Complaint Procedure

The CFYFL Officers are responsible for the smooth operation of the football and cheerleading season. They are responsible for thousands of children and are inundated every season with emails and phone calls from parents and coaches with questions, concerns or issues relating to the various Team Associations. In all instances, we ask you to make every effort to resolve any issues within the Team Association by following the formal complaint procedure outlined below.

  • Step #1: Speak with your head coach regarding any issue, concern or question you have.If you have a complaint about your head coach, please bring it to their attention first and invite a third party to witness your conversation.
  • Step #2: If your issue is not resolved by speaking with your head coach, please submit your issue, concern or question in writing to your area director.
  • Step #3: Finally, if your issue is not resolved by either your head coach or area director, please submit your issue, concern or question via email to

Major Grievances: If you have an issue that you believe should come to the attention of the CFYFL, please submit it to your area director.If you have a major grievance with your area director, please submit a formal grievance via email to


When do I contact National American Youth Football (AYF)?
Never. The AYF does not address local complaints. Any complaints addressed to them will be delegated back to CFYFL. Please resolve any issue at the lowest point you can and make sure that has been exhausted prior to going up to the next person in the chain. Your area director makes sure that football and cheer teams are run according to the rules.


The following issues or complaints will not be addressed under any circumstances.

* Playing time (unless the official records show less than the minimum plays)

* Playing or cheer squad positions

* Coaching plans

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