Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Wed9/19/20187:30 pm F 3-4 Krown Kings  MFM Old Saints   Magna - Hyundai
Wed9/19/20188:30 pm F 3-2 Bleed Blue  North Toronto Auction   Magna - Hyundai
Wed9/19/20189:30 pm F 0-7 Lumberjacks  Fighting Irish   Magna - Hyundai
Wed9/19/201810:30 pm F 0-4 FIT Physio  Boston Pizza   Magna - Hyundai
Thu9/20/20189:00 pm F 7-0 Hackers  Purple Helmets   Magna - Forhan
Thu9/20/20189:30 pm F 3-3 Greybeerds  Newmarket Old Chiefs   Magna - Hyundai
Thu9/20/201810:00 pm F 6-0 Jokers  Morning Woods   Magna - Forhan
Thu9/20/201810:15 pm F 1-3 Screamin' Pylons  Market Brewing Company   Magna - Honda
Thu9/20/201810:30 pm F 6-2 Flying Fossils  Smith Rogers Financial   Magna - Hyundai
Thu9/20/201811:00 pm F 2-2 Exterminators  Bench Warmers   Magna - Forhan
Wed9/26/20187:30 pm F 1-4 Bleed Blue  Market Brewing Company   Magna - Hyundai
Wed9/26/20188:30 pm F 9-2 Jokers  Smith Rogers Financial   Magna - Hyundai
Wed9/26/20189:30 pm F 2-6 MFM Old Saints  Greybeerds   Magna - Hyundai
Wed9/26/201810:30 pm F 7-2 Krown Kings  North Toronto Auction   Magna - Hyundai
Thu9/27/20189:00 pm F 2-8 Bench Warmers  Fighting Irish   Magna - Forhan
Thu9/27/20189:30 pm F 1-5 FIT Physio  Exterminators   Magna - Hyundai
Thu9/27/201810:00 pm F 5-2 Hackers  Boston Pizza   Magna - Forhan
Thu9/27/201810:15 pm F 8-2 Flying Fossils  Lumberjacks   Magna - Honda
Thu9/27/201810:30 pm F 6-0 Morning Woods  Purple Helmets   Magna - Hyundai
Thu9/27/201811:00 pm F 7-5 Newmarket Old Chiefs  Screamin' Pylons   Magna - Forhan
Wed10/3/20187:30 pm F 5-3 Morning Woods  FIT Physio   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/3/20188:30 pm F 3-3 Market Brewing Company  MFM Old Saints   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/3/20189:30 pm F 7-3 Boston Pizza  Lumberjacks   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/3/201810:30 pm F 2-3 Greybeerds  Bleed Blue   Magna - Hyundai
Thu10/4/20189:00 pm F 2-6 Screamin' Pylons  Krown Kings   Magna - Forhan
Thu10/4/20189:30 pm F 2-2 Hackers  Bench Warmers   Magna - Hyundai
Thu10/4/201810:00 pm F 2-8 North Toronto Auction  Newmarket Old Chiefs   Magna - Forhan
Thu10/4/201810:15 pm F 4-0 Fighting Irish  Purple Helmets   Magna - Honda
Thu10/4/201810:30 pm F 0-9 Smith Rogers Financial  Exterminators   Magna - Hyundai
Thu10/4/201811:00 pm F 0-1 Flying Fossils  Jokers   Magna - Forhan
Wed10/10/20187:30 pm F 6-0 Fighting Irish  Smith Rogers Financial   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/10/20188:30 pm F 2-7 Greybeerds  Krown Kings   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/10/20189:30 pm F 7-2 Bleed Blue  Screamin' Pylons   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/10/201810:30 pm F 6-0 Market Brewing Company  North Toronto Auction   Magna - Hyundai
Thu10/11/20189:00 pm F 5-1 Jokers  Hackers   Magna - Forhan
Thu10/11/20189:30 pm F 7-2 Flying Fossils  Morning Woods   Magna - Hyundai
Thu10/11/201810:00 pm F 1-8 Boston Pizza  Exterminators   Magna - Forhan
Thu10/11/201810:15 pm F 4-1 FIT Physio  Purple Helmets   Magna - Honda
Thu10/11/201810:30 pm F 4-6 Bench Warmers  Lumberjacks   Magna - Hyundai
Thu10/11/201811:00 pm F 5-3 Newmarket Old Chiefs  MFM Old Saints   Magna - Forhan
