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Game va Rancho Rattlers


So after a long time away from actual game action, we were finally back at it....first time playing together, lots of familiar faces, but never on the same field, and I as a Coach along with Coach Adrian was excited to get started with the off we go, let's get after it, playing a High School Team was a bit much, but you Girlz getting out there and hammering the way you did was AWESOME!!!...hopefully it is a start of a competitive Season for us.......

vs Rancho Rattlers

We gets sticks first, and after a 9 pitch at bat, Ayo draws a walk Sarai hits to shortstop to advance Ayo, Shark Bait hits fly ball and Ayo now on 3rd, Mari gets our first hit of the year and we score our first run.....Analise runs for her, steals 2nd, steals 3rd, and scores on a passed Season, new inn, and we are off with a 2-0 start......we had really good pitching today, Ayo handled the first 2 inn, P Dog handled the 2nd inn, Mariana kept 3rd inn quiet, and JellyBean held it down in the 4th.....we were never in any real trouble in any inn, what we did do was gift them 4 runs by making a total of 4 routine errors, we clean that up, and they only score 2 runs, it will come when we realize the importance of every pitch in a game, and play will improve drastically....Hitting, we had flashes of really good at bats, working on favorable counts, attacking the mistakes pitchers make, and staying aggressive on bases will keep us competitive.....after a quiet 2nd and 3rd inn, we came out strong in the 4th....Mari, Emily , Heaven all reached by 2b-1b-3b, Mariana bbs, Jellybean 1bs-P Dog 2bs- Delaney bbs- Analise bbs- Ayo 2bs- Sarai 2bs- Shark Bait 2bs- Emily bad at dodge ball gets hit by pitch, Heaven 1bs, Mariana bbs, Jellybean 1bs followed by a P Dog bb and before you knew it, we pushed across 13 runs on 10 hits and 6 bbs, that is good offense if you can get it.....we had a big inn, and we had really good pitching and catching, if our defense catches up to the other 2 phases of our game, we will be ok....I will be anxious for our next time out, and hopefully we can see some improvement from this time out...job well done, cya on the diamond.....

PS Dirtbagz--------16

Rancho Rattlers-----6

Pitching: Ayo - P Dog - Mariana - JellyBean- 5 inn/6 runs (2 earned)/4 hits/3bbs/7ks

Hitting: Ayo 1-2/ Sarai 2-3/ Shark Bait 1-3/ Mari 2-3/ Emily 1-1/ Heaven 1-1/ Mariana 2 bbs/ Jelly Bean 2-3/ P Dog 1-2/ Delaney 2 bbs/ Analise bb