-4 Vixens  MudHens   Arctic Toucans
Thu7/18/20196:30 pm F 5-1 Clowns  Brewins   Brewins
Thu7/18/20196:35 pm F 3-4 Possums  Brewins   Brewins
Thu7/18/20196:40 pm F 8-0 Possums  Clowns   Brewins
Thu7/18/20196:45 pm F 2-3 Brewins  Clowns   Brewins
Thu7/18/20196:50 pm F 3-2 Brewins  Possums   Brewins
Thu7/18/20196:55 pm F 3-5 Clowns  Possums   Brewins
Tue7/30/20196:31 pm F 0-2 Clowns  Arctic Toucans   Arctic Toucans
Tue7/30/20196:32 pm F 5-3 Mavericks  Arctic Toucans   Arctic Toucans
Tue7/30/20196:33 pm F 2-10 Mavericks  Clowns   Arctic Toucans
Tue7/30/20196:34 pm F 4-1 Arctic Toucans  Clowns   Arctic Toucans
Tue7/30/20196:35 pm F 7-1 Arctic Toucans  Mavericks   Arctic Toucans
Tue7/30/20196:36 pm F 3-0 Clowns  Mavericks   Arctic Toucans
Mon8/5/20196:31 pm F 1-7 Lost Sox  Arctic Toucans   Arctic Toucans
Mon8/5/20196:32 pm F 1-0 Belching Frogs  Arctic Toucans   Arctic Toucans
Mon8/5/20196:33 pm F 0-5 Belching Frogs  Lost Sox   Arctic Toucans
Mon8/5/20196:34 pm F 2-3 Arctic Toucans  Lost Sox   Arctic Toucans
Mon8/5/20196:35 pm F 0-1 Arctic Toucans  Belching Frogs   Arctic Toucans
Mon8/5/20196:36 pm F 0-7 Lost Sox  Belching Frogs   Arctic Toucans
Wed8/7/20195:30 pm F 4-2 Dragons  Country Bumpkins   Dragons
Wed8/7/20196:30 pm F 1-3 Country Bumpkins  Dragons   Dragons
Wed8/7/20197:10 pm F 1-2 Brewins  Dragons   Dragons
Wed8/7/20197:50 pm F 9-1 Brewins  Country Bumpkins   Dragons
Wed8/7/20198:30 pm F 5-6 Dragons  Country Bumpkins   Dragons
Wed8/7/20199:10 pm F 5-3 Dragons  Brewins   Dragons
Tue8/13/20196:30 pm F 2-1 Lost Sox  Dragons   Dragons
Tue8/13/20197:10 pm F 2-1 MudHens  Dragons   Dragons
Tue8/13/20197:50 pm F 2-6 MudHens  Lost Sox   Dragons
Tue8/13/20198:30 pm F 4-3 Dragons  Lost Sox   Dragons
Tue8/13/20199:10 pm F 4-3 Dragons  MudHens   Dragons
Tue8/13/20199:50 pm F 5-1 Lost Sox  MudHens   Dragons
Thu8/15/201911:45 am F 4-1 Country Bumpkins  Brewins   Dragons
Fri8/16/20196:30 pm F 5-3 MudHens  Lunatics   Lunatics
Fri8/16/20197:00 pm F 4-6 Brewins  Lunatics   Lunatics
Fri8/16/20197:30 pm F 6-3 Brewins  MudHens   Lunatics
Fri8/16/20198:00 pm F 1-0 Lunatics  MudHens   Lunatics
Fri8/16/20198:30 pm F 6-1 Lunatics  Brewins   Lunatics
Fri8/16/20199:00 pm F 2-5 MudHens  Brewins   Lunatics
Wed9/4/20196:30 pm F 6-12 MudHens  Country Bumpkins   Country Bumpkins
Wed9/4/20196:31 pm F 5-9 Clowns  Country Bumpkins   Country Bumpkins
Wed9/4/20196:32 pm F 2-1 Clowns  MudHens   Country Bumpkins
Wed9/4/20196:33 pm F 6-3 Country Bumpkins  MudHens   Country Bumpkins
Wed9/4/20196:34 pm F 2-5 Country Bumpkins  Clowns   Country Bumpkins
Wed9/4/20196:35 pm F 14-5 MudHens  Clowns   Country Bumpkins
Thu9/5/20195:00 pm F 2-18 Arctic Toucans  Dragons   Dragons
