NOBL Records
Points in a game - 58 - Keelan Adams vs Sonics (2.5)
Rebounds in a game- 35 - Jake Wiatrowski vs SteamRollers (2.5)
Assists in a game - 23- Joe Humpf vs SteamRollers (2.5)
Blocks in a game- 11 - Paul Bresch vs TreeBlazers (1)
Steals in a game- 10 - Kyle Lutteroty and Dave Fair (1)
3's in a game- 14 - Keelan Adams vs Sonics (2.5)
Longest Game- Triple OT- Bucks vs Celtics (2) Mavs vs Warriors and Clippers vs Warriors (3), Sonics Thunder (5)

NOBL Firsts
3 - Steve Hofmann
Player to show up high - Poke Daddy
Hospital Visit - Kevin Sanders
Fight - Brian Fiocco vs Alex Smith
Parent to Show Up at A Game - McGarry's Dad
Dunk - Tori Bronner
Trade - Kevin Kriger for Poke Daddy
First Off Court Cigarette smoked during a game - Sean Hanratty
First On Court Cigarette smoked during a game - Sean Bradin
First player to wear sweatpants in game - Mike Stark
First Successful Alley Oop - Nick Ostash to Keelan Adams
First Organized Team Layup Drill - Hornets vs Nuggets
First Forfeit- TreeBlazers vs Lakers
First Severe Injury - Ryan Bolton Celtics vs Cavs
Rain Game- Hornets vs Lakers

NOBL 2 Firsts
Body Part Getting Stuck In Fence at Comm Park - Deevon Reedel
First Vomit at the Draft - Joe Brown
First Vomit in a game - Joe Brown
First Game played while "going commando" - James Prem
First game with a lip in - Brendan Carr
First Player to leave school early to play in NOBL- Gerald "The Phenom" Russo
First player to skip finals to play in NOBL- Gerald "The Phenom" Russo
First Player to wear a jacket during a game - Matt DiMartino
First NOBL Champions- NOBL 2- The Cavs

NOBL 3 Firsts
First player to wear a polo during a game- Dustin Golin
First voluntary scratch of self due to sunburn- Kevin Kriger
First ON Court Puke- Matt Knorr
First Father To Be IN NOBL- Casey Adams
First Threat At A Game- Sean Bradin
First Player To Leave Country During NOBL Playoffs-Brandon Ridler
First 30 Year Old- Casey Adams
First 15 Year Old-Luke Carrezola

NOBL 4 Firsts
First Multi-Vomit Game- Duffy Barrett
First time ever 3 generations to view NOBL Game- The Adams Family
First player to wear sunglasses during NOBL game- Bob Premaza
First player to score on own basket- Dwight Williams
First player to damage rim/backoard in game-Mike McGarry
First NOBL Phone App- Derek Snyder, Dave Feldbauer, and Chris McLendon
First player to wear a bathing suit during game-Danny Romero
First foul out in a 4 on 4 game-Alex Bellow
First player to wear gloves during an NOBL Game- Nick DeFeo
NOBL 5 Firsts
First whistle used- Chris Mclendon
First Hawaiin shirt worn to a game- Nick DeFeo
First family sized chip eaten during NOBL game- Billy Sadowski
First birthday foul out- Zach Patton
First Moonshine at NOBL game- Matt Glenn
First teamates to reach 1000 points in same game- Joe Brown and Joe Flaherty
First on court wiffleball game- Chris McLendon Dave Feldbauer "Doug Ump" Cordisco and Joe Brown
First on court fireworks- Kevin Quinn
First player to miss NOBL game to go fishing- Dave Feldbauer
First player to miss NOBL game due to sickness (but did watch the game)- Dave Feldbauer
First player to miss NOBL game due to haircut- Jon Blount
First player to miss NOBL game due to Nap- Ethan Mawhinney
First player to wear pajamas to NOBL game- Kevin Campbell
First on court celebration of champagne and cigaers - NOBL 5 Celtics

NOBL 5.6 Firsts
First dress shirt worn while playing- Matt DiMartno
First player to play game with a check in pocket- Joe Flaherty
First oncourt gum fall out- Mike Rongione
First complete ball deflation - Matt Glenn (of Dave Delattres ball)