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Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Fri11/29/20193:30 pm F 61-67 Msgr. Scanlan  Mesquite Horn   Dallas, TX
Fri11/29/20197:30 pm F 51-83 Fordham  Iona   Iona Prep
Sat11/30/20193:30 pm F 68-58 Msgr. Scanlan  Mansfield Timberview   Dallas, TX
Tue12/3/20195:45 pm F 51-78 Holy Cross  St. Raymond   St. Raymond
Wed12/4/20194:00 pm F 74-53 Hayes  Chaminade   Chaminade
Fri12/6/20194:00 pm F 64-84 Hayes  St. Raymond   St. Raymond
Fri12/6/20194:30 pm F 53-79 Monroe  Mount   Mount
Fri12/6/20197:30 pm F 69-81 Msgr. Scanlan  Stepinac   Stepinac
Sat12/7/20194:30 pm F 60-59 Msgr. Scanlan  United Faith Christian Academy - NC   Charlotte
Sun12/8/20193:00 pm F 37-60 Iona  Msgr. Bonner - PA   Archbishop Ryan - PA
Sun12/8/20194:00 pm F 79-61 St. Raymond  St. Peter's   St. Peter's
Tue12/10/20194:00 pm TBPSt. Francis  Mount   Mount
Tue12/10/20195:00 pm TBPSt. Dominic  Hayes   Hayes
Wed12/11/20194:00 pm TBPMsgr. Scanlan  Hayes   Hayes
Wed12/11/20194:30 pm TBPSt. Peter's  Iona   Iona Prep
Fri12/13/20194:00 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Mount   Mount
Fri12/13/20197:30 pm TBPStepinac  Hayes   Hayes
Fri12/13/20197:30 pm TBPIona  Xaverian   Xaverian
Sun12/15/20196:30 pm TBPStepinac  St. Raymond   Mount
Tue12/17/20194:00 pm TBPMount  Holy Cross   Holy Cross
Tue12/17/20194:00 pm TBPHayes  Iona   Iona Prep
Tue12/17/20195:45 pm TBPMolloy  Msgr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Wed12/18/20192:15 pm TBPStepinac  Briarcrest Christian (TN)   Fort Myers, FL
Thu12/19/2019TBATBPStepinac  POSITION/TBD   Fort Myers, FL
Thu12/19/2019TBATBPMsgr. Scanlan  POSITION/TBD   Trinity Catholic (CT)
Thu12/19/20195:00 pm TBPKipp Academy  Mount   Mount
Fri12/20/20197:30 pm TBPChrist the King  Hayes   Hayes
Sat12/21/2019TBATBPStepinac  POSITION/TBD   Fort Myers, FL
Sat12/21/2019TBATBPMsgr. Scanlan  POSITION/TBD   Trinity Catholic (CT)
Sat12/21/201912:00 pm TBPMount  Scarsdale   Westchester County Center
Sat12/21/20195:15 pm TBPIona  New Rochelle   Westchester County Center
Sun12/22/2019TBATBPStepinac  POSITION/TBD   Fort Myers, FL
Sun12/22/2019TBATBPIona  POSITION/TBD   Westchester County Center
Sun12/22/20194:00 pm TBPHayes  St. Peter's   Hayes
Sun12/22/20195:00 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Abraham Lincoln - PA   Gaucho Gym
Mon12/23/20192:15 pm TBPMsgr. Scanlan  Mount   Mount
Fri12/27/201912:30 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Cape Henlopen - DE   Lewes, DE
Fri12/27/20191:00 pm TBPTruman  Mount   Mount
Sat12/28/20195:00 pm TBPMsgr. Scanlan  Piedmont Classical - NC   Salisbury, MD
Sun12/29/20191:30 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Gil St. Bernard   Lewes, DE
Sun12/29/20193:00 pm TBPStepinac  Paul VI   Lewes, DE
Sun12/29/20195:00 pm TBPMsgr. Scanlan  Glenleg County   Salisbury, MD
Wed1/1/20208:00 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Bergen Catholic - NJ   Bergen Catholic
Fri1/3/20206:00 pm TBPHayes  South Shore   Westchester County Center
Fri1/3/20208:00 pm TBPIona  Stepinac   Westchester County Center
Sat1/4/2020TBATBPHayes  POSITION/TBD   Long Island Lutheran
Sat1/4/202011:00 am TBPMount  St. Anthony - LI   Long Island Lutheran
Sat1/4/20203:15 pm TBPIona  Holy Trinity   Long Island Lutheran
Sat1/4/20208:00 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Long Island Lutheran   Long Island Lutheran
Sun1/5/20201:45 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Dwight   Marist HS
Sun1/5/20204:30 pm TBPXaverian  Msgr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Tue1/7/20204:00 pm TBPHoly Cross  Iona   Iona Prep
Tue1/7/20204:00 pm TBPHayes  Mount   Mount
Tue1/7/20205:00 pm TBPStepinac  St. Peter's   St.Peter's
Fri1/10/20207:30 pm TBPHayes  Molloy   Molloy
