ALPHA Elite For 2020, Limited Space Available, Details Below

February 24, 2020

So 2020 is the sixth year of our ALPHA program.  ALPHA is our Elite program for the most skilled, most committed boys in our program (I am sorry, we need to get to 10 girls teams before we can add a girls Alpha team).  ALPHA is an all inclusive Elite program.  In the past, ALPHA was an 8 month program.  We are including Winter now making it an  11 month long program (from late February to the end of January).  We practice twice a week and play the MVP Spring, Summer and Fall leagues.  For winter, we practice twice a week and do 5 Saturday only local tournaments.  ALPHA also gets 20 extra "ALPHA Only" practices (10 in Spring / 10 in Summer).  ALPHA does about 5 local spring and summer tournaments including Reno over Memorial Day Weekend and this year.  Lastly, for the first time, we hope to do Las Vegas for the End of Summer Classic the weekend of July 27 to 29.  Vegas will be a BIG step up for the program and will be optional.

For 2020, we hope to grow to 11 ALPHA teams, one 3rd grade team and then two per grade, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grades.  Tryouts and our ALPHA Parent Mtg will be on Sun Feb 9 at Hart MS in Pleasanton.  See the calendar for exact times.  

So what makes these teams different from other year round or elite programs?  Well, Alpha is an 11 month program, but for winter, we only play on Saturdays.  So we won't ask you to choose between us and your CYO team as they play Sundays.  Rather, we encourage our players to play CYO.  We do Alpha tryouts and start practice in late Feb and go to the end of January.  The catch is, to be selected for the ALPHA team in your grade, we need you to commit to the full 11 month program or at least the balance of the program from when you join to the end of January. We aren't interested in re-forming these teams every 3 months. We want the continuity from playing together for an extended period.

If the commitment for Bulldogs ALPHA is too much for you, the Bulldogs will still offer their traditional Bulldogs teams you have all come to know from us. Those teams will still play in the MVP leagues and still all receive the excellent coaching Bulldogs teams are known for.

Someone called me yesterday and said "Is this a shift in philosophy for your program?".  No, not at all.  We will still play man, run motion and focus on fundamental skill development and building smart, hard nosed, tough players that play hard and have great attitudes.  Our goal will still be to help our kids improve and make their HS and hopefully, maybe college teams some day.  And we will still have White and Blue teams that play the four sessions of the year.  This is just a way for the player more committed to basketball to be with a group that feels the same way.

So if you are interested in being considered for one of these Select teams, contact Coach LeClaire at 925-570-1334 asap to get on the tryout list. There will be an email going out in early January with all the details about the program.  Then, tryouts and practice will begin in February.  Hope to see you out there,

Coach LeClaire