Wed10/17/20187:30 pm F 5-8 North Toronto Auction  MFM Old Saints   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/17/20188:30 pm F 5-3 Bleed Blue  Newmarket Old Chiefs   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/17/20189:30 pm F 0-3 Market Brewing Company  Krown Kings   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/17/201810:30 pm F 5-5 Morning Woods  Boston Pizza   Magna - Hyundai
Thu10/18/20189:00 pm F 2-4 Flying Fossils  Fighting Irish   Magna - Forhan
Thu10/18/20189:30 pm F 5-2 Jokers  Lumberjacks   Magna - Hyundai
Thu10/18/201810:00 pm F 2-4 Purple Helmets  Smith Rogers Financial   Magna - Forhan
Thu10/18/201810:15 pm F 4-2 FIT Physio  Bench Warmers   Magna - Honda
Thu10/18/201810:30 pm F 0-4 Screamin' Pylons  Greybeerds   Magna - Hyundai
Thu10/18/201811:00 pm F 1-7 Hackers  Exterminators   Magna - Forhan
Wed10/24/20187:30 pm F 2-7 Greybeerds  Market Brewing Company   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/24/20188:30 pm F 3-5 FIT Physio  Fighting Irish   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/24/20189:30 pm F 1-2 Smith Rogers Financial  Morning Woods   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/24/201810:30 pm F 4-6 Bleed Blue  MFM Old Saints   Magna - Hyundai
Thu10/25/20189:00 pm F 2-6 North Toronto Auction  Screamin' Pylons   Magna - Forhan
Thu10/25/20189:30 pm F 1-0 Exterminators  Flying Fossils   Magna - Hyundai
Thu10/25/201810:00 pm F 1-6 Lumberjacks  Hackers   Magna - Forhan
Thu10/25/201810:15 pm F 4-1 Jokers  Boston Pizza   Magna - Honda
Thu10/25/201810:30 pm F 2-2 Newmarket Old Chiefs  Krown Kings   Magna - Hyundai
Thu10/25/201811:00 pm F 3-6 Purple Helmets  Bench Warmers   Magna - Forhan
Wed10/31/20187:30 pm F 4-7 Boston Pizza  Fighting Irish   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/31/20188:30 pm F 4-1 Smith Rogers Financial  FIT Physio   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/31/20189:30 pm F 4-4 Greybeerds  North Toronto Auction   Magna - Hyundai
Wed10/31/201810:30 pm F 0-7 Bleed Blue  Krown Kings   Magna - Hyundai
Thu11/1/20188:00 pm F 7-9 Bench Warmers  Jokers   Pickering College
Thu11/1/20189:00 pm F 1-1 Market Brewing Company  Newmarket Old Chiefs   Magna - Forhan
Thu11/1/20189:00 pm F 1-7 Purple Helmets  Flying Fossils   Pickering College
Thu11/1/20189:30 pm F 2-3 Morning Woods  Hackers   Magna - Hyundai
Thu11/1/201810:00 pm F 3-6 Lumberjacks  Exterminators   Magna - Forhan
Thu11/1/201810:30 pm F 6-2 MFM Old Saints  Screamin' Pylons   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/7/20187:30 pm F 2-3 Krown Kings  MFM Old Saints   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/7/20188:30 pm F 1-2 Bleed Blue  Market Brewing Company   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/7/20189:30 pm F 3-3 Fighting Irish  Exterminators   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/7/201810:30 pm F 4-1 Morning Woods  FIT Physio   Magna - Hyundai
Thu11/8/20188:00 pm F 3-4 Purple Helmets  Lumberjacks   Pickering College
Thu11/8/20189:00 pm F 7-3 Boston Pizza  Bench Warmers   Magna - Forhan
Thu11/8/20189:00 pm F 5-8 Jokers  Screamin' Pylons   Pickering College
Thu11/8/20189:30 pm F 3-0 Hackers  Smith Rogers Financial   Magna - Hyundai
Thu11/8/201810:00 pm F 3-1 Newmarket Old Chiefs  Greybeerds   Magna - Forhan
Thu11/8/201810:30 pm F 4-6 North Toronto Auction  Flying Fossils   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/14/20187:30 pm F 3-9 Bleed Blue  MFM Old Saints   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/14/20188:30 pm F 5-2 Krown Kings  Newmarket Old Chiefs   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/14/20189:30 pm F 2-2 Market Brewing Company  Greybeerds   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/14/201810:30 pm F 3-8 Lumberjacks  Boston Pizza   Magna - Hyundai
