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vs Indio Intensity

vs Indio Intensity (Welcome fellow softball enthusiasts.....I see you......)


Last Rec Game of the Season......we needed to go out with an aggressive , determined mind set....and as long as we come in Mentally Strong, we can live with the result, Win OR Lose......we got into pitcher's duel, they had Morgan on the mound, and though we had success against her last time out, she came out and was locating really well.......we matched her pitch for pitch, except we had our 11 yr old in the circle, and in her 3 inn of work, she had 8 ks, and a ground ball come backer where she threw out lead runner at 2nd.....this means she had her hand in all 9 outs through 3 inn, WHAT THE HECK!!!!! SHE"S 11 YRS OLD!!!!!!! Mariana came in to close the final 2 inn, and she was dialed in from her first pitch......33 pitches in 2 inn, 16 pitch avg, good work if you can get it.......They brought in MJ in their 3rd inn, and after we hit line drive to 3rd base, they really didn't get in front of a ball the rest of the way, hit the ball hard by getting yourself in good counts, and live with the results.....if the plan was to throw us off by switching pitchers 2nd time through, it was something we were ready for, we thrive on pitchers 2nd time around, this time we just hit balls hard against 2nd pitcher......after striking out leading off the 3rd inn, we got it going......Line drive 1b off KFC's bat, Line drive 2b off Shark Bait's bat, Mari joins the party with line drive 2b.....Big A worked a walk, and after hitting the ball 200+ feet on Tues vs the Thunder ( HI GUYS), Heaven blooped a 2b into right center, Dynamyte finished our scoring with her 2b to right, we blinked, and after getting a scolding by Umpire for dragging my feet, we put up a crooked number that we wouldn't look back from.......5-0 good gals after 3.......4th inn was fun for us as well, normally I am really good about pulling the plug against teams where we look the better than, just what you do in competition when you play the right way, well after having Jelly Bean out for chewing on her lip Tues, I had her as 1st base Coach, but their Coach objected as "their team could be confused and throw to her instead of their player", HUH??? how do you come up with that? Dark Maroon jersey, our knucklehead in BRIGHT RED, JEANS, and FLIP FLOPS, yes she should have been asked to leave for FLIP FLOPS, not because she confused anyone, BUT TO EACH HIS we let girls play a little longer, and then we pulled the plug.......Hollywood scratched a walk, and Delaney laid down a SWEET SAC BUNT!!!! KFC then torpedoes a 3b to DEEP CENTER.......Ayo then had one of the most productive abs of the game, down 1-2 count, she worked a walk on the 12th pitch of the at bat, that was 4 strike 2 foul balls before having discipline to not chase high pitch, ATTA GIRL!!!!!! T Bird followed with 4 pitch walk, but man was she aching to swing on every pitch.......and Mari hit hard ground ball for an rbi......when the smoke cleared, we pushed 3 more runs across.....the scoreboard read 8-0, but the game wasn't close after they pulled Morgan.......on our end, pitching did their thing, and we made quick work of it......after playing in a game on Tues where the opposition was determined to knock us off, yes Rec Ball really matters in certain areas......our same approach vs the other side of the field on Thurs, we had positive results in both games.......the warm up, the approach we bring to games, it prepares us to compete, last thing I want to do is burn you out in practice 3-4 times a week, no need to put a dent in Mom's pocketbook to teach the game at a Rec Level, do the little things, do them the right way, and trust the quality work you put in is going to lead you through the good and bad times on the field.......



After shrugging my shoulders when I was told we had 10, maybe 11 players signed up in division, I told directors so long as we could field 9 bodies every game we'll be ok, leave it open and we'll see if we can get 13-14 players as 6th/7th/8th grade is tough with dances, band, and promotions during the Season....we got them, having to replace 2 that bounced out of the gate, , and to be honest, as bad as we looked practicing first couple of weeks, I may have taken my kid as well.....but the girls....they started to believe in what they could accomplish, they bought in, and I would wear a different Ring at most practices to keep pushing them, to keep them believing that it could be done.....they don't need to run and pay for a spot on a Team, they need to put in quality work, believe in what they are doing, and trust the mechanics and muscle memory you are working will do wonders for them.....we somehow managed to beat better Teams than us, better hitters than us, better fielders than us, better pitchers than us, better Coaches than us, MUCH BETTER ORGANIZATIONS THAN US, and all by simple but productive practices.....we really should not have been playing outside of the Valley, only big organizations should be doing that, but we did, AND WE SHOWED IT CAN BE DONE......yes you SURPRISED ME, but I guess when you have 2 dads leading a crew, regardless of what we have done in the past, "daddy ball" normally not good outside the Valley, YOU GIRLS MADE COACH ADRIAN AND I LOOK GOOD......thank you for letting me remember what it is to have a Rec Ball Team compete vs SUPERIOR TEAMS and wind up on the positive end TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME, one thing that can never be taken from you, and you can wear it as a BADGE OF HONOR, DIRTBAGZ REC BALL put the hurt to several TEAMS and Coaches that should have run through you will have been a thorn in their side , you are not supposed to beat teams that pay Coaches to play the game, it makes them look bad, but you managed to do it , JOB WELL DONE, CYA ON THE DIAMOND.......time to go pick on some High School Coaches for my next challenge.................

Indio Intensity-------0

PS Rec BALL---------8

Pitching: Big A 3 inn 0 runs/ 1 hit/ 1 bb/ 8 ks----Mariana 2 inn 0 runs/ 1 hit/ 1 bb/ 5 ks

Hitting: KFC 2-3/ Ayo 1-2/ Shark Bait 1-1 2 bbs/ Mari 2b/ Big A BB/ Heaven 2b/ Dynamyte 2-2/ Hollywood bb/ Delaney SAC BUNT - ATTA GIRL!!!