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Rain & Lightning Policy


We practice rain or shine. This is Central Florida and it rains... a lot.

Cancellations may occur for heavy and/or dangerous weather and are announced via text message from your area director; otherwise, plan to practice. 

  • Top Tip for Players: Keep a towel in your car, so your parent's car doesn't get soggy.
  • Top Tip for Cheerleaders: Keep a rain poncho in your practice bag for protection during rain showers.
  • Top Tip for Parents & Guardians: Keep an umbrella and/or rain poncho in your car.


If lightning is visible or detected by the team’s lightning detector, ALL PEOPLE, PLAYERS,COACHES, AND PARENTS ARE TO IMMEDIATELY SEEK SHELTER IN THEIR VEHICLES OR A BUILDING. No huddles, talks, meetings, etc. After a 10 consecutive minute wait with no lightning visible or detected, the Head Coach may choose to resume practice. The Head Coach may also call practice off at any time. Most coaches will have air horns to signal field evacuation. Please adhere to these guidelines/rules this season and we will try our best to make everything go as smoothly as we can for you. 

How Far Away Is Lightning From Me? 
To estimate the distance between you and a lightning flash, use the Flash-to-Bang method: 
• When you observe lightning, count the number of seconds until you hear thunder. 
• Divide the number of seconds by five to get the distance in miles. 
• Example: If you see lightning and it takes 10 seconds before you hear the thunder, then the lightning is 2 miles away from you (10 divided by 5 = 2 miles). 

Get to a safe location if the time between the lightning flash and the rumble of thunder is 30 seconds or less.


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