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YAAAAAA!!!!! YA'LL DID IT!!!!!!!



*****31 WINS - 1 LOSS---WHAT THE HECK!!!*****


vs Heat - 5-2 WIN, it was never that close, we kept leaving base runners, We did take care of their best pitcher in 5 inn, we took their best shot, not a good thing if we face them again as we rested our pitchers......

vs Xtreme - 5-2 WIN, once again we beat only Team that beat us this year, beat their best, and once again, score did not show how we dominated the game, we again left base runners, and only gave up a couple meaningless runs at the leaves as 1 seed.....

vs Laces - 15-3 WIN after great 3-0 start, we made 3 errors that cost us 3 runs, but we made up for it by sending 16 batters to the plate and crossing home 12 times in inn, what we needed to take a break after 4 straight hours on the field......well deserved REST!!!

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME - 5-1 WIN, we once again faced the ace, but after watching her throw every pitch in 6 inn game in semis, and 5 inn vs us 1st game, we knew she couldn't match our sticks....we planned to drive their 2 strike pitch every time, and it worked, it's called making in game adjustments, 4 of our 5 runs scored by this approach, and if we keep same approach with whole line up, it would have been much bigger score....JOB WELL DONE CHAMPS!!!!!

Game 1 vs Desert Heat

So Coach Cowboy comes meets us in dugout as we are setting up, he tells us if we are ready to flip, I send girls out and we win the flip, we get sticks, he was a little shocked , wished us luck, and we were on our way.....we faced their "ace" , and though I have heard a lot about her, she never threw against any Team I was a part of, she was good, but not what I expected.....she struggled early with location, Ayo walked, Shark Bait 2bs, Mari walks, 1st and 3rd, we steal Mari, they let us have it, and Persephone hits ground ball to cash in Shark Bait, out of the gate, and we put up 2 runs....on defense, we walked their #2 hitter, it was tight zone and I was experimenting on what he was calling, 1b up the middle and they scratch a run, but in process I realized he didn't like outside corner, but loved inside pitch, we will live their, 2-1 good gals....29 pitches in our 2nd inn, but we couldn't scratch run, it was time before we scratch again....after an error allowed them to reach, we attacked inside corner and got out of inn with harmless 1b, 2-1 good gals......Shark Bait hit a Bomb about 210 feet to score us another, Persephone then hit 1b, Dynamyte walks, and Jelly Bean 1b to score Persephone, but as we took the field, after recording 1st out, another error cost us a runner, we took care of 2nd out, and just our luck, a blooper falls in to score run, 4-2 good gals......we came up for our last abs with 12 minutes on the clock, Shark Bait 1bs, Mari 1bs her home, and trust me I was waiting for the time out call from them, you know, since they were losing, they call time out to not let us hit, they tried, but umpire told them it was last batter, and Persephone batted under their protest, butin the end, too much DIRTBAGZ this time around.....


Desert Heat---2

vs MV Xtreme

We win the flip, we take sticks....we once again face Xtreme Ace that beat us last time out, once again, adjust to how they pitched us last time out, it will give advantage back to us....we made minor adjustment on what to look for, and boy did it work.....KFC 1b, Shark Bait 220 foot bomb....Persephone bb, Dynamyte 1b, JellyBean 1b and we scratch crooked number, another good start....we got 1st 2 outs, gave up a harmless 1b, and got 4 hitter to ground out, not that we were the much superior team, we were the smarter team, same umpire, we knew the zone, so we kept attacking same zone, and advantage us, 3-0 after 3 inn we only had 3 runners reach base, though only 2nd game, we were starting to wilt in the heat, I kept rotating bodies on the field to keep them fresh, but our offense went dormant for 3 inn....on defense, we were still doing our thing, cruising along....they had us in 3rd where they led off with back to back 1bs, after our throw to the wrong bag, their mistakes helped us, on the throw to 3rd they tried to advance to 2nd, we got her by 15 feet, we'll take it, they then tried to score on our strongest arm in infield from KFC, she hosed runner at home by 20 feet.....instead of 1st and 3rd, no one out, it looked like keystone cops, we got 2 outs all off us making a bad throw....WE WILL DEFINITELY TAKE IT, SMARTEST TEAM ALWAYS WINS, AND WE WELCOME THE HELP MAKING US LOOK GOOD!!!!!we struck out their 3rd out, and we came back in 3-0 when it SHOULD have been closer.....we got our sticks, Heaven 1bs, Shark Bait 2bs, and Persephone 1bs them home, 5-0, and time was running low.....we made pitching change, after walking lead off batter, we got behind the next 2 batters on the count, and both had quality swings, 1b and 2b, we then located to next batters to stop their rally, ground ball to Mariana, pop up to Mari, ground ball to KFC, all by locating pitches...ball game, and #1 seed for playoffs.....


