Last Updated: August 31, 2016
  • Openings for our FALL division for individuals and teams are still available
  • 2017 Plainsboro Coed Softball season starts Monday April 24, 2017


Welcome to the Plainsboro Coed Softball League


Plainsboro Coed Softball GOODWILL GAMES

start tonight!



Our FALL division schedule will be published this week. Games start right after Labor Day.


The Homers are Recreational division Champions & the Ivy Inn Seadogs are Upper division Champions.


(2016 Ivy Inn Seadogs)

Individuals and teams interested in joining the Plainsboro Coed Softball League should contact: 





The Plainsboro Coed Sofball League is an ASA Recreational league. Teams are made up of at least 3 female and 7 male players in the field. League games begin in April and continue through mid-August.

Our league plays on weeknights at 6:30pm and 8:00pm and Saturday mornings during our regular season.

We are the ONLY league in the area that offers SCHEDULING FLEXIBILITY for teams during our regular season.

Our FALL division starts after Labor Day. Fall games are played on Tuesday nights, Friday nights, and Saturday afternoons.