The changes proposed by the Constitution Committee have been approved by the membership in attendance at our mandatory Election Meeting.

The ESBUA Board thanks the Constitution Committee and all of the members who took the time to consider, show up, and vote on these changes.


The new updated Constitution and By Laws have been posted. Go to the pages menu and click on Constitution and you will be directed there. The page is password protected, so be ready to enter that.


The ESBUA dinner for 2019 will be on June 17, 2019, beginning at 6:30 pm at the Bellport Country Club.

ESBUA now has a Fan Shop apparel store

Check the link at the bottom of the page for the ESBUA apparel you can buy through our store. ESBUA gets a percentage of all proceeds. Support your organization and look great throughout the year!!!

Weekend Procedures Update

Go to the weekend emergency procedures in the menu section.

New Section XI availability system

Section XI has implemented a new availability system, which will be discussed at the general membership meeting. Following is a quick overview from the Section website:


1.  Effective immediately, officials must submit their availability to Section XI electronically on-line

2.  Step-by-step directions are available at #5 on the right ("Availability Instructions").

3.  PRINT OUT a copy of these instructions so that you can refer to them while you are completing your availability on-line.

4.  Even if you have previously submitted your paper "Fall Availability Form", you must now complete and submit your availability electronically in order to be assigned this fall.


5.  If you officiate more than one sport during the season, be aware that you will need to complete Steps 3 and 5 (as outlined in the Instructions) for EACH SPORT.

We appreciate your cooperation during the transition to this new on-line feature.