MV Xtreme--2  

vs Powernet Laces

We are home Team, and they go out 1-2-3.....we come up and BANG!!!!KFC bb, Shark Bait 1b, Mari 2b to right field, Dynamyte 2b to right center, and we look up, 3-0 good gals, LOVE THE APPROACH, GO WITH THE PITCH!!!!!...then it happened, was it the weather?? can't be, they are playing in same conditions, was it their team, shouldn't be, we've seen them before, "our APPROACH", want the ball, expect the ball, and you will be prepared to make a play, we chased them the 2nd inn, didn't prepare prior to pitch, and it snuck up on us.....we blinked, on only 2 1bs, 2 errors, and 2 fielder's choices, we came in tied 3-3, and NO, a fielder's choice is not a hit, it is a choice to make a play and not complete it, NO HIT.....I have had this discussion with our girls on what a hit is, they still think it is a hit......hmmmm....before we went to hit, we simply told the girls, it's their turn to chase our hits, hit your reset button, re focus, and let's do this ONE PITCH AT A TIME, IT'S OUR TURN!!!!16 batters, 12 runs, and yes, we had enough to win early if we could keep them off the board.....after a sub par defensive effort in 2nd inn, we EXPLODED in bottom half to take CONTROL of game....Mariana walked, Heaven 1bs, JFC 1bs, Ayo 1bs, Shark Bait HBP, Mari rbi ground ball, Persephone 2bs, Dynamnyte 1bs, Jelly Bean rbi ground ball, Hollywood 1bs, Mariana 2bs, Heaven 220 foot home run, KFC 3b, Ayo 1b, Shark Bait 1b, yes, we put it together, they left their same pitcher for entire inn???, yes I felt bad, but we needed every run for the mercy, we had to do it.........GREAT HITTING!!!!.....they sent 4 batters to the plate, 2 ks and a bb, but we got to get a break after 4 hours 10 minutes on the field, and BEST OF ALL, DIRTBAGZ GOING TO THE SHIP!!!!!!



Championship vs Desert Heat

We were lucky to get 45 minute break between games, Heat/Xtreme went into extra inn to determine winner, and they had their "Ace" throwing every pitch, HUGE ADVANTAGE US, IT WAS HOT, AND EVERY PITCH SHE THREW WAS UNDER STRESS AS GAME WAS TIED......none of our pitchers threw more than 4 inn in a total of 14 inn and 3 games, we were ready to we started game, they reached on back to back walks, umpire changed his zone, but we adjusted and found what he was giving us, and then retired next 3 batters....always adjust to what is being called, never say he has a bad zone, adjust to what he calls, keep it simple......we came up and went to work, KFC hit a 3b, Ayo gets walked, and a strike out, my message to Mari, she is pitching you outside, DRIVE it to right field, SHE DID, 2 rbi's, and we take control 2-0 after first....on their next abs, we knew they would bunt, played for the bunt, just didn't execute the play, a mistake and they are on the bags...we then retired the next 2 batters, walked the 4th, and with runners on 1st and 2nd, they single up the middle, calling for ball to go to third, we get the out for 3rd out, but run crossed the plate prior to the out, no big deal, we LIMITED the damage, and are 2-1 lead going to bottom 3rd.....we were already at top of the line up, KFC repeated first at bat, 3b to left center, Shark Bait 2bs her home, and with a great approach again, Mari drives outside pitch to right field for a 2b and cashes in Shark Bait....dust cleared, 4-1 good gals......Ayo was sailing through their batters, Defense was locked in, Mari ground ball out, Ayo 2 ks, takes care of 3rd, KFC to Mariana- 1 out, Heaven gets fly ball at shortstop 2 outs, yes, she was 3rd base, but called ball off the bat, floated all the way to KFC, and called for ball at shortstop position, it was caught, but a little funny to see her work so hard for the out, KFC took 3 steps to get under the ball, next time KFC can catch fly ball at 3rd.......Mari ground ball to Mariana for out 3 in the 4th...after 1b up the middle, ground ball to Mari, flips to KFC at 2nd for out 1, strongest arm in the infield relays to Dynamyte for 2b PLAY!!!!! That was exciting.......very next pitch jammed their hitter, short fly ball to center, Hollywood runs in, gets under it, secures it while going down to her knees just to be sure she didn't drop it, it was as if time was slowing down as she was going down, slowwwww motionnnnnn 3rd works, we like it, and REC BALL PS DIRTBAGZ ELITE/SELECT TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS!!!!