Thu9/5/20195:40 pm F 3-2 Mavericks  Dragons   Dragons
Thu9/5/20196:20 pm F 6-5 Mavericks  Arctic Toucans   Dragons
Thu9/5/20197:00 pm F 3-5 Dragons  Arctic Toucans   Dragons
Thu9/5/20197:40 pm F 9-4 Dragons  Mavericks   Dragons
Thu9/5/20198:20 pm F 9-1 Arctic Toucans  Mavericks   Dragons
Tue9/10/20196:30 pm F 7-4 Brewins  Country Bumpkins   Country Bumpkins
Tue9/10/20197:10 pm F 5-9 Vixens  Country Bumpkins   Country Bumpkins
Tue9/10/20197:50 pm F 5-7 Vixens  Brewins   Country Bumpkins
Tue9/10/20198:30 pm F 2-1 Country Bumpkins  Brewins   Country Bumpkins
Tue9/10/20199:10 pm F 12-5 Country Bumpkins  Vixens   Country Bumpkins
Tue9/10/20199:50 pm F 0-2 Brewins  Vixens   Country Bumpkins
Fri9/13/20196:30 pm F 2-1 Dragons  Belching Frogs   Belching Frogs
Fri9/13/20197:00 pm F 3-6 Possums  Belching Frogs   Belching Frogs
Fri9/13/20197:45 pm F 5-2 Possums  Dragons   Belching Frogs
Fri9/13/20198:30 pm F 5-2 Belching Frogs  Dragons   Belching Frogs
Fri9/13/20199:00 pm F 9-0 Belching Frogs  Possums   Belching Frogs
Fri9/13/201910:00 pm F 3-0 Dragons  Possums   Belching Frogs
Mon9/16/20196:30 pm F 4-1 Vixens  Lost Sox   Lost Sox
Mon9/16/20197:00 pm F 1-2 Clowns  Lost Sox   Lost Sox
Mon9/16/20198:00 pm F 1-2 Clowns  Vixens   Lost Sox
Mon9/16/20199:00 pm F 1-5 Lost Sox  Vixens   Lost Sox
Mon9/16/201910:00 pm F 6-7 Lost Sox  Clowns   Lost Sox
Mon9/16/201911:00 pm F 3-0 Vixens  Clowns   Lost Sox
Tue9/17/20195:30 pm F 5-3 Mavericks  Belching Frogs   Belching Frogs
Tue9/17/20196:15 pm F 0-1 Vixens  Belching Frogs   Belching Frogs
Tue9/17/20197:00 pm F 8-2 Vixens  Mavericks   Belching Frogs
Tue9/17/20197:45 pm F 4-5 Belching Frogs  Mavericks   Belching Frogs
Tue9/17/20198:30 pm F 3-4 Belching Frogs  Vixens   Belching Frogs
Tue9/17/20199:00 pm F 4-7 Mavericks  Vixens   Belching Frogs
Mon9/23/20196:30 pm F 3-1 Flaming Eagles  Possums   Possums
Mon9/23/20196:31 pm F 1-3 Brewins  Possums   Possums
Mon9/23/20196:32 pm F 3-7 Brewins  Flaming Eagles   Possums
Mon9/23/20196:33 pm F 6-1 Possums  Flaming Eagles   Possums
Mon9/23/20196:34 pm F 7-1 Possums  Brewins   Possums
Mon9/23/20196:35 pm F 3-7 Flaming Eagles  Brewins   Possums
Wed9/25/20196:30 pm F 2-4 Clowns  MudHens   Mud Hens
Wed9/25/20197:00 pm F 4-1 Belching Frogs  MudHens   Mud Hens
Wed9/25/20197:30 pm F 10-4 Belching Frogs  Clowns   Mud Hens
Wed9/25/20198:00 pm F 1-2 MudHens  Clowns   Mud Hens
Wed9/25/20198:30 pm F 5-2 MudHens  Belching Frogs   Mud Hens
Wed9/25/20199:00 pm F 3-7 Clowns  Belching Frogs   Mud Hens
Mon9/30/20196:30 pm F 4-6 Belching Frogs  Flaming Eagles   Flaming Eagles
Mon9/30/20196:31 pm F 12-8 Vixens  Flaming Eagles   Flaming Eagles
Mon9/30/20196:32 pm F 5-2 Vixens  Belching Frogs   Flaming Eagles
