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Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting






Vicki Hittle, Steve Abate, Michael Grady, Dan Campbell, Anthony Marusco, Amy Grady, Fran Miles, Jon Dalton, Rebecca Farrell, Bob Weeks, Jim Buggy, Jeremy O’Boyle, RJ DIamond, Jason Herman, Tina Nickerson, John Mancinelli, Frank Miles, Lisa Jennings, Keith McDevitt, Brian Morris, Domenic Nardini, Ivan Placuta, Ed Pearson, Chris Darpino, Bret  Ostroff, Denny Anastasia, Mike McDermond, Dave Durbano, Jason Farrell, Brian Allison, Greg Clark, John Howe, Jeremy Russo, Joe Campbell, Ralph Carotenuto, Bernie Seasock, Amanda Doyle, Tony Diorisio, Spiros Hartas, Steve Burt, Brian Matteo, Steve Downs, Ralph Papa

Called to Order:

8:34 PM



Motion to approve:


Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

  1. Treasurer Report –Capital Account 5669.18, Fundraising- 100.54, General account 33,302.12


New Business: None

Motion to approve:Rebecca Farrell

Second:Vicki Hittle






Given by Anthony- New Player meeting last Monday.  2 14 U team in Delco league

16U team will be in delco league.  18u team is looking iffy right now.  Top Lumber Bat Demo will be scheduled in the near future.  


Majors-Michael Grady

After the first week of practice we have decided the Dodgers are going to win the championship.  We have 6 teams 2 teams with 12 and 4 with 11.

Looking forward to Field Maintenance Day.


Minors- Bob Weeks

7 teams 1 team has 12 others have 11.  Each team will be playing 15 games. We will be playing once a week in Brookhaven.  Been practicing at Northley. Probably will not use the minor field until the first week of April.  

Questions-Will you play the 10’s on the major field?  


Rookies-Jon Dalton

7 teams 5 teams of 12 and 2 teams of 11.  Practice schedule is out.

Lock box is over at Aston Elementary to have a full practice.  


Teeball- Vicki Hittle

    1. Tball 4U Rosters update, 5&6U Rosters update  5 teams at jr rookie and 6 teams for teeball with 2 coaches.  Modified teeball games.

  1. Practice schedules will go out in the next day or two.


Equipment Manager-Steve Abate

All the equipment bags have been dispersed.  Just email Steve at equipment@avbl.org if you need something.  All uniforms for teeball -majors have been ordered.  Pitch counters, scorebooks have been given out.


Parents Auxiliary- Rebecca Farrell

Emails went out to all the team mom’s.  Please keep telling everyone about the Season Kickoff.  Please fill out the paper on line.


Field Maintenance-Dan Campbell

This Saturday at 9:00 AM is Field Maintenance.

Bring rakes, wheelbarrows, gloves, etc for helping get ready.

Buggy field was redone last fall and it is still not done.  It will be useable functional and safe.

Field Maintenance needs to be done but a date has not been picked.

Press Box date will be determined.  Township still needs to go back and do some work at Weir.  Water should be turned on this week. We will have a new teeball shed.  Vinsmith has not been finished yet. No practicing on the basketball courts at Vinsmith.  As far as keys go the commisioners were given keys. Gold opens all cages and silver opens the bathroom.  

If you are the last person at the complex please make sure everything will be locked up.  


Player Agent- Jim Buggy

Not present.  


Rules- Tom Wood

2 propsed to the bylaws.  

Change to the bylaws: Geographical Boundaries.  Living or attending school in the boundaries.  The highlighted section is the proposed changes.  Adjust the bylaws. John Howe would like to second the motion made by John Mancinelli and they will discuss to amend the bylaw and add a one time only switch.  

John Mancinelli is proposing to take out verbage about a child must play two consecutive innings seconded by Bob Weeks.

Rules are ready to present to Frank Gorgone.  

Rookie field- Hits yellow tubing comes back into field. Not a homerun

Minor field -Hits yellow tubing comes back into field. Not a homerun

Major Field- Hits the yellow tubing it is a Homerun.  

Umpires will be all Tri-county for Majors.

Tricounty during the week for Minors and on the weekends it will be Jared, Benjamin and Paul Malatesta



Secretary- Amy Grady


President’s Report - Anthony Marusco

First coaches clinic last weekend.  We had 40+ coaches show up for us.

Opening Day will be Saturday April 6, 2019

Wawa will be at the community center.  Handing out coffee, donuts, etc.

We are looking for a DJ for Opening Day.  


Lights at Weir Park- Ballot closed March 11th and we are getting lights down at Weir Park.  We will be looking at working with engineers and getting financing, etc. We were approved.

CPR Clinics have been scheduled for this Thursday from 7-9:30.  Second Wednesday March 27, 2019 from 7:00-9:30

Coaching Clinic this Sunday March 26, 2019 from 6:00-8:00 at the Aston Community Center.  All Head coaches for teeball and rookies and any other parents, coaches should come if they would like to.  

Audit- Not seeing any loop holes.  It is great that they are sharing updates every month.  A letter was written by Denny Anastasia about the

We are not going with Quick Ball.  We will be sticking with out clinic.  

MSI Coaching Clinic- Will be tabled to next month.  

Teeball Committee- If you are interested please see Vicki

Facilities Committee- Contact Dan Campbell.  Email him at dcampbell@pdsd.org.

Tommy Marren Scholarship- Resurrecting the scholarship.  Over 10 years we gave out over 20,000. Good to have representation.  There will be a committee involved.

Walk of Fame Inductee for the 2019 Opening Day will be Tommy Marren.


Need 2 Tee Ball Sponsors

Need 2 Jr. Rookie Sponsors

Please see Amanda Doyle for information.  




The Umpire Association spoke about the rules for the new umpires for the new season.  

Lightning Rules- 30 minutes delay if you see any lightning.

All Umpires are trained.

All Umpires have clearances.

They will follow Babe Ruth Rules for our games.

They are hoping to a long standing relationship with Aston Valley.  They work with 50 different clubs.

NEW Business

Can we put a bucket out for field maintenance to see if people want to donate it back for the Aston Valley Scholarship?  

Can we make sure that we do not block driveways for the residents who live by Weir Park?  

Supposedly players are urinating on the fences.  Please address it with the kids.

Tee ball has an entrance to get to the teeball.  Please do not walk through residences to get to the field.  





Motion By:


9:45 PM

Fran Miles

Chris Darpino







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