Last Updated: April 23, 2014

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Days Until the start of the 2014 season
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The equipment has arrived, the schedule is being finalized and spring is finally here after a long winter.

The 2014 Plainsboro Coed Softball Season is starting the first week in May. Any teams interested in scheduling parctice time should reserve with the league right away.


Teams can pick up equipment at Plainsboro Park on Saturday May 3rd. More details to follow via e-mail.

Start warming up the first pitch is a only a few weeks away: 




The Plainsboro Coed Sofball League is an ASA league made up of at least 3 female and 7 male players in the field. League games begin in April and continue through August. Regular season games are played on weeknights and Saturday's.

Our 1-1 Division plays in the Fall. Games will be played on Monday's, Friday's and Saturday mornings.

Interested teams and individuals should contact the league at






League Game Action

Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday,  May 5
2014 Plainsboro Coed Softball League
Earthscape Aces @ Firmenich Fusion 6:30pm Plainsboro Park
Tuesday,  May 6
2014 Plainsboro Coed Softball League
The Breakers @ Firmenich United 6:30pm Morris Davison Park
Cranbury Station Shoreliners @ The Ivy-Seadogs 6:30pm Plainsboro Park
Wednesday,  May 7
2014 Plainsboro Coed Softball League
Contes @ Firmenich Fusion 6:30pm Morris Davison Park
The Crest-Dasan Builders Group @ Earthscape Aces 6:30pm Plainsboro Park
Thursday,  May 8
2014 Plainsboro Coed Softball League
Firmenich United @ Cranbury Station Shoreliners 6:30pm Plainsboro Park
Friday,  May 9
2014 Plainsboro Coed Softball League
Contes @ The Crest-Dasan Builders Group 6:30pm Plainsboro Park
Saturday,  May 10
2014 Plainsboro Coed Softball League
Earthscape Aces @ Scared Hitless 9:00am Plainsboro Park
Blacksox @ Tuba Czars 10:30am Plainsboro Park
Firmenich Fusion @ The Breakers 12:00pm Plainsboro Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Thursday,  Apr 24
Firmenich Fusion Practice 5:00pm Plainsboro Park
Saturday,  Apr 26
Tuba Czars Practice 11:00am Plainsboro Park
Breakers Practice 1:00pm Plainsboro Park
Wednesday,  Apr 30
The Crest-Dasan Builders Group Practice 6:30pm Plainsboro Park
Saturday,  May 3
Equipment Pick-up at Plainsboro Park 1:00pm Plainsboro Park
Monday,  May 5
Start of 2014 Plainsboro Coed Softball Season
Monday,  May 26
Scared Hitless Practice 3:00pm Plainsboro Park

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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