Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Sun5/13/20186:00 pm F 18-18 11 MC Grounds  10 The Rough Cut Podcast   C2
Sun5/13/20186:00 pm F 11-9 03 Little Kickers  02 John's Firewood   C3
Sun5/13/20186:00 pm F 21-8 05 Evergreen  06 Hindsight   Keogh Park
Sun5/13/20187:15 pm F 16-10 10 The Rough Cut Podcast  04 Feebs   C2
Sun5/13/20187:15 pm F 18-14 02 John's Firewood  12 Foodland   C3
Sun5/13/20187:15 pm F 18-11 06 Hindsight  07 Cog-Veyor Systems   Keogh Park
Sun5/13/20188:30 pm PPDN/R04 Feebs  01 Splashy's   C2
Sun5/13/20188:30 pm F 8-26 12 Foodland  09 Quoin Construction   C3
Sun5/13/20188:30 pm F 17-15 07 Cog-Veyor Systems  08 Firehouse Pizza   Keogh Park
Sun5/27/20186:00 pm F 14-13 03 Little Kickers  08 Firehouse Pizza   C2
Sun5/27/20186:00 pm F 25-8 02 John's Firewood  07 Cog-Veyor Systems   C3
Sun5/27/20186:00 pm F 13-7 09 Quoin Construction  10 The Rough Cut Podcast   Keogh Park
Sun5/27/20187:15 pm F 16-1 08 Firehouse Pizza  04 Feebs   C2
Sun5/27/20187:15 pm F 16-16 07 Cog-Veyor Systems  05 Evergreen   C3
Sun5/27/20187:15 pm F 8-19 10 The Rough Cut Podcast  11 MC Grounds   Keogh Park
Sun5/27/20188:30 pm F 13-22 04 Feebs  06 Hindsight   C2
Sun5/27/20188:30 pm F 19-19 05 Evergreen  01 Splashy's   C3
Sun5/27/20188:30 pm F 25-23 11 MC Grounds  12 Foodland   Keogh Park
Sun6/3/20186:00 pm F 1-1 12 Foodland  02 John's Firewood   C2
Sun6/3/20186:00 pm F 12-13 05 Evergreen  09 Quoin Construction   C3
Sun6/3/20186:00 pm F 14-18 06 Hindsight  01 Splashy's   Keogh Park
Sun6/3/20187:15 pm F 4-13 02 John's Firewood  11 MC Grounds   C2
Sun6/3/20187:15 pm F 18-11 09 Quoin Construction  07 Cog-Veyor Systems   C3
Sun6/3/20187:15 pm F 20-18 01 Splashy's  08 Firehouse Pizza   Keogh Park
Sun6/3/20188:30 pm PPDN/R11 MC Grounds  04 Feebs   C2
Sun6/3/20188:30 pm PPDN/R07 Cog-Veyor Systems  10 The Rough Cut Podcast   C3
Sun6/3/20188:30 pm PPDN/R08 Firehouse Pizza  03 Little Kickers   Keogh Park
Sun6/10/20186:00 pm F 13-30 09 Quoin Construction  06 Hindsight   C2
Sun6/10/20186:00 pm F 12-15 04 Feebs  03 Little Kickers   C3
Sun6/10/20186:00 pm F 7-22 10 The Rough Cut Podcast  05 Evergreen   Keogh Park
Sun6/10/20187:15 pm F 17-17 06 Hindsight  02 John's Firewood   C2
Sun6/10/20187:15 pm F 4-8 03 Little Kickers  11 MC Grounds   C3
Sun6/10/20187:15 pm F 1-1 05 Evergreen  12 Foodland   Keogh Park
Sun6/10/20188:30 pm F 4-18 02 John's Firewood  08 Firehouse Pizza   C2
Sun6/10/20188:30 pm F 14-11 11 MC Grounds  01 Splashy's   C3
Sun6/10/20188:30 pm F 11-14 12 Foodland  07 Cog-Veyor Systems   Keogh Park
Sun6/17/20186:00 pm F 24-23 07 Cog-Veyor Systems  06 Hindsight   C2
Sun6/17/20186:00 pm PPDN/R08 Firehouse Pizza  01 Splashy's   C3
Sun6/17/20186:00 pm F 10-14 02 John's Firewood  09 Quoin Construction   Keogh Park
Sun6/17/20187:15 pm F 23-6 06 Hindsight  03 Little Kickers   C2
Sun6/17/20187:15 pm F 14-9 01 Splashy's  10 The Rough Cut Podcast   C3
Sun6/17/20187:15 pm F 18-7 09 Quoin Construction  04 Feebs   Keogh Park
