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San Jacinto Elite


We took games for is easy to do when you have success at a high rate, you forget the amount of work it takes to stay on top, and the amount of focus it takes to get you there....not all is lost when a loss comes in, as that is when YOUR TRUE CHARACTER comes out.......we took the "L",  were reminded the work it took to get us where we are, and were able to bounce back......after our Learning lesson to try and be sharp during warm ups, we were able to get back on the positive result side, it again took some adjustments, and our focus at practice was to mainly take away the LOOOONG HOME RUN swing we have been showing, it is hurting our averages, and time to think small, and remember it will allow "BIG THINGS" to come our way.....

vs MV Xtreme------9

PS Dirtbagz--------1


So Cal Heat---------1

PS Dirtbagz---------4