Coming into the Beavers 5th year of their legendary franchise, other teams have questioned the recent off season moves made by current General Manager, Matthew Bear. The remarks even turned physical after a confrontation at the local bar with long time rivals, The Crunch. There has been no charges laid by either ball club, but you never know how far these clubs will go to get an upper hand on the other.

The tough and unexpected move that started the confrontation was the departure of young import fielder, Dillon Bell. Although his tenure with the team was appreciated, it was time for the two sides to go their separate ways. Bell was soon picked up by The Crunch and will likely be looking for revenge.

Other offseason moves to point out were the additions of two power hitters, Steve Obelnicki who comes from "who the fuck knows" and Justin Lussier, from the since separated Renegade team that was run out of town. Although these players are considered veterans, there is a lot of high expectations to see these boys hit dingers all day long.

In relevant but very unimportant news the Beavers have signed a dedicated back catcher to the team, Matt Bell. M. Bell, although he's a pretty boy, seems to have enough skill to play the position. The team just hopes his addiction to lawn care doesn't effect his game play, as in the past, he has been known to talk to dandelions and imaginary friends.

Brendan Young during his first year as the teams manager, brought great success with him from his previous experience of saving lives with RANA. Apparently his winning and saving lives percentage were identical (25% death rate). If I were his patients Jim, I would be scared to have him as my oxygen man. Its expected with these off season transactions, the Beaver management will be looking at one thing, and one thing only, A division title . Anything less would be a disappointment.


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