Sun6/17/20188:30 pm F 15-17 03 Little Kickers  05 Evergreen   C2
Sun6/17/20188:30 pm F 13-13 10 The Rough Cut Podcast  12 Foodland   C3
Sun6/17/20188:30 pm F 1-1 04 Feebs  11 MC Grounds   Keogh Park
Sun6/24/20186:00 pm F 19-10 09 Quoin Construction  01 Splashy's   C2
Sun6/24/20186:00 pm F 19-7 11 MC Grounds  03 Little Kickers   C3
Sun6/24/20186:00 pm F 11-10 04 Feebs  07 Cog-Veyor Systems   Keogh Park
Sun6/24/20187:15 pm F 17-12 01 Splashy's  06 Hindsight   C2
Sun6/24/20187:15 pm F 6-15 03 Little Kickers  12 Foodland   C3
Sun6/24/20187:15 pm F 23-12 07 Cog-Veyor Systems  02 John's Firewood   Keogh Park
Sun6/24/20188:30 pm F 10-11 06 Hindsight  10 The Rough Cut Podcast   C2
Sun6/24/20188:30 pm F 1-1 12 Foodland  08 Firehouse Pizza   C3
Sun6/24/20188:30 pm F 3-24 02 John's Firewood  05 Evergreen   Keogh Park
Sun7/8/20186:00 pm F 15-9 09 Quoin Construction  08 Firehouse Pizza   C2
Sun7/8/20186:00 pm F 13-14 11 MC Grounds  05 Evergreen   C3
Sun7/8/20186:00 pm TBPN/R12 Foodland  03 Little Kickers   Keogh Park
Sun7/8/20187:15 pm F 17-17 08 Firehouse Pizza  02 John's Firewood   C2
Sun7/8/20187:15 pm F 15-4 05 Evergreen  07 Cog-Veyor Systems   C3
Sun7/8/20187:15 pm F 11-12 03 Little Kickers  10 The Rough Cut Podcast   Keogh Park
Sun7/8/20188:30 pm F 27-13 02 John's Firewood  06 Hindsight   C2
Sun7/8/20188:30 pm F 32-21 07 Cog-Veyor Systems  04 Feebs   C3
Sun7/8/20188:30 pm F 10-16 10 The Rough Cut Podcast  01 Splashy's   Keogh Park
Sun7/15/20186:00 pm F 18-12 02 John's Firewood  01 Splashy's   C2
Sun7/15/20186:00 pm F 19-15 12 Foodland  05 Evergreen   C3
Sun7/15/20186:00 pm TBPN/R08 Firehouse Pizza  11 MC Grounds   Keogh Park
Sun7/15/20187:15 pm F 8-10 01 Splashy's  03 Little Kickers   C2
Sun7/15/20187:15 pm F 15-0 05 Evergreen  04 Feebs   C3
Sun7/15/20187:15 pm TBPN/R11 MC Grounds  06 Hindsight   Keogh Park
Sun7/15/20188:30 pm TBPN/R03 Little Kickers  07 Cog-Veyor Systems   C2
Sun7/15/20188:30 pm F 7-11 04 Feebs  10 The Rough Cut Podcast   C3
Sun7/15/20188:30 pm TBPN/R06 Hindsight  09 Quoin Construction   Keogh Park
Sun7/22/20186:00 pm TBP04 Feebs  02 John's Firewood   C2
Sun7/22/20186:00 pm TBP08 Firehouse Pizza  05 Evergreen   C3
Sun7/22/20186:00 pm TBP06 Hindsight  12 Foodland   Keogh Park
Sun7/22/20187:15 pm TBP02 John's Firewood  10 The Rough Cut Podcast   C2
Sun7/22/20187:15 pm TBP05 Evergreen  11 MC Grounds   C3
Sun7/22/20187:15 pm TBP12 Foodland  01 Splashy's   Keogh Park
Sun7/22/20188:30 pm TBP10 The Rough Cut Podcast  03 Little Kickers   C2
Sun7/22/20188:30 pm TBP11 MC Grounds  09 Quoin Construction   C3
Sun7/22/20188:30 pm TBP01 Splashy's  07 Cog-Veyor Systems   Keogh Park
Sun7/29/20186:00 pm TBP07 Cog-Veyor Systems  01 Splashy's   C2
Sun7/29/20186:00 pm TBP03 Little Kickers  06 Hindsight   C3
Sun7/29/20186:00 pm TBP10 The Rough Cut Podcast  08 Firehouse Pizza   Keogh Park
Sun7/29/20187:15 pm TBP01 Splashy's  05 Evergreen   C2
Sun7/29/20187:15 pm TBP06 Hindsight  04 Feebs   C3
Sun7/29/20187:15 pm TBP08 Firehouse Pizza  09 Quoin Construction   Keogh Park