Mon9/30/20196:33 pm F 1-3 Flaming Eagles  Belching Frogs   Flaming Eagles
Mon9/30/20196:34 pm F 7-5 Flaming Eagles  Vixens   Flaming Eagles
Mon9/30/20196:35 pm F 5-13 Belching Frogs  Vixens   Flaming Eagles
Tue10/1/20196:30 pm F 3-10 Possums  Dragons   Dragons
Tue10/1/20197:10 pm F 2-6 Lunatics  Dragons   Dragons
Tue10/1/20197:50 pm F 8-3 Lunatics  Possums   Dragons
Tue10/1/20198:30 pm F 2-8 Dragons  Possums   Dragons
Tue10/1/20199:10 pm F 4-3 Dragons  Lunatics   Dragons
Tue10/1/20199:50 pm F 4-5 Possums  Lunatics   Dragons
Mon10/7/20196:01 pm F 6-7 Flaming Eagles  Clowns   Clowns
Mon10/7/20196:02 pm F 2-1 Possums  Clowns   Clowns
Mon10/7/20196:03 pm F 0-5 Possums  Flaming Eagles   Clowns
Mon10/7/20196:04 pm F 5-3 Clowns  Flaming Eagles   Clowns
Mon10/7/20196:05 pm F 7-2 Clowns  Possums   Clowns
Mon10/7/20196:06 pm F 10-4 Flaming Eagles  Possums   Clowns
Thu10/10/20196:31 pm F 7-2 Flaming Eagles  Arctic Toucans   Arctic Toucans
Thu10/10/20196:32 pm F 0-1 Country Bumpkins  Arctic Toucans   Arctic Toucans
Thu10/10/20196:33 pm F 0-2 Country Bumpkins  Flaming Eagles   Arctic Toucans
Thu10/10/20196:34 pm F 4-1 Arctic Toucans  Flaming Eagles   Arctic Toucans
Thu10/10/20196:35 pm F 7-8 Arctic Toucans  Country Bumpkins   Arctic Toucans
Thu10/10/20196:36 pm F 3-6 Flaming Eagles  Country Bumpkins   Arctic Toucans
Wed10/16/20196:30 pm F 3-0 Dragons  MudHens   Mud Hens
Wed10/16/20197:00 pm F 2-9 Flaming Eagles  MudHens   Mud Hens
Wed10/16/20197:30 pm F 7-4 Flaming Eagles  Dragons   Mud Hens
Wed10/16/20198:00 pm F 5-6 MudHens  Dragons   Mud Hens
Wed10/16/20198:30 pm F 4-0 MudHens  Flaming Eagles   Mud Hens
Wed10/16/20199:00 pm F 1-2 Dragons  Flaming Eagles   Mud Hens
Thu10/17/20196:30 pm F 3-4 Mavericks  Country Bumpkins   Country Bumpkins
Thu10/17/20197:00 pm F 8-4 Lost Sox  Country Bumpkins   Country Bumpkins
Thu10/17/20197:30 pm F 4-5 Lost Sox  Mavericks   Country Bumpkins
Thu10/17/20198:00 pm F 1-2 Country Bumpkins  Mavericks   Country Bumpkins
Thu10/17/20198:30 pm F 7-9 Country Bumpkins  Lost Sox   Country Bumpkins
Thu10/17/20199:00 pm F 4-1 Mavericks  Lost Sox   Country Bumpkins
Mon10/28/20196:30 pm F 0-1 Lost Sox  Mavericks   Mavericks
Mon10/28/20196:31 pm F 5-1 Possums  Mavericks   Mavericks
Mon10/28/20196:32 pm F 3-0 Possums  Lost Sox   Mavericks
Mon10/28/20196:33 pm F 11-0 Mavericks  Lost Sox   Mavericks
Mon10/28/20196:34 pm F 7-2 Mavericks  Possums   Mavericks
Mon10/28/20196:35 pm F 5-2 Lost Sox  Possums   Mavericks
Tue11/5/20196:30 pm CAN 0-0 MudHens  Possums   Possums
Tue11/5/20196:31 pm CAN 0-0 Arctic Toucans  Possums   Possums
Tue11/5/20196:32 pm CAN 0-0 Arctic Toucans  MudHens   Possums
Tue11/5/20196:33 pm CAN 0-0 Possums  MudHens   Possums
Tue11/5/20196:34 pm CAN 0-0 Possums  Arctic Toucans   Possums
