-Captains will NOT be allowed to be traded under any circumstances.

-Free Throws only occur inside 2 minutes, which is 1-1 unless it is a shooting foul. Also, technical and flagrant fouls also have free throws, regardless of what time it occurs in the game

-You can not shoot the ball directly off the check (The Marcelo Rule).

-Subs can only be done when the ball is not in play (Timeouts, dead balls, after a bucket, illegal subs result in a technical foul, and loss of posession if it is done on offense.)

-Fighting (punches thrown) will result in a 3 game suspension, a second occurence will require a "buy back" to get into the league at a $10 fee.

-There is a 6 minute minimum for all players to play unless a severe injury is obtained. Failure to do this will result in a team forfeit.

in the final 2 minutes, if a team commits 3 fouls, on the 3rd foul the free throws will change from 1-1, to 2 free throws.

Any hate filled language/racial slurs being used on or off the court at NOBL games, can result in a technical foul, and a 2 game suspension. (The Keelan Rule)


A team must have at least 4 players within 15 minutes of originally scheduled game time or the game will be a forfeit.

 If a game is 4 on 4 and the opposing team has at least 7 players, the minimum minutes played rule will be lowered to 4 minutes. 


A timeout can be called as long as the player was initially in bounds, meaning an in air timeout is valid as long as the player was inbounds when going in the air, and having possession of the ball. (The Flaherty rule)






Games are optional to be 5 on 5 or 4 on 4, in the event that 2 captains disagree on which format to use, the game will be 4 on 4 by default.


HOWEVER- if a team refuses to play 5s and the opposing team has 7 or more, the minimum minutes for the team that wanted 5 is dropped to 4, but the team that wants 4's still has to have every guy have 6 minutes.


IN THE EVENT that a team has 5 guys and opts to play 4s, they will not be allowed to do so unless the opposing team has 7 or less guys.



There will be NO RESCHEDULES PERIOD. Rain days will be moved to the end of the regular season and fit in accordingly, Games are ONLY Monday-Friday at 7 and 8 and the schedule will be COMPLETELY SET before the first day of games.