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Hey everybody!

This will come as no surprise to many of you but the executive has made the decision to officially cancel the 2020 season. We had hoped things would turn around by this point but as we turn the calendar over to July there's no way we would be able to run a season even if the Town of New Tecumseth allows permits for diamonds to be purchased. We will explore other options into the fall if things clear up, if not, we shall see everybody in the spring of 2021! 

2019 AGM Minutes


14 people attended the 2019 AGM

 Jens Lepa

David Caldwell

Phil De Land

Rocco Casullo

Kevin De Land

Doug De Land

Stephen Boykach

Kody Bickford

Matt Aitchison

Kevin Lepa

Shawn Ramadan

Steve Rumboldt

Stephen Lahey

Kirk Hancock


Jens Lepa stepped down as President but will remain on in a Past President role. David Caldwell, founder of the TMSPL was elected President in the vacant position. Phil De Land will remain 1st Vice President. With David moving up to president, Rocco Casullo was elected to the vacant 2nd Vice President position. Shawn Ramadan stepped down as treasurer with Stephen Boykach stepping back into the role he held in 2018. Kevin Lepa will remain in his role as Convener. Finally, Steve Rumboldt was elected to run the website and social media including the input of game stats.

Playoff Format

The playoff format for the 2020 season is subject to change depending on the number of teams for the season. However, it was decided to stick with a Round Robin format. The higher seeded team from the regular season will have choice of Home or Away for each game. Following the Round Robin, teams are re-seeded into a single elimination format (number of teams to advance will be determined based on number of teams in the league prior to playoffs). The higher seeded teams following the re-seeding will have choice of Home or Away. However, there will be a coin flip to determine Home and Away in the Final Game with the higher seeded team calling the toss.

Playoff Food/Drink

The TMSPL will not run the concessions for the 2020 Playoffs. This has been the situation for the past few season. We will once again outsource the handling of the bar and food.


There will be no banquet for the 2020 season. There were a number of contributing factors that lead to this decision and some very good discussion amongst those in attendance. It was decided that, following the playoffs, the Executive will meet with the Captains of each team to give them the appropriate awards (sweaters/jackets/hats etc) then the Captains will be responsible for delivering them to the appropriate players.

Mandatory Captains Meeting

There will be a Mandatory Captains meeting following the Draft and prior to the opening of the 2020 season. At least one captain, or somebody to represent them, should be present and if not they will be removed as a Captain for the 2020 season.

Waiting List

It was determined to have at least a "full teams worth of players" on the waiting list (10+ people). Returning players will have first priority when it comes to sign-ups while new players will be added on a "first come first serve" basis so be sure to sign up early.

Drinking at Coventry

There is to be NO alcohol consumption at the park. There will be a ZERO TOLLERANCE policy surrounding this.

Pitching Masks

Due to a struggle to find pitchers, TMSPL has agreed on an incentive. If you choose to pitch and wish to wear a mask, the league will reimburse up to $40 of the purchase of a mask upon proof of purchase. However, masks are NOT mandatory for pitchers.

Applying to be a Captain

If you wish to be a Captain for the 2020 season (new or return) please message Phil De Land to get your name in.

Rule Clarifications

No tagging between Commitment Line and Home Plate Line.

No "anticipation" on the bases.

2020 Executive

Please welcome your 2020 League Executives!

President: David Caldwell

1st Vice President: Phil De Land

2nd Vice President: Rocco Casullo

Treasurer: Stephen Boykach

Convenor: Vacant

Statistician/Website/Social Media: Steve Rumboldt

Past-President: Jens Lepa