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BLAZE was on FIRE in 2016!

BLAZE had a fantastic year!  Throughout the 2016 Outdoor Season, our athletes overcame challenges and exceeded expectations.  We had a good mix of rookie and veteran BLAZE athletes who worked hard to train, so that when it was time to compete, they were ready. From the early invitational meets, all the way through the local, state, and regional qualifying series leading up to the AAU and USATF Junior Olympics, BLAZE athletes stayed focused and determined.

2016 AAU Region 8 Medalists & National Junior Olympic Qualifiers:

We Ignited the Blaze in Savannah for AAU Regionals! It was an awesome meet!  In spite of the sweltering heat, oppressive humidity, and near-debilitating injuries, our athletes performed admirably!!!  PRs abounded and we had a lot of fun in the process!  19 BLAZE athletes qualified for the 2016 AAU National Junior Olympic Games, which were held at Humble High School in Humble, Texas, July 31th - August 6th.  They’re used to the HEAT in Texas, but they weren’t ready for the BLAZE!    


Congratulations to Blaze’s 2016 AAU Region 8 Medalists

and National Junior Olympic Qualifiers!

  1. Christopher Ford, Jr (M 9): 1500m race walk, Silver Medalist
  2. Brayden Lewis (M 9):  100m dash, 5th place; 200m dash, Silver Medalist; 400m dash, Gold Medalist
  3. Blake Williams (M 9):  200m dash, 4th place; 400m dash, Bronze Medalist
  4. Caleb Burns (M 12):  100m dash, 6th place; 200m dash, 4th place; 80m hurdles, Silver Medalist
  5. Liam Henderson (M 17-18): pole vault, 4th place; decathlon, Bronze Medalist
  6. Will West (M 17-18):  javelin throw, Gold Medalist; pole vault, Gold Medalist; decathlon, Silver Medalist
  7. Carrington Ford (F 8 & Under):  1500m run, 5th place
  8. Chloe Ford (F 8 & Under):  1500m run, 4th place
  9. Mavi Rice-Ellison (F 8 & Under):  800m run, 5th place; 1500m run, Silver Medalist
  10. Sydney Glee (F 9): 100m dash, 4th place; 200m dash, 4th place; 400m dash, Bronze Medalist; triathlon, Silver Medalist
  11. Mikkyah Blackston (F 10): 1500m run, 5th place
  12. Mia Muse (F 12):  1500m, 6th place; 3000m, 5th place
  13. Jharionne Anderson (F 15-16):  1500m run, Silver Medalist; 3000m run, Gold Medalist
  14. Dhylan Holmes (F 15-16):  javelin throw, 4th place
  15. Celia Soriano (F 15-16): 1500m run, 6th place; 3000m run, Silver Medalist; 3000m walk, 5th place
  16. Khadira Beech (F 17-18):  1500m run, 5th place; 2000m steeplechase, Bronze Medalist
  17. Sydney Holmes (F 17-18): 100m hurdles, 4th place
  18. Morgan Mihalis (F 17-18):  800m run, 4th place; 1500m run, Gold Medalist; 2000m steeplechase, Gold Medalist; 3000m run, Gold Medalist
  19. Janai Tucker (F 17-18): 2000m steeplechase, 6th place


2016 AAU National Junior Olympic Medalists:

It is incredibly hard to make it out of Georgia in AAU Track & Field.  We have one of the most competitive states in the country.  When you qualify for the Junior Olympics from Georgia, you've already gone up against the best young athletes in the country, and obviously bested most of them!  So, it is a great accomplishment for any athlete to qualify.  But BLAZE is proud to say that we didn't just have qualifiers, we had four medalists at the 2016 Junior Olympics!






 And not only did we have four medalists, we are proud to call a two-time National Champion our own, Morgan Mihalis. Morgan has OWNED the 2000m Steeplechase at the AAU Junior Olympics for the past two years, standing atop the medal stand in 1st place in 2015 and 2016.  And not just a one-trick athlete, Morgan also was a top finisher, both in 2015 and 2016, in the 1500m run and the 3000m run, and even qualified both years in the 800m run.

2016 USATF Georgia Association Medalists and Region 4 Qualifiers:

BLAZE didn't just do our thing for AAU.  Yes, it was a long, hot summer.  But BLAZE kept the sizzle going and didn't fizzle out.  Our young athletes showed up and showed out at USATF qualifying meets, as well.  Below are our Regional and National USATF qualifiers. 

Congratulations to Blaze’s 2016 USATF Georgia Association Medalists and Region 4 Qualifiers!

  1. Aaron Davis (7-8): 800 Meters, 10th place
  2. Christopher Ford, Jr. (9-10): 1500m Racewalk, Silver Medalist; Shot Put, 12th place 
  3. Caleb Burns (11-12):  80m Hurdles, Bronze Medalist
  4. Rasheed Cobb (17-18):  3000 Meters, Silver Medalist; 2k Steeplechase, 4th place
  5. Alex Ross (17-18): 2k Steeplechase, 6th place
  6. Chloe Ford (6U): 1500 Meters, 7th place    
  7. Carrington Ford (6U): 1500 Meters, 8th place; Javelin, 9th place.     
  8. Mavi-Iontatehare Rice-Ellison (7-8): 1500 Meters, 6th place; 800 Meters, 11th place  (competed at Regionals)    
  9. Sydney Glee (9-10):  400 Meters, 6th place; Triathlon, 8th place; High Jump, 4th place 
  10. Jharionne Anderson (15-16): 1500 Meters, 8th place; 3000 Meters, 4th place; 2k Steeplechase, Gold Medalist
  11. Celia Soriano (15-16):  3000 Meters, 6th place; 3000m Racewalk, Gold Medalist
  12. Khadira Beech (17-18): 1500 Meters, 5th place; 2k Steeplechase, 5th place; 800 Meters, 9th place
  13. Sydney Holmes (17-18):  100m Hurdles, Silver Medalist
  14. Morgan Mihalis (17-18): 1500 Meters, Gold Medalist; 3000 Meters, Gold Medalist; 2k Steeplechase, Gold Medalist; 800 Meters, Bronze Medalist (competed at Regionals)
  15. Janai Tucker (17-18):  2k Steeplechase, 7th place; 800 Meters, 11th place