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Elite Games 4/22


We came in looking for new faces on the other side, but we got the Laces, HUGE advantage US, after having put together a plan if we faced them again, we were good to go when we saw we were scheduled against them....2nd game was also a bonus for us as it was Team we played in the past with previous Team as well, so we pitched around who we needed to, and went after the outs we needed.....our biggest issue BESIDES the HEAT.....we came in very NONCHALANT.....HUH??? what does that mean Coach???...we came in OVER CONFIDENT, not giving respect to the other Team, once you have beat a Team, it should be REASON enough to focus that much more, give it that little extra attention to detail, as you will see soon enough, Teams that you beat come out harder to beat you, they want to prove that they belong on same field with you guys, and if we come out FLAT, well....Lady Karma will BITE US IN THE REAR END!!! Never take a Team lightly, always give them your fullest respect, and you will always be tough to beat, our approach warming up was alarming, our bats and our pitching kept the other teams scrambling, we kept the constant pressure on them, but do know if we are just a little cleaner on defense, just a little bit, they you guys are close to perfect on the's that extra little bit we are striving to reach, we want to be as close to mistake free as we can, this way it takes a perfect team to beat you guys, and though it hasn't happened yet, hopefully we clean up our minor miscues so we make it hard on others to get out in front of you guys.....keep up the grind, and let's work hard at practice so we can get closer to perfection and make it tough on our next opponents....job well done, cya on the diamond......


Though they weren't on the schedule, I had a plan for next time we saw this group, so we were good as this was next time.....12 pitches, 3 outs, and we never saw their best 2 hitters in the first inn, glad Coach Ernesto had that much confidence in his hitters to move his "Big 2" sticks down the line up, we'll take it.....we took to the plate, and yes, thanks to their pitchers previous adjustments,  we had approach ready for them....KFC walked, stole, and moved on Sarai's ground ball....Shark Bait then 2bs, Mari 2bs, Ayo walks, Big A walks, and Heaven followed with 1b up the middle to scratch a crooked number....3-1 good gals after 1st......we then got the butter fingers and had trouble squeezing strikes, it wound up giving them 2 bases, and eventually a run..after the 2 1bs in the inn, Ayo followed with 3 ks.....if we glove the ball, it's a goose egg, the little things if where we can improve and make you girls really hard to beat.....we came to the plate again, and needed "Lady Mo" back in our dugout, KFC gets hit, what??? she's good at dodge ball, but this time it got us....Sarai lays down a bunt and we are now 1st and 3rd....then BOOM!!!!!! about a 240' BOMBASO!!!!! Shark Bait goes deep.....Mari and Jelly Bean followed with a 1bs, Big A gets 9 pitch bb,  but damage was done......Lady Mo came running back to our dugout,  6-1 good gals......after a pitching change for us, Jelly Bean started to locate, KFC gloves a line drive, and doubles up runner off 1st with help from Sarai on the over throw, strike out to end the inn, and we are back in the dugout......their last abs, we placed our Out Foelders against the fence to eliminate the big hit, well.....even though we were deep, we forgot to look ball into our glove, what should have been a loud out, it wound up runner on 2nd.....Jelly Bean was dialed in, we limited the damage, and end the game on a high note....defense cleaned up the rest, and we come away with another big game away from home, job well done, though their is room for improvement, we did enough to get this one...... 

PS Dirtbagz---------6

Lady Laces ---------2

Pitching:  Ayo / JellyBean 4 inn/2 runs/ 3 hits/1 bb/ 7 ks/ 67 pitches

Hitting: KFC 2 bbs/ Sarai bunt 1b/ Shark Bait 2b - HR/ Mari 2b-1b/ Ayo bb/ Jelly Bean 1b/ Big A 2 bbs/ Heaven 1b/ Mariana 2b

vs San Jacinto Elite

Respect for their pitcher, she was throwing gas, locating change up, and trying to find her curve, it kept us honest, but still focus on quality swings and live with the results.....KFC kept them quiet for 2 inns thanks to location her knuckle and Shark Bait throwing out runner at 2nd.....Mariana came in for inn 3/4 and besides strugling to find the strike zone early, threw well enough to limit damage to 2 runs in 2 inn, Big A came in to close out the 5th with 2ks and routine a routine come backer for the 3 the plate we did what we had to, take the bbs when pitcher was off, though we were bad at dodge ball as we stood there and took it......I prefer for us to move, take a ball, and live to see another pitch, other Coaches like for you to get hit as the confidence for batter to beat a pitcher is not as high as MY CONFIDENCE in you TO HIT RATHER THAN BE HIT!!!!!! we loaded bases on bbs and hit batters, then Jelly Bean hits clutch 1b that winds up cleaning the bases and Jelly standing on 2nd.....after a Big A walk and a double steal, with Big A and Jelly we notched a 4 run inn......Delaney lead off the 2nd by also getting hit, KFC follows with a walk of her own, Sarai 1bs to cash in Delaney, we had enough as our arms were dialed in today........3 pitchers, only 2 hits, and if we don't make our little mistakes, we keep them off the board, but it keeps us working on the little things so we can be close to perfect, and on this day, we were close.....job well done, cya on the diamond......

PS Dirtbagz--------5

San Jacinto Elite--2

Clutch at bats/ strong pitching....we have room to improve, and that is a good thing for us!!!!!

Pitching: KFC/Mariana/Big A- 5inn/2 runs/2 hits/3 bbs/7 ks/ 64 pitches

Hitting: 7 BBS/ CLUTH 1b - Jelly Bean/ Clutch 1b Sarai