Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Tue9/4/20186:30 pm F 27-13 Free Agents  RECKLESS   Community Park #2
Tue9/4/20186:30 pm F 12-3 Hit & Run  Ivy Inn Seadogs   Community Park #3
Tue9/4/20187:45 pm F 1-13 Earthscape  Wrecking Crew   Community Park #2
Tue9/4/20187:45 pm F 19-2 Ivy Inn Seadogs  Tailgaters   Community Park #3
Fri9/7/20186:30 pm F 14-5 Ivy Inn Seadogs  Free Agents   Community Park #2
Fri9/7/20186:30 pm SPD 0-0 Tailgaters  Hit & Run   Community Park #3
Fri9/7/20187:45 pm TBPN/RRECKLESS  Tailgaters   Community Park #2
Fri9/7/20187:45 pm SPD 0-0 Hit & Run  Wrecking Crew   Community Park #3
Tue9/18/20186:30 pm PPDN/RWrecking Crew  RECKLESS   Community Park #2
Tue9/18/20186:30 pm PPDN/RBloomburgers  Hit & Run   Community Park #3
Tue9/18/20187:45 pm PPDN/RFree Agents  Ivy Inn Seadogs   Community Park #2
Tue9/18/20187:45 pm PPDN/RRECKLESS  Bloomburgers   Community Park #3
Fri9/21/20186:30 pm F 19-11 RECKLESS  Earthscape   Community Park #2
Fri9/21/20186:30 pm F 11-9 Hit & Run  Free Agents   Community Park #3
Fri9/21/20187:45 pm F 5-9 Ivy Inn Seadogs  Wrecking Crew   Community Park #2
Fri9/21/20187:45 pm TBPN/RHit & Run  Tailgaters   Community Park #3
Sat9/22/20189:00 am PPDN/REarthscape  Ivy Inn Seadogs   Morris Davison Park
Sat9/22/201810:15 am PPDN/RFree Agents  Tailgaters   Morris Davison Park
Tue9/25/20186:30 pm PPDN/RBloomburgers  Tailgaters   Community Park #2
Tue9/25/20186:30 pm PPDN/RRECKLESS  Free Agents   Community Park #3
Tue9/25/20187:45 pm PPDN/RBloomburgers  Wrecking Crew   Community Park #2
Tue9/25/20187:45 pm PPDN/REarthscape  Free Agents   Community Park #3
Fri9/28/20186:30 pm TBPN/RWrecking Crew  Tailgaters   Community Park #2
Fri9/28/20186:30 pm TBPN/RRECKLESS  Ivy Inn Seadogs   Community Park #3
Fri9/28/20187:45 pm TBPN/RWrecking Crew  Ivy Inn Seadogs   Community Park #2
Fri9/28/20187:45 pm TBPN/RHit & Run  Earthscape   Community Park #3
Tue10/2/20186:30 pm F 0-15 Tailgaters  Wrecking Crew   Community Park #2
Tue10/2/20186:30 pm F 4-14 Hit & Run  RECKLESS   Community Park #3
Tue10/2/20187:45 pm F 5-4 Hit and Run  Tailgaters   Community Park #2
Tue10/2/20187:45 pm F 14-10 RECKLESS  Ivy Inn Seadogs   Community Park #3
Fri10/5/20186:30 pm TBPN/RFree Agents  Wrecking Crew   Community Park #2
Fri10/5/20186:30 pm F 2-17 RECKLESS  Hit & Run   Community Park #3
Fri10/5/20187:45 pm F 20-4 Wrecking Crew  Hit & Run   Community Park #2
Fri10/5/20187:45 pm F 27-4 Ivy Inn Seadogs  Earthscape   Community Park #3
Tue10/9/20186:30 pm F 6-13 Tailgaters  RECKLESS   Community Park #2
Tue10/9/20186:30 pm F 5-14 Earthscape  Bloomburgers   Community Park #3
Tue10/9/20187:45 pm F 8-18 Free Agents  Bloomburgers   Community Park #2
Tue10/9/20187:45 pm TBPN/RWrecking Crew  Earthscape   Community Park #3
Fri10/12/20186:30 pm PPDN/RTailgaters  Free Agents   Community Park #2
Fri10/12/20186:30 pm PPDN/RRECKLESS  Wrecking Crew   Community Park #3
Fri10/12/20187:45 pm PPDN/RFree Agents  Earthscape   Community Park #2
Fri10/12/20187:45 pm PPDN/RIvy Inn Seadogs  RECKLESS   Community Park #3
Tue10/16/20186:30 pm TBPN/RTailgaters  Earthscape   Community Park #2
Tue10/16/20186:30 pm TBPN/RIvy Inn Seadogs  Bloomburgers   Community Park #3
Tue10/16/20187:45 pm TBPN/RWrecking Crew  Free Agents   Community Park #2
Tue10/16/20187:45 pm TBPN/RBloomburgers  Earthscape   Community Park #3
Fri10/19/20186:30 pm TBPEarthscape  Hit & Run   Community Park #2
Fri10/19/20186:30 pm TBPTailgaters  Ivy Inn Seadogs   Community Park #3
Fri10/19/20187:45 pm TBPEarthscape  Tailgaters   Community Park #2
Fri10/19/20187:45 pm TBPIvy Inn Seadogs  Hit & Run   Community Park #3
Tue10/23/20186:30 pm TBPWrecking Crew  Bloomburgers   Community Park #2
Tue10/23/20186:30 pm TBPFree Agents  Hit & Run   Community Park #3
Tue10/23/20187:45 pm TBPBloomburgers  Free Agents   Community Park #2
Tue10/23/20187:45 pm TBPEarthscape  RECKLESS   Community Park #3

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PPD Postponed
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