Thu11/15/20188:00 pm F 1-2 Jokers  Flying Fossils   Pickering College
Thu11/15/20189:00 pm F 2-7 FIT Physio  Hackers   Magna - Forhan
Thu11/15/20189:00 pm F 2-1 Exterminators  Screamin' Pylons   Pickering College
Thu11/15/20189:30 pm F 5-9 Purple Helmets  Smith Rogers Financial   Magna - Hyundai
Thu11/15/201810:00 pm F 3-9 Bench Warmers  Morning Woods   Magna - Forhan
Thu11/15/201810:30 pm F 5-4 Fighting Irish  North Toronto Auction   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/21/20187:30 pm F 2-3 Lumberjacks  Morning Woods   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/21/20188:30 pm F 3-1 Bleed Blue  Newmarket Old Chiefs   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/21/20189:30 pm F 5-3 Fighting Irish  Jokers   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/21/201810:30 pm F 2-5 Market Brewing Company  MFM Old Saints   Magna - Hyundai
Thu11/22/20188:00 pm F 2-6 Purple Helmets  Hackers   Pickering College
Thu11/22/20189:00 pm F 9-2 North Toronto Auction  Exterminators   Magna - Forhan
Thu11/22/20189:00 pm F 6-4 Screamin' Pylons  Flying Fossils   Pickering College
Thu11/22/20189:30 pm F 7-2 Boston Pizza  Smith Rogers Financial   Magna - Hyundai
Thu11/22/201810:00 pm F 2-2 FIT Physio  Bench Warmers   Magna - Forhan
Thu11/22/201810:30 pm F 2-1 Krown Kings  Greybeerds   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/28/20187:30 pm F 5-2 Hackers  Jokers   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/28/20188:30 pm F 3-2 Market Brewing Company  Newmarket Old Chiefs   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/28/20189:30 pm F 4-2 Exterminators  North Toronto Auction   Magna - Hyundai
Wed11/28/201810:30 pm F 3-1 Morning Woods  Smith Rogers Financial   Magna - Hyundai
Thu11/29/20188:00 pm F 1-0 Bench Warmers  Purple Helmets   Pickering College
Thu11/29/20189:00 pm F 1-4 Bleed Blue  Krown Kings   Magna - Forhan
Thu11/29/20189:00 pm F 6-2 Screamin' Pylons  Boston Pizza   Pickering College
Thu11/29/20189:30 pm F 3-4 Greybeerds  MFM Old Saints   Magna - Hyundai
Thu11/29/201810:00 pm F 6-3 FIT Physio  Lumberjacks   Magna - Forhan
Thu11/29/201810:30 pm F 6-3 Flying Fossils  Fighting Irish   Magna - Hyundai
Wed12/5/20187:30 pm TBPN/RLumberjacks  Smith Rogers Financial   Magna - Hyundai
Wed12/5/20188:30 pm TBPN/RKrown Kings  Market Brewing Company   Magna - Hyundai
Wed12/5/20189:30 pm TBPN/RMFM Old Saints  Newmarket Old Chiefs   Magna - Hyundai
Wed12/5/201810:30 pm TBPN/RHackers  North Toronto Auction   Magna - Hyundai
Thu12/6/20188:00 pm TBPN/RFIT Physio  Purple Helmets   Pickering College
Thu12/6/20189:00 pm TBPN/RMorning Woods  Bench Warmers   Magna - Forhan
Thu12/6/20189:00 pm TBPN/RScreamin' Pylons  Jokers   Pickering College
Thu12/6/20189:30 pm TBPN/RFighting Irish  Exterminators   Magna - Hyundai
Thu12/6/201810:00 pm TBPN/RBoston Pizza  Flying Fossils   Magna - Forhan
Thu12/6/201810:30 pm TBPN/RGreybeerds  Bleed Blue   Magna - Hyundai
Wed12/12/20187:30 pm TBPN/RBoston Pizza  North Toronto Auction   Magna - Hyundai
Wed12/12/20188:30 pm TBPN/RMorning Woods  FIT Physio   Magna - Hyundai
Wed12/12/20189:30 pm TBPN/RMarket Brewing Company  Bleed Blue   Magna - Hyundai
Wed12/12/201810:30 pm TBPN/RKrown Kings  MFM Old Saints   Magna - Hyundai
Thu12/13/20188:00 pm TBPN/RBench Warmers  Smith Rogers Financial   Pickering College
Thu12/13/20189:00 pm TBPN/RGreybeerds  Newmarket Old Chiefs   Magna - Forhan
Thu12/13/20189:00 pm TBPN/RScreamin' Pylons  Flying Fossils   Pickering College
Thu12/13/20189:30 pm TBPN/RFighting Irish  Hackers   Magna - Hyundai
Thu12/13/201810:00 pm TBPN/RJokers  Exterminators   Magna - Forhan
Thu12/13/201810:30 pm TBPN/RPurple Helmets  Lumberjacks   Magna - Hyundai
Wed12/19/20187:30 pm TBPBleed Blue  MFM Old Saints   Magna - Hyundai
Wed12/19/20188:30 pm TBPMorning Woods  Smith Rogers Financial   Magna - Hyundai
Wed12/19/20189:30 pm TBPKrown Kings  Newmarket Old Chiefs   Magna - Hyundai
Wed12/19/201810:30 pm TBPFighting Irish  Boston Pizza   Magna - Hyundai
Thu12/20/20188:00 pm TBPNorth Toronto Auction  Jokers   Pickering College
Thu12/20/20189:00 pm TBPHackers  Flying Fossils   Magna - Forhan
Thu12/20/20189:00 pm TBPPurple Helmets  Bench Warmers   Pickering College
Thu12/20/20189:30 pm TBPExterminators  Screamin' Pylons   Magna - Hyundai
Thu12/20/201810:00 pm TBPLumberjacks  FIT Physio   Magna - Forhan
Thu12/20/201810:30 pm TBPMarket Brewing Company  Greybeerds   Magna - Hyundai
Wed1/2/20197:30 pm TBPKrown Kings  Greybeerds   Magna - Hyundai
Wed1/2/20198:30 pm TBPLumberjacks  Bench Warmers   Magna - Hyundai
Wed1/2/20199:30 pm TBPMarket Brewing Company  MFM Old Saints   Magna - Hyundai
Wed1/2/201910:30 pm TBPSmith Rogers Financial  FIT Physio   Magna - Hyundai
Thu1/3/20199:30 pm TBPBoston Pizza  Jokers   Magna - Hyundai
Thu1/3/201910:30 pm TBPNorth Toronto Auction  Flying Fossils   Magna - Hyundai
Wed1/9/20199:30 pm TBPScreamin' Pylons  Fighting Irish   Magna - Hyundai
Wed1/9/201910:30 pm TBPBleed Blue  Newmarket Old Chiefs   Magna - Hyundai
Thu1/10/20198:00 pm TBPExterminators  Hackers   Pickering College
Thu1/10/20199:00 pm TBPMorning Woods  Purple Helmets   Pickering College
Wed1/16/20197:30 pm TBPNorth Toronto Auction  Fighting Irish   Magna - Hyundai
Wed1/16/20198:30 pm TBPLumberjacks  Morning Woods   Magna - Hyundai
Wed1/16/20199:30 pm TBPKrown Kings  Bleed Blue   Magna - Hyundai
Wed1/16/201910:30 pm TBPMarket Brewing Company  Newmarket Old Chiefs   Magna - Hyundai
Thu1/17/20198:00 pm TBPScreamin' Pylons  Hackers   Pickering College
Thu1/17/20199:00 pm TBPFIT Physio  Bench Warmers   Magna - Forhan
Thu1/17/20199:00 pm TBPJokers  Flying Fossils   Pickering College
Thu1/17/20199:30 pm TBPPurple Helmets  Smith Rogers Financial   Magna - Hyundai
Thu1/17/201910:00 pm TBPMFM Old Saints  Greybeerds   Magna - Forhan
Thu1/17/201910:30 pm TBPExterminators  Boston Pizza   Magna - Hyundai
Wed1/23/20197:30 pm TBPKrown Kings  Market Brewing Company   Magna - Hyundai
Wed1/23/20198:30 pm TBPMFM Old Saints  Newmarket Old Chiefs   Magna - Hyundai
Wed1/23/20199:30 pm TBPLumberjacks  Smith Rogers Financial   Magna - Hyundai
Wed1/23/201910:30 pm TBPScreamin' Pylons  North Toronto Auction   Magna - Hyundai
Thu1/24/20198:00 pm TBPPurple Helmets  FIT Physio   Pickering College
Thu1/24/20199:00 pm TBPBleed Blue  Greybeerds   Magna - Forhan
Thu1/24/20199:00 pm TBPFlying Fossils  Exterminators   Pickering College
Thu1/24/20199:30 pm TBPBoston Pizza  Hackers   Magna - Hyundai
Thu1/24/201910:00 pm TBPFighting Irish  Jokers   Magna - Forhan
Thu1/24/201910:30 pm TBPMorning Woods  Bench Warmers   Magna - Hyundai

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