Sun7/29/20188:30 pm TBP05 Evergreen  02 John's Firewood   C2
Sun7/29/20188:30 pm TBP04 Feebs  12 Foodland   C3
Sun7/29/20188:30 pm TBP09 Quoin Construction  11 MC Grounds   Keogh Park
Sun8/12/20186:00 pm TBP01 Splashy's  09 Quoin Construction   C2
Sun8/12/20186:00 pm TBP10 The Rough Cut Podcast  07 Cog-Veyor Systems   C3
Sun8/12/20186:00 pm TBP02 John's Firewood  04 Feebs   Keogh Park
Sun8/12/20187:15 pm TBP09 Quoin Construction  12 Foodland   C2
Sun8/12/20187:15 pm TBP07 Cog-Veyor Systems  11 MC Grounds   C3
Sun8/12/20187:15 pm TBP04 Feebs  05 Evergreen   Keogh Park
Sun8/12/20188:30 pm TBP12 Foodland  06 Hindsight   C2
Sun8/12/20188:30 pm TBP11 MC Grounds  08 Firehouse Pizza   C3
Sun8/12/20188:30 pm TBP03 Little Kickers  01 Splashy's   Keogh Park
Sun8/19/20186:00 pm TBP01 Splashy's  04 Feebs   C2
Sun8/19/20186:00 pm TBP03 Little Kickers  09 Quoin Construction   C3
Sun8/19/20186:00 pm TBP07 Cog-Veyor Systems  12 Foodland   Keogh Park
Sun8/19/20187:15 pm TBP06 Hindsight  11 MC Grounds   C2
Sun8/19/20187:15 pm TBP09 Quoin Construction  03 Little Kickers   C3
Sun8/19/20187:15 pm TBP12 Foodland  10 The Rough Cut Podcast   Keogh Park
Sun8/19/20188:30 pm TBP06 Hindsight  05 Evergreen   C2
Sun8/19/20188:30 pm TBP04 Feebs  08 Firehouse Pizza   C3
Sun8/19/20188:30 pm TBP10 The Rough Cut Podcast  02 John's Firewood   Keogh Park
Sun8/26/20186:00 pm TBP11 MC Grounds  07 Cog-Veyor Systems   C2
Sun8/26/20186:00 pm TBP08 Firehouse Pizza  10 The Rough Cut Podcast   C3
Sun8/26/20187:15 pm TBP08 Firehouse Pizza  07 Cog-Veyor Systems   C2
Sun8/26/20187:15 pm TBP10 The Rough Cut Podcast  06 Hindsight   C3
Sun8/26/20187:15 pm TBP04 Feebs  09 Quoin Construction   Keogh Park
Sun8/26/20188:30 pm TBP01 Splashy's  12 Foodland   C2
Sun8/26/20188:30 pm TBP05 Evergreen  03 Little Kickers   C3
Sun8/26/20188:30 pm TBP09 Quoin Construction  02 John's Firewood   Keogh Park
Sun9/9/20186:00 pm TBP11 MC Grounds  02 John's Firewood   C2
Sun9/9/20186:00 pm TBP12 Foodland  04 Feebs   Keogh Park
Sun9/9/20187:15 pm TBP01 Splashy's  11 MC Grounds   C2
Sun9/9/20187:15 pm TBP08 Firehouse Pizza  06 Hindsight   C3
Sun9/9/20187:15 pm TBP10 The Rough Cut Podcast  09 Quoin Construction   Keogh Park
Sun9/9/20188:30 pm TBP07 Cog-Veyor Systems  03 Little Kickers   C2
Sun9/9/20188:30 pm TBP05 Evergreen  08 Firehouse Pizza   C3
Sun9/16/20186:00 pm TBP06 Hindsight  08 Firehouse Pizza   C2
Sun9/16/20186:00 pm TBP07 Cog-Veyor Systems  09 Quoin Construction   C3
Sun9/16/20186:00 pm TBP01 Splashy's  02 John's Firewood   Keogh Park
Sun9/16/20187:15 pm TBP08 Firehouse Pizza  12 Foodland   C2
Sun9/16/20187:15 pm TBP09 Quoin Construction  05 Evergreen   C3
Sun9/16/20187:15 pm TBP02 John's Firewood  03 Little Kickers   Keogh Park
Sun9/16/20188:30 pm TBP12 Foodland  11 MC Grounds   C2
Sun9/16/20188:30 pm TBP05 Evergreen  10 The Rough Cut Podcast   C3
Sun9/16/20188:30 pm TBP03 Little Kickers  04 Feebs   Keogh Park

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