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vs PD Bruins


Well........we came to hit, and though we are by no means a POWER HOUSE TEAM, we are making big strides in the right direction.....we are looking strong at the plate, as a TEAM, we are looking really good at the plate.....there will be much bigger challenges ahead of us, much better pitchers that will test you guys, but if we continue to grind out at bats, we will continue to have success.....never be satisfied, hope for bigger and better, and it will give you a chance to continue to ready and expect the next challenge, we are in it for bigger and better things ahead of us, job well done, cya on the diamond.....


KFC on the mound, it allowed us to get back in the dugout quickly, Ayo followed inn 2 and did much of the same thing, Dynamyte followed in the 3rd and we again kept the bats quiet...Jelly Bean came on in the 4th and we once again shut them down quickly, we faced only 1 batter over the minimum, yes, 1 walk away from a perfect game.....4 pitchers, 0 hits, 8 ks, and only 1 walk, almost a perfect game, it now gives us a challenge next time out, Can we throw a perfect game???? I believe so, but the challenge is to do it with multiple pitchers, to be continued next time out...., we came and swung an aggressive stick...yes the pitcher was over matched, so nights like this are good to see, everyone in the lineup came away with a hit, and some were hit deep center which put them about 215 was a good night to be a Dirt Bag, but we will grind to be ready for the next challenge......way to hammer!!!!!

Ayo - Power 2b/ Sarai line drive 1b/ KFC 220' BOMB/ Shark Bait Monster 210' 3b/ Mari 75 mph 1b/ Delaney well placed 1b/ Jelly Bean smashed 1b/ Dynamyte crushed 2b/ Heaven 1b/ Iris out hit her OLDER SISTER - 190' was good hitting, hopefully it carries to the next game.....

PD Bruins-----------0

PS DirtBagz--------13