2019 season is already here and the rumors of teams folding and rumblings of all star caliber players heading into the draft are heating up!
OUTLAWS-Defending champs ready to defend their back to back titles. Solid group of veterans who show up every Sunday morning. Tyler Fiumara is expected to miss the season due to work so will Calvi use those magical hands and draft another stud???
HITMEN-Lost in the finals last season, this team looks ready to head back and finally win it all in 2019. Hands down the best player in the league Kevin Jellison needs to figure out who will take the mound and pitch their way to the ship.
SHAMROCKS-Rebuilding year??? Folding??? This team expects to be in the finals every year and with several key players rumored to leave the squad, who knows what will happen?? But you still can’t count these guys out even if their short handed. Will they stick together for one last ride??? Or will they go their separate ways???
SUPERFLY-Looks like this squad will be back with those flashy jerseys for the 2019 season. Kent,Hark,Hess,Mann and the rest of the crew can smash all day long. Got a taste of the playoffs last year, can they improve and take the next step?
BUZZARDS-Looking to rebound from the painful semi-final playoff series loss to the back field tree branch (I mean Hitmen). Bake retiring??? Staff heading to IR??? Snake still hurt??? Who will pitch??? Cpl picks in the upcoming draft!
DIRTY PIGS-Brand new team a year ago that was 1 out away from going to the ship! Solid group of guys who will only get better. 1 or 2 solid picks in the draft would put this team an instant title favorite. 
MULES-Bean led this new team to the playoffs last season and it was very impressive. Drafting a couple more solid donkeys in the draft will only make them better. Wonder if they can improve on last years campaign. 
ACHEY DOGS-Could coach Shawn Murphy do the unthinkable and go into the draft??? Rumblings out of Achey dogs headquarters is Murphy and the other dogs are not on the same page. Could we have seen the last of the dogs or will they stick together???
FLYING SQUIRRELS-It’s very unfortunate that I have to report the Squirrels won’t be back for this upcoming season. Rumor mill has this squad folding. Dan West will be a free agent and these young party animals will be no more. It’s a shame they can’t put their nuts together and come back for another go around. 
SWAT-Dan West is a free agent. There’s that brother/brother rule in CMSL. Could they persuade DW to join his brother?? Will swat keep that late season playoff push from last year going??? 
THUNDERCATS- New team last year that has a solid core. Hooley,Barker,Wylie will look to put it together this year for a playoff push. Is Asiaf returning on the mound? Cpl picks in the draft?? 
SPARTANS-Playoff team 2 years ago and then last year nobody knew what the hell happened. I put full blame on Mike Phelan but that’s just my opinion. With Jesse, Kyle, Gavin and JC you expect this team to bounce back this season.
DUCKS-Can Cam and Pat keep this team together? Is Brad White heading to IR? Cpl solid picks would make the ducks great again. Or will the fold?? 
DIRTDAWGS- FOLD............