Tue11/5/20196:35 pm CAN 0-0 MudHens  Arctic Toucans   Possums
Mon11/11/20196:01 pm TBPN/RLost Sox  Clowns   Clowns
Mon11/11/20196:02 pm TBPN/RLunatics  Clowns   Clowns
Mon11/11/20196:03 pm TBPN/RLunatics  Lost Sox   Clowns
Mon11/11/20196:04 pm TBPN/RClowns  Lost Sox   Clowns
Mon11/11/20196:05 pm TBPN/RClowns  Lunatics   Clowns
Mon11/11/20196:06 pm TBPN/RLost Sox  Lunatics   Clowns
Tue11/12/20196:30 pm F 7-0 Country Bumpkins  Belching Frogs   Belching Frogs
Tue11/12/20197:15 pm F 6-4 MudHens  Belching Frogs   Belching Frogs
Tue11/12/20198:00 pm F 2-7 MudHens  Country Bumpkins   Belching Frogs
Tue11/12/20198:45 pm F 1-12 Belching Frogs  Country Bumpkins   Belching Frogs
Tue11/12/20199:30 pm F 9-4 Belching Frogs  MudHens   Belching Frogs
Tue11/12/201910:15 pm F 4-3 Country Bumpkins  MudHens   Belching Frogs
Tue11/19/20196:30 pm F 2-1 MudHens  Possums   Possums
Tue11/19/20196:31 pm F 4-5 Arctic Toucans  Possums   Possums
Tue11/19/20196:32 pm F 1-2 Arctic Toucans  MudHens   Possums
Tue11/19/20196:33 pm F 8-4 Possums  MudHens   Possums
Tue11/19/20196:34 pm F 2-5 Possums  Arctic Toucans   Possums
Tue11/19/20196:35 pm F 4-5 MudHens  Arctic Toucans   Possums
Thu11/21/20196:00 pm TBPN/RBrewins  Lost Sox   Lost Sox
Thu11/21/20197:00 pm TBPN/RArctic Toucans  Lost Sox   Lost Sox
Thu11/21/20198:00 pm TBPN/RArctic Toucans  Brewins   Lost Sox
Thu11/21/20199:00 pm TBPN/RLost Sox  Brewins   Lost Sox
Thu11/21/201910:00 pm TBPN/RLost Sox  Arctic Toucans   Lost Sox
Thu11/21/201911:00 pm TBPN/RBrewins  Arctic Toucans   Lost Sox
Mon11/25/20196:00 pm TBPLost Sox  Clowns   Clowns
Mon11/25/20197:00 pm TBPLunatics  Clowns   Clowns
Mon11/25/20198:00 pm TBPLunatics  Lost Sox   Clowns
Mon11/25/20199:00 pm TBPClowns  Lost Sox   Clowns
Mon11/25/201910:00 pm TBPClowns  Lunatics   Clowns
Mon11/25/201911:00 pm TBPLost Sox  Lunatics   Clowns
Fri11/29/20196:00 pm TBPPossums  Lost Sox   Lost Sox
Fri11/29/20197:00 pm TBPCountry Bumpkins  Lost Sox   Lost Sox
Fri11/29/20198:00 pm TBPCountry Bumpkins  Possums   Lost Sox
Fri11/29/20199:00 pm TBPLost Sox  Possums   Lost Sox
Fri11/29/201910:00 pm TBPLost Sox  Country Bumpkins   Lost Sox
Fri11/29/201911:00 pm TBPPossums  Country Bumpkins   Lost Sox
Thu12/12/20196:30 pm TBPArctic Toucans  Country Bumpkins   Country Bumpkins
Thu12/12/20197:00 pm TBPLunatics  Country Bumpkins   Country Bumpkins
Thu12/12/20197:30 pm TBPLunatics  Arctic Toucans   Country Bumpkins
Thu12/12/20198:00 pm TBPCountry Bumpkins  Arctic Toucans   Country Bumpkins
Thu12/12/20198:30 pm TBPCountry Bumpkins  Lunatics   Country Bumpkins
Thu12/12/20199:00 pm TBPArctic Toucans  Lunatics   Country Bumpkins

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