Fri1/10/20207:30 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Stepinac   Stepinac
Fri1/10/20207:45 pm TBPChrist the King  Iona   Iona
Sat1/11/20204:00 pm TBPIona  Jefferson   Mount
Sat1/11/20204:30 pm TBPMount  Msgr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Sun1/12/2020TBATBPSt. Dominic  Mount   Mount
Sun1/12/2020TBATBPHayes  Albany Academy  TBA
Sun1/12/20203:00 pm TBPStepinac  Rutgers Prep   Mount
Sun1/12/20204:00 pm TBPSt. Peter's  Msgr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Sun1/12/20204:30 pm TBPSt. Raymond  St. Francis   St. Francis Prep
Tue1/14/20204:00 pm TBPMsgr. Scanlan  Iona   Iona Prep
Tue1/14/20204:00 pm TBPMount  Molloy   Molloy
Tue1/14/20204:30 pm TBPStepinac  St. Francis   St. Francis Prep
Thu1/16/20204:30 pm TBPMount  Loughlin   Loughlin
Fri1/17/20207:30 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Iona   Iona Prep
Fri1/17/20207:30 pm TBPHayes  Xaverian   Xaverian
Sat1/18/202010:30 am TBPStepinac  East Catholic (CT)   Springfield, MA
Sat1/18/20203:00 pm TBPMount  St. Peter's   St. Peter's
Sat1/18/20203:30 pm TBPMsgr. Scanlan  St. Raymond   St. Raymond
Mon1/20/20202:00 pm TBPIona  Long Island Lutheran   Long Island Lutheran
Mon1/20/20202:30 pm TBPMolloy  St. Raymond   St. Raymond
Mon1/20/20204:00 pm TBPMsgr. Scanlan  Hayes   Msgr. Scanlan
Tue1/21/20204:00 pm TBPStepinac  Mount   Mount
Fri1/24/20207:30 pm TBPIona  Msgr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Fri1/24/20207:30 pm TBPHayes  Stepinac   Stepinac
Fri1/24/20207:45 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Loughlin   Loughlin
Sat1/25/20201:30 pm TBPMount  Eagle Academy   Eagle Academy
Sun1/26/20204:15 pm TBPIona  Molloy   Molloy
Sun1/26/20204:30 pm TBPStepinac  Xaverian   Xaverian
Tue1/28/20204:00 pm TBPHayes  Holy Cross   Holy Cross
Tue1/28/20204:00 pm TBPMount  Iona   Iona Prep
Tue1/28/20206:00 pm TBPMolloy  Stepinac   Stepinac
Fri1/31/20204:00 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Hayes   Hayes
Fri1/31/20205:00 pm TBPXaverian  Mount   Mount
Sat2/1/2020TBATBPHayes  Brooklyn Collegiate   Christ the King
Sat2/1/20202:30 pm TBPMsgr. Scanlan  Holy Cross   Holy Cross
Sat2/1/20203:45 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Chaminade   Christ the King
Sat2/1/20207:00 pm TBPStepinac  Iona   Iona College
Sun2/2/20204:15 pm TBPLoughlin  Msgr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Tue2/4/20204:30 pm TBPLoughlin  Iona   Iona Prep
Tue2/4/20205:45 pm TBPMount  St. Raymond   St. Raymond
Tue2/4/20207:30 pm TBPMsgr. Scanlan  Christ the King   Christ the King
Wed2/5/20204:30 pm TBPMurry Bergtraum  Hayes   Hayes
Thu2/6/20205:30 pm TBPStepinac  Christ the King   Christ the King
Fri2/7/20205:45 pm TBPIona  St. Raymond   St. Raymond
Fri2/7/20207:00 pm TBPLoughlin  Hayes   Hayes
Fri2/7/20207:30 pm TBPMount  Stepinac   Stepinac
Sun2/9/20201:30 pm TBPLoughlin  Stepinac   Stepinac
Sun2/9/20204:30 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Msgr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Tue2/11/20204:00 pm TBPMount  Hayes   Hayes
Tue2/11/20204:00 pm TBPIona  St. Francis   St. Francis Prep
Tue2/11/20205:45 pm TBPStepinac  Msgr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Tue2/11/20206:00 pm TBPXaverian  St. Raymond   St. Raymond
Thu2/13/20204:00 pm TBPChrist the King  Mount   Mount
Fri2/14/20207:30 pm TBPIona  Hayes   Hayes
Fri2/14/20207:30 pm TBPHoly Cross  Stepinac   Stepinac
Sat2/15/20204:15 pm TBPSt. Francis  Msgr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Sun2/16/20204:30 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Christ the King   Christ the King
Tue2/18/20203:00 pm TBPSt. Francis  Hayes   Hayes
Tue2/18/20204:00 pm TBPIona  Mount   Mount

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