WEEK 1 POWER RANKINGS - 1-Royals, 2-Sonics, 3-Pelicans 4-Bullets 5-Lakers.

Week 2 POWER RANKINGS- 1-Sonics 2-Lakers 3-Royals 4-Pelicans 5-Bullets 

WEEK 3 POWER RANKINGS- 1.Royals 2.Sonics 3.Bullets 4.Pelicans 5.Lakers

Week 4 Power Rankings- 1.Royals 2.Pelicans 3.Sonics 4.Lakers 5.Wizards


WEEK 1 PLAYERS OF THE WEEK- Matt Smith and Ryan Golin

Week 2 Players Of The Week- Dave Delattre and James Rambo

WEEK 3 Players of the week- Matt DiMartino and Dave Delattre

Week 4 Players of the Week- Matt Smith and Mike Rongione


NOBL 5.6 Triple Doubles - Duffy Barrett (27 pts, 13 rebs , 12 asts) and Matt Glenn (11 pts, 27 rebs, 11 asts)