As presented at the Interpretation meeting, below is the new P/DH rule. Remember, this new rule only affects the starting pitcher, if so designated. Otherwise, the DH rule has not changed.

The designated hitter and the pitcher may be the same person. If the pitcher opts to bat for himself, he is treated as two separate positions- a pitcher and a designated hitter (abbreviated P/DH on the lineup card)- and may be substituted for as such (ie if a player who starts the game as the P/DH is relieved as the starting pitcher, he may not return to the mound even if he remains in the game as the DH, and he may not play any other position after being relieved as the pitcher. This rule will be provided as another option for coaches to utilize.


1. The starting pitcher is listed as the P/DH on the lineup card. His team gets a 12 run lead after one inning. Can the coach replace the pitcher and put him in left field?

Answer: No, the P/DH rule prohibits the starting pitcher from playing any other position in the field once he is removed from pitching.

2. A coach must list the starting pitcher as the P/DH?

Answer: No, it's the coaches' option to list the starting pitcher as the P/DH.

3. The starting pitcher is listed on the lineup card as P (or 1). Can the coach replace him as pitcher ad have him play second base?

Answer: Yes, because the pitcher was not listed as the P/DH on the lineup card.

4. The coach neglects to list the starting pitcher as the P/DH when the lineup cards are turned into the umpire in chief. Can he make a correction after the first inning?

Answer: No, all lineups are final after they are turned into the the umpire in chief.

5. A coach can still have a designated hitter (another player) for the starting pitcher?

Answer: Yes, the P/DH rule does not change this option.