Coaches will receive their rosters and equipment February 16-17.  If you have not heard from your child’s coach by Thurs, February 21 please respond to this email and let us know.  Our coaches are volunteers and set their practice schedule based on their availability. Practices should be approx. 2 times per week with one game on Saturday. Please make every effort to have your child at all practices as it is difficult for a coach to conduct a practice with limited players.  We realize things come up so please contact your coach if your child will be missing practice or a game, so they may plan accordingly. Coaches are given limited equipment, so each child needs to bring a ball, shin guards and water to all practices. 

Balls sizes are as follows: 5U through 8U- Size 3 Ball;

10U through 12U- Size 4 Ball


First games:  Saturday, March 9th              Last games:  Saturday, May 4

*5U through U10U will not play Saturday March 16th due to Spring Break*

*5U through U10U will not play Saturday April 20th due to Easter*


A Few Guidelines for a Positive and Safe Season

-Your child must wear shin guards for all practices and games or they will not be allowed to participate.  No jewelry or metal hair clips please.  These are STYSA rules and for your child’s protection.

-Your child must be in full issued uniform on game day (jersey, shorts, and socks). For cooler weather in the fall they may wear a solid colored long sleeve shirt or solid leggings under their uniform. They may wear jackets on the side line but jackets must be removed so jersey is visible while on the playing field.

- Only adults that have been through a STYSA background check are allowed on the fields and sidelines with the children. A child assistant under the age of 18 does not require a background check.

-Please be courteous to the referees and coaches during games.  Our referees are USSF certified, but they are typically children who are still learning, so please be patient and kind.  Verbal abuse will not be tolerated.  Abuse of BYSO referees or coaches will result in removal from the fields.

-During games, parents and spectators must remain on the opposite side of the field from the children, behind the parent lines.  Please try to avoid sideline coaching as this can be confusing and overwhelming for your child. 

-The club will contact your child’s coach via text if games have been cancelled due to rain.  Typically, if the rain is not heavy and there is no thunder or lightening, games will continue as scheduled.  The club also has a Facebook page that you can check for game cancellations.  It is:  Bee Youth Soccer Organization.

-Your child’s schedule can be found on our website:

-Team and individual pictures will be taken by Rice Photography .   Please see your child’s coach for your designated day and time.