Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Fri12/7/20186:00 pm F 30-47 Gary Gluber  No Cap   LMK A Gym
Fri12/7/20186:45 pm F 21-25 Brick Squad  Radoes   LMK A Gym
Fri12/7/20187:30 pm F 31-14 Slime Time  Grasshoppers   LMK A Gym
Fri12/7/20188:15 pm F 38-34 Matzah Ballers  Pile Drivers   LMK A Gym
Fri12/7/20189:00 pm F 33-32 The Goons  The Godfather's   LMK A Gym
Mon12/10/20186:00 pm F 43-28 OG Gators  Average Joe's   LMK A Gym
Mon12/10/20186:45 pm F 34-44 Radoes  No Cap   LMK A Gym
Mon12/10/20187:30 pm F 46-32 Gary Gluber  The Goons   LMK A Gym
Mon12/10/20188:15 pm F 36-33 Pile Drivers  Slime Time   LMK A Gym
Mon12/10/20189:00 pm F 27-43 Grasshoppers  Brick Squad   LMK A Gym
Fri12/14/20186:00 pm F 33-36 The Godfather's  OG Gators   LMK A Gym
Fri12/14/20186:45 pm F 24-17 Average Joe's  Matzah Ballers   LMK A Gym
Fri12/14/20187:30 pm F 35-26 Brick Squad  Pile Drivers   LMK A Gym
Fri12/14/20188:15 pm F 25-19 Gary Gluber  Radoes   LMK A Gym
Fri12/14/20189:00 pm F 63-17 No Cap  Grasshoppers   LMK A Gym
Mon12/17/20186:00 pm F 42-16 Matzah Ballers  The Godfather's   LMK A Gym
Mon12/17/20186:45 pm F 55-15 OG Gators  The Goons   LMK A Gym
Mon12/17/20187:30 pm F 21-29 Slime Time  Average Joe's   LMK A Gym
Mon12/17/20188:15 pm F 32-28 Pile Drivers  Grasshoppers   LMK A Gym
Fri1/4/20196:00 pm F 32-36 The Godfather's  No Cap   LMK A Gym
Fri1/4/20196:45 pm F 52-26 Average Joe's  Radoes   LMK A Gym
Fri1/4/20197:30 pm F 35-34 Gary Gluber  Matzah Ballers   LMK A Gym
Fri1/4/20198:15 pm F 57-36 OG Gators  Slime Time   LMK A Gym
Fri1/4/20199:00 pm F 47-28 The Goons  Brick Squad   LMK A Gym
Mon1/7/20196:00 pm F 39-43 Radoes  The Godfather's   LMK A Gym
Mon1/7/20196:45 pm F 21-32 No Cap  The Goons   LMK A Gym
Mon1/7/20197:30 pm F 21-28 Brick Squad  OG Gators   LMK A Gym
Mon1/7/20198:15 pm F 26-45 Slime Time  Matzah Ballers   LMK A Gym
Mon1/7/20199:00 pm F 18-39 Pile Drivers  Gary Gluber   LMK A Gym
Mon1/14/20196:00 pm F 19-51 Grasshoppers  Average Joe's   LMK A Gym
Mon1/14/20196:45 pm F 31-33 Slime Time  No Cap   LMK A Gym
Mon1/14/20197:30 pm F 24-28 Matzah Ballers  Radoes   LMK A Gym
Mon1/14/20198:15 pm F 42-35 The Goons  Pile Drivers   LMK A Gym
Mon1/14/20199:00 pm F 27-43 The Godfather's  Average Joe's   LMK A Gym
Fri1/18/20196:00 pm F 34-13 OG Gators  Grasshoppers   LMK A Gym
Fri1/18/20196:45 pm F 44-45 Gary Gluber  Brick Squad   LMK A Gym
Fri1/18/20197:30 pm F 24-43 The Goons  Average Joe's   LMK A Gym
Fri1/18/20198:15 pm F 31-28 Radoes  Slime Time   LMK A Gym
Fri1/18/20199:00 pm F 31-18 No Cap  Matzah Ballers   LMK A Gym
Mon1/28/20196:45 pm F 23-35 The Godfather's  Gary Gluber   LMK A Gym
Mon1/28/20197:30 pm F 37-56 Pile Drivers  OG Gators   LMK A Gym
Mon1/28/20198:15 pm F 18-44 Grasshoppers  Matzah Ballers   LMK A Gym
Mon1/28/20199:00 pm F 24-22 Brick Squad  Slime Time   LMK A Gym
Mon2/4/20196:00 pm F 14-42 Grasshoppers  The Goons   LMK A Gym
Mon2/4/20196:45 pm F 36-37 Radoes  OG Gators   LMK A Gym
Mon2/4/20197:30 pm F 30-42 Gary Gluber  Average Joe's   LMK A Gym
Mon2/4/20198:15 pm F 39-42 Pile Drivers  The Godfather's   LMK A Gym
Mon2/4/20199:00 pm F 48-31 No Cap  Brick Squad   LMK A Gym
Fri2/8/20196:45 pm F 36-39 Radoes  OG Gators   LMK A Gym
Fri2/8/20197:30 pm F 17-24 Gary Gluber  The Goons   LMK A Gym
Fri2/8/20198:15 pm F 43-22 Average Joe's  Matzah Ballers   LMK A Gym
Fri2/8/20199:00 pm F 41-23 No Cap  Brick Squad   LMK A Gym
Mon2/11/20196:30 pm F 43-31 The Goons  OG Gators   LMK A Gym
Mon2/11/20197:15 pm F 24-43 Average Joe's  No Cap   LMK A Gym
Mon2/11/20198:15 pm F 42-29 The Goons  No Cap   LMK A Gym

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