Desert Heat ------1



So as Season was getting started, Coach Adrian and I were banding together to make sure we had enough girls to keep us going in Spring......We had 2 different options to merge, it just didn't seem like the right thing to we just took what came out way through PS League, and went all in....I had my reservations, having been part of a group that didn't focus on Rec Ball, I WAS HAVING A HARD TIME ADJUSTING to the girls....I was expecting a lot, and that is not what they signed up for, they just wanted to play....once I figured that out, I backed off, and the girls started to adjust to Coach Adrian and myself....we put up some really good games vs strong pitchers, our pitching was huge advantage to us, we had a "STRONG STAFF" to rely on.....our hitting, once the girls started to trust what we were working on with them, they started to show will always be a game of adjustments as far as hitting goes, pitching gets better the further they go in the game, and adjustments will be the best thing they can do......defense was not "our" strongest part of the game, but that is where we improved the most hands down......Defense always wins Championships, Pitching and Hitting give you a chance, but games are always won on the Defensive side of the as we went through the Season, we challenged the girls girls in the Elite / Select league......they were better teams .....pitching, hitting, defense, all around teams were much better than REC LEAGUE.....we kept playing well, and yes, our pitching was our staple, it was always there, our hitting is where we had tough time adjusting to the better's always a game of adjustments at the plate, and it took til the tournament to figure that out....HIT IT WHERE IT'S PITCHED...we started to understand that, and the advantage the other pitchers had, went away, as mentally we changed our approach, and yes, it did work......on the defensive side, we were hit and miss, we did come a long ways from where we started, but it seemed to show up strong in flashes....we did enough to win 31 games, yes that is hard to do, but never be satisfied, always look as to what you can do to make it better, make that adjustment, and you will be that much better for it.......You girls showed up to play vs strong teams as I kept telling you WE COULD DO IT, just as you believed you could get it done, it happened.....we finished on top of the others, and it took work to get their, job well done......I have never finished a Season UNDEFEATED, girls told me they had very good years before Dirtbagz, as FOR ME, I'm PROUD OF HOW YOU CAME TOGETHER, I'M PROUD OF WHAT YOU ACCOMPLISHED, EVEN THOUGH WE COULDN'T match your previous Teams, this SEASON was a SUCCESS...., YOU DID EXTREMELY WELL!!!!! JOB WELL DONE, CYA ON THE DIAMOND!!!!!!! CHAMPS..........






Job well done DirtBagz.....cya ready to work hard at practice, remember, it's not how much you practice, but how hard you work when you are there.....quality over quantity......


Yes Mari, you ROCK that glove, I've been the wrong the whole time, it goes on your head, not on your hand....

So this is what it's like to play 14u softball???? oh well, my turn, give mua a bat....

1 pitch is all it takes to change ones approach, finding that one pitch is what makes players Millions....we're still looking...

HMMMMM , is Coach ignoring me on purpose????I guess this ab is WHATEVER!!!!

Big A gets to do what she wants, I need to keep up, I better not get out.....

Ball came so hot off the bat, parents behind me were saying she will forever be scared to catch a ball in left field again

Scratch my way on they say, just be a runner they say, I get to first and Coach says your value is when you swing the bat, can a DirtBag get a break here, they pitched 4 in the clay.......

 Catching is easy, sit down, call a pitch, help locate pitch, block the ball, keep an eye on runner, make sure to let everyone know if it's a bunt, throw out runners if she steals, try and back door pic runners, wear all this gear, AND CATCHING IS EASY...why doesn't everyone on the TEAM catch if it's so EASY!!!! Hang in there kid, Catching is easy. SOMETIMES.....otherwise I would have everyone catching